One plot craving, looking for a partner.

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    (demon, Or lucifer himself)


    -based on the story of Eloa and lucifer's possible redemption through love-

    Short version: An innocent angel who falls in love with another male stranger at odds with God. It is made clear that the stranger is Lucifer. He falls in love with the angel, but his own twisted notions of love prohibit him from returning the angel's affection in a proper way. In the end, the Angel is unable to help Lucifer and he drags the angel to hell with him.

    Detailed: Lucifer sets out to seduce the handsome angel, an angel born from a tear shed by Christ at the death of Lazarus. The Satanic lover is "literally a handsome devil, physically dashing, intellectually agile, irresistibly charismatic in speech and manner": in short, a Romantic hero. "Since you are so handsome," the naïve angel says, "you are no doubt good."

    Lucifer declares that "I am he whom one loves and does not know," and says he weeps for the powerless and grants them the occasional reprieve of delight or oblivion. Despite the angels attempt to reconcile him with God, Lucifer cannot set aside his destructive pride. In the end, the angel's -forbidden- love condemns him to Hell with Lucifer, and Lucifer's triumph over him only brings him sadness.

    - Doesn't have to be lucifer..
    - We don't have to follow the plot exactly, hell it could just be an angel and blah blah. So there can kinda be some twists here and there, as long as the angel gets dragged down.
    -I do not mind PM RP's
    - MxM is preferred. I guess I can try MxF though.
    - I don't mind doing a thousand of these with different partners :Y
    - I prefer playing angel/submissive. I'm a pretty passive roleplayer and I expect Atleast a paragraph from you. The more detailed the better -I can work with-.
  2. I'll do it with you. But can I be a MxF? I'm not good when it comes to same sex things unless they're friends and nothing more.
  3. I think I'd like to give it a go with you. :) It sounds very interesting.
  4. You said a thousand right? I'd love to be somewhere in that number if you want to talk about it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.