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  1. Saito, The new rookie, just sailed onto sea. "I'm gonna become, king of the pirates." Saito has short black hair, red eyes, blue jeans, and black battle boots.
    Saito is heading to the grandline, he is in the east blue right now. Saito eye open, he heard foot steps on his ship, the weird part is he has no crewmates.
    Saito got up and walked out of his room and into the upper deck. "Hey! Come out!"
  2. "EEEKK! I-I wasn't stealing and nor am I a store-away!" Cries a short girl with surprise at the fact there was another being on board.

    The girl wore black jeans with a large dark blue hoodie which hid her face, but the odd thing about her was that she had claw like nails on her hands and her feet (since she didn't wear shoes) were paws.

    She was one of the many victims of the infamous Gum Gum Fruit.
  3. Saito stare at the girl, "why the hell are you on my ship?" Saito ready to use the power of the flame flame fruit if he had too.
  4. "Your ship?" She frowns and moans "Dang it!! I got on the wrong ship!!" She wails pathetically "I'm so sorry...I thought this was the ship Rain Deck...." she slumps to the ground "Only if I hadn't gotten of that stupid boat I wouldn't be in this mess..."

    She noticed his stance and quickly sat up, her hands up in defense "Please!! I honestly didn't know!" She begs.
  5. A young preteen, 11 years in age, was sailing the seas too on a raft like boat he built when he comes across the area of Saito's ship, seeing it about a mile away from his own boat. As he sails closer, he gets to where he can hear Saito's conversation with the girl a bit. The kid's older brothers were on the seas themselves, as well as a man who was a hero to one of his brothers. They were all pirates, all Saito's competition though the young 11 year old himself didn't know, even though the flag on Saito's ship did indeed indicate that Saito was a pirate, that Saito himself was dreaming of being the pirate king, like one of his older brothers was dreaming to be. Hearing the girl cry though, the kid leaves his boat and climbs on board Saito's ship, in Saito's sight of course, so as not to surprise him, considering the young 11 year old doesn't intend to be a threat to Saito, or to the girl either. He notices the stance Saito's taking in front of the girl, Saito's stance being like that of the 11 year old's kid's oldest brother's stance, Saito's stance not quite the same as his brother's, but very similar to it.
  6. Arekusu turns slightly to the young boy and her eyes light up "You've come to save me!?" She asks hopefully, she was hoping he was going to help her.
  7. "What the hell!" Saito looked at the young boy. "Why are people getting on my ship!" Saito engulf his hands in fire. "You two, explan your selfs!"
  8. The young 11 year old looks to Arekusu hearing her question, and then hearing Saito demand an explanation, the 11 year old steps over to them slowly and puts his hands up in front of him to show Saito that he is unarmed and doesn't intend to hurt him, and then the preteen boy says as he looks at Saito in the eye, while he at the same time reaches and stands at Arekusu's side. "I was out at sea on my small hand built raft boat. And I came up on your ship because I heard this girl requesting for help as I was passing by in the water. I'm not here to do anything to you and I don't think she is either. I think she just got aboard the wrong ship, least that's what I heard her say."
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  9. Arekusu nods "Yeah, I just boarded the wrong ship, Haha. There's no need to start a battle." She said nervously, she was a bit surprised to see the fire that suddenly emerged and she looked at Saito " got a hold of the fruit too didn't you."
  10. The 11 year old, hearing Arekusu and seeing the flames that are engulfing Saito's hands, thinks to himself ~ Yeah..just as I thought..He has the same powers that my oldest brother Trace has..Meaning he ate the Flare Flare fruit.. ~ But then thinking about the other part of her guess that Saito got hold of the fruit, where Arekusu said Saito got a hold of it too, the preteen boy turns to Arekusu and says "Too?"
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  11. Arekusu nods and pulls off her blue hood, revealing pointed wolf ears and wolfish face "I got hold of the Inu Inu Fruit...the wolf type." She said her tail wagging happily "I should really pay more attention to the fruits I pick up." She said laughing.
  12. The preteen chuckles and says "Don't worry. Accidents happen. The worse thing about the fruits is the fact that the consumer won't ever be able to swim again do to some side effect the fruits have. But both my brothers ate the fruits too. And sense gaining their powers, my brothers, along with their friends and groups, they've been helping a lot of people out of bad situations."
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