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  1. Captain’s Log – South Blue: Somewhere off the Coast of Sabaku Island

    Sabaku Island, it lives up to its name. We have yet to make port but from the crow’s nest, with an excellent looking glass, one can make out that it is nothing more than a large expanse of desert with hills rolling with sand and what looks like canyons forming further inland. I have been told that there are several large oasis scattered through the island and that most of the coast is in fact capable of supporting a comfortable lifestyle, though the high concentration of salt in the soil, due to nearness of the ocean, means that only certain types of crops will grow here. I have also been told that at the center of the island sits a Marine base. Base 13, as the stories go, is also home to the highest security prison found in South Blue. The desert climate supposedly discourages escape attempts. The Marines there must truly be formable if they wish to keep their inmates in line.

    Whether or not these stories are true I will soon see for myself, and though some of my crew may say
    otherwise, I truly and sincerely wish that we will have no trouble.

    - Roald D. Emrik

    The sky outside was a deep blue without a cloud to be seen for miles. The gentle breeze that blew across the waves brought with it the smell of saltwater and the cry of shore gulls. The early morning sun peeked down on the world warming everything it touched with its bright rays. Across the ocean a single Caravel sailed, a white Jolly Rodger Painted proudly on its black sail.​
    Captain “Black Moon” Emrik put down his pen and stretched as he gazed out a window at the open sea and the quickly approaching horizon of Sabaku island. Standing from his chair at the small table in the library located in the bow of The Striker on the lower deck, he walked around the room for a bit giving the ink time to dry properly. He hated blotted pages.​
    When everything was satisfactory Emrik carefully closed the book and put it back on the shelf before heading topside. Even from here he could hear a commotion starting up. He’d have to put a stop to that. Emrik preferred to have his crew on their best behavior before arriving at the island. Especially with the marines this close by.​
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  2. up on the deck of the striker upon the ships figurehead, dante "the black lunar jolt" markus was charging the air around him in meditation, a quick look around shown that various parts of the ship had electricity sparking off it, which of course, while low powered, did give shocking results. the meditation was in hopes of perfecting a new technique with his power, something he would call lunar jolt: sky path. unknown to dante a bit of his electricity began sparking toward a certain doctor, enough to sting a little but not near enough for any real damage, unless you count a bad hair day. he continued charging the air, every now and then managing to float for a few seconds but landing right back on his current seat. he wondered why he couldn't seem to manage this as easy as his other skills but continued on with his meditation in hopes of at least getting floating for a minute rather than a few seconds.
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  3. Sabaku Island. A hot, unforgiving wasteland that no man dared to travel through alone. In the center lies the only Marine base on the island: Base 13. Home to Marines and captured criminals alike, both groups who would prefer not to leave the comfort of indoors.

    Barabara Brito clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, alerting one of her underlings. "Y-yes, Captain Barabara?!" the scrawny Marine asked, shaking in his boots. Brito rolled her eyes. Why did they fear her so much? There were much worst officers in the Marines than her.

    Closing her eyes, Brito pulled her coat over her shoulders. "They'll be arriving soon," Brito informed her men, as they walked out of Base 13. By "they", she meant the Black Moon Pirates. They were a rookie pirate crew, established not too long ago. Brito had a feeling her men could handle it, as long as they focused on the mission. Stopping in her tracks, Brito turned around to face her men.

    "Listen. I want you to remain on your best behavior. Don't get out of hand," Brito ordered, tightening the grip of her katana's handle. "Leave last time as an example."

    The underlings saluted in unison, shouting, "Yes, ma'am!" Brito nodded, turning around to lead the group to the nearby village. In the back of her mind, she really hoped they wouldn't do it again. Brito knew that some of the Marines abused their power over the villagers, and it would go unnoticed, for the captains would engage in it as well. They were here to protect, not disrupt.

    And Brito intended to keep it that way.
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  4. The village was a usually quiet place. The stores sold mostly liquids to help the people cool down, and nothing was more wanted than water. Luckily there was an Oasis not that far away, so they did not have a problem with getting enough water for everyone.

    Caim was having his day off, and instead of spending it in Base 13 where he was stationed, he went to the village. He was there since morning and trained in the hot and unforgiving desert, to improve his skills. Training at a such hot area put a huge strain on his body, but he asked on purpose to be stationed here for a while. This area and it's cold weather in the morning, and hot weather starting from noon, allowed him to increase his stamina to new levels.
    Starting in the cold early ours, and until the hot afternoon, not far from the village, he was standing in the open area and practiced the basic sideways swing of the Iaido style. His legs had some distance to each other, his knees were lowered to lower his whole body, and while his left hand rested on his scabbard, his right was on the handle of his sword. When he draw it, untrained eyes were not able to even see him drawing his sword as it cut through the air and was sheathed again in a split second.
    He repeated this over, and over, and over, until it was afternoon.

    From this training, he was covered in sweat from exhaustion, and the first thing he needed was a bath. He went to the INN, paid the owner, and after his bath was done, he put on his regular clothes. True, he could wear a white coat in a few days, which was standard for most Captains, but because they would limit his quick movements he would just wear his current ones.The only change he would make would be to add the marine symbol to the back.

    After putting on his clothes, he went to the Bar, and he was luckily not known there. He knew too well that members of the Marine would not always be welcome. He took a seat at the counter, ordered a soup, a glass of water, and began to eat. He would need the strength later to continue his training.
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  5. Underneath the Striker was a young fishman named Lorelei. She had been following the ship for a while, impressed by the craftsmanship of the ship. The wood itself looked beautiful to her. She popped her head above the water to get a quick peak for the first time of what above the ship looked like. The black Johnny Roger quickly scared her into diving back under the water. "Crap, crap, crap, crap!" She muttered, swimming over to a bunch of rocks underneath the ship.

    Lorelei started to pace, frustrated. She started to argue with herself, different thoughts conflicting in her mind. "A pirate ship! Pirates! I can't believe it! Remember what Mama said... But it looks so cool! I want to see the inside so bad! You already have the marines onto you, Lorelei! You don't need more attention dragged toward you! But, most pirates are better than marines. So? These pirates are humans. HUMANS! They will hate you! But it's, I, Auggh!" Lorelei screamed, most of it muffled by the ocean. If someone focused, they could possibly hear a little bit of the striped girl's voice. She shook her head, her black hair flowing around her.
  6. Brito pinned her bangs back when they reached their destination. Her underlings managed to keep up with her long strides, though they appeared a bit tired. They spoke to one another, sneaking glances over to Brito. She already knew what they wanted. With a sigh, Brito said, "Go ahead. From what I can tell, they aren't here yet." On cue, the Marines made their way over to the bar. Brito looked around, noticing that many of the villagers were evading them. Brito frowned, crossing her arms over her chest as she followed after her team.

    In the bar, Brito sat down at one of the stools at the bar table, ordering a shot of gin. Brito wasn't in the mood to drink, but she needed something to loosen her up.
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  7. Caim noticed that some marines arrived, and one of them caught his eye. It was Captain Brito, who he met from time to time at base 13. He turned to her and pushed his glass of water to her. He was well hydrated from the soup so he didn't need the water anymore.
    "Good day Captain Brito. I didn't knew that there was an assignment at this village today. Did something happen?"
  8. Emrik made his way onto the main deck and looked around at the stray bits of electricity that were floating everywhere. Hissing and crackling he knew with one look that if he even ventured within a pace of the sparks he'd very quickly get himself shocked. "Great, just great." The last thing he needed was to be electrocuted on his own ship. "Oh that'll make the marines happy." He muttered as he stalked his way across to the right hand staircase and then across Fo'c'sle to stand right behind the Striker's falcon shaped figurehead where his musician was sitting.

    "Markus!" he snapped, not yelling, just projecting his voice. "Knock it off. Now's not the time to be practicing your new tricks, we've got to find a decently hidden place to dock." Not bothering to wait for a reply, for he was a captain and expected to be obeyed, he the went back the length of the deck until he was on the Quarter Deck next tot the helm. Not bothering to look at what Markus was doing, Emrik untied the bandanna from the steering wheel, he had put it there originally to lock the wheel in place and keep her in the current that headed straight for the island while he filled out his log, and made a course adjustment. Taking the ship out of the current he checked his chart against the shore he could see of the island and began calculating the best trajectory for an approach.
  9. Brito's eyes were alerted to the glass of water that slid next to her arm resting against the bar table. She looked up to see one of her fellow Marines: Commander Caim. With a nod, Brito took the glass, drinking it all in one go. When she finished, she heaved a breath of air. Brito didn't realize how thirsty she was.

    "Thanks," she muttered to Caim, pushing the glass away from her toward the bartender. Brito pulled off her gloves as she begun her explanation.

    "Unfortunately, yes. According to some of our men at the watchtower, there is a pirate ship headed to this village's dock. It was sudden, and I was the only officer present at the time. Apparently, it is the ship of a rookie crew known as the Black Moon pirates."
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  10. Sitting on a post coming out of the docks, he looked around through his telescope at the people traveling back and forth but what caught his eye was the ship which seemed to have a flag he has never seen before. His eye twitched as he thought about it and spoke aloud " Pirates?....maybe....just...maybe " he nodded his head contemplating whether to follow the ship were it was going or sit here. which by then he was jumping from post to post towards the ship, until he fell down into the water going under immediately his eye looking around frantic as he did. He spotted something else in the water but his eye twitching again as he felt he need to go back up for air, he kicked his legs as hard as he could and bulleted out of the water. Grabbing onto the docks and pulling himself to dry land were he caught his breath before standing up and began walking normally until he bumped into some big guy. who didn't see Ezekiel as a big guy, he looked at the man and said " Get out of my way tubby i have things to do " the big mans eye twitched and shoved Ezekiel backwards. " NOBODY CALLS ME FAT! " the man said as he pulled a large cleaver, " fuck...." Ezekiel said as he ducked under the swing and made a run for the incoming pirate ship, holding onto his telescope as the man roared after him.
  11. dante grumbled a bit but stopped trying to float, he stood up and in a flash of speed he was in the crows nest looking at the island, "perhaps there will be a place to buy new music here." he said studying the island for a moment before he flashed again appearing behind the captain silently "do you have a place in mind to dock? i could go ashore a head to make sure its clear." he said a bit louder than needed with a smirk, he knew that most people couldn't notice him with his unique style. "it might be wise seeing as this island has its own marine base." dante wondered if the marines would think of them as a minor threat or try to attack ether way he found himself pulling his sword from his side and began to hold it like a cane hoping something interesting would happen on the island.
  12. Her news surprised him, and he was lucky that he was done with the soup. This sounded interesting. He pushed the bowl to the bartender too, who now took the dishes and put them into a sink.
    "Really? Don't they know about base 13? On the other hand, the next harbor is quite far away, so it may be a desperate decision with the purpose of restocking.
    Too bad it's my day off though. Last time i imprisoned someone while not officially allowed to do so, i got into quite some trouble. I'm sorry about that, but i will have to pass out on this one. Good luck with it Captain."

    Caim noticed something about her. A sort of sad feeling.
    "Sorry if i am wrong, but you look like something is bothering you. You feelin alright?"
  13. Lorelei didn't notice the ship sailing away from the current and quickly jumped when she saw the ship sail too far away for her to catch up. "Shit... well that solves my problem..." She sighed and swam toward the island. She was getting pretty hungry and after eating fish for the last three and a half weeks, she wanted to find something different. A sigh escaped the tiger shark fishman's lips. She walked up the beach near a secluded area and cussed. "Of course they had to stop at a dessert island..." She felt herself dry out quickly. A fish frying on land, she closed her gills and took a large breath. Her lungs filled with air and she started for the town, looking for some sort of cloak or jacket she could steal to hide her fins. Noticing a large man that had a large cloak, she quickly ran past him, taking the cloak off with ease and hiding herself within it. It was a bit too big, but she would have to deal with it.
  14. Brito, previously unaware of her saddened look, ran her fingers through her hair with a sigh.

    Was her grief that obvious? No one had brought it to her attention before. Without her knowledge, Brito was sulking about her current life in the Marines. There was a time where she aspired to be the best Marine in all of the four seas. Her aspiration, though it became more realistic, remained stagnant as she was promoted from rank to rank. Now, here she was. A captain with her own group of men to order around. Where did the blissful times go, before she started doubting her life choices?

    Though she hated to admit her "failures" as a Marine, Brito decided to confide in Caim. He would probably forget, anyway.

    "I've been thinking lately. About my choice to become a Marine. Even through the many years of hard-work, dedication and pain, I've become...unsure of my contentment."
  15. Caim gave her all of the attention he could. Not because she was from a higher rank, but because she needed someone to talk to right now.
    "Just an idea, but remember what your motivation was when you joined the Marine? Maybe you just achieved what you wanted, or maybe it is just is more difficult than you imagined.
    Look, i'm usually not the kind of guy to give advices, but maybe there is another way to reach your goal, whatever it is."
    He was not used to this, but hoped he would say something that would be of use for her.
  16. Brito, glancing at Caim, laughed wholeheartedly after his advice. She couldn't help it; the fact that he was trying to help her out was hilarious, almost adorable. After settling her laughter down, Brito's face became calm once more. She thought through what Caim had told her. He was right: was there another way to reach her goal? Well, when she thought about it, there was no way around the Marines when you're goal is to be the best Marine in existence. Or, at least, one of the best.

    But, maybe, she could replace "Marine" with something more deserving of her attention?

    Brito opened her mouth to speak, but closed it once more when she felt like there wasn't much else to say.

    "Thanks," she muttered to Caim.
  17. When Brito suddenly began to laugh, it gave caim a weird mixed feeling. At one side, he was glad that she cheered up a little, but at the other, SHE LAUGHED AT HIM! He felt like he was not taken seriously, treated like a kid, which made him a bit pissed about her. Caim put his arms on the counter and rested his head on them till she stopped.
    He did notice though how she thanked him, which calmed him down.
    "...You're welcome."
  18. "You see that rock formation there?" Emrik replied pointing out a large cropping of red sandstone that jutted out slightly over the sea. "I was thinking we could hide her there. If the mast won't stick out too badly." He nodded at his musician "I'll wait for your signal that it's clear. The usual should be visible enough. After that we need to divvy up the supply list. I figure if we each take a portion we should be able get get everything quickly and get out of here. And, Markus," The captain continued the use of his crew-mate's sir-name indicating that he was serious, "I don't want any trouble here, so if that means sneaking around in disguise, then we sneak around in disguise, you got that?" And Emrik brought the Striker around against the current to wait for the all clear.

    Once Dante had signaled him, sailing the ship into the shadow of the rock was fairly easy. Dropping anchor and securing the sales went swiftly and in no time at all Emrik was searching through his sea-trunk for an appropriate disguise to hide who he really was. His tattoo being a dead giveaway as to his identity, long sleeves were a must. Eventually Emrik settled on a long tan duster and matching wide brimmed had that hid his face. Besides, the hat would be a blessing in the desert sun.
  19. Brito remembered that she was on-duty, and had to keep watch for the pirate ship. She looked around, disappointed to find that her men weren't in the bar. Brito growled, rechecking her surroundings to make sure that they truly weren't there before she squeezed her hands into fists.
    "What do I need to do, keep them on leashes?" she mumbled to herself, standing up from her seat. Reaching into her pocket, Brito pulled out enough beri for the bartender, picked up the shot of gin she ordered earlier, and drank its contents swiftly.

    Placing the small glass down onto the table and putting her gloves back on, Brito prepared herself to leave the bar. She diverted her attention to Caim once more.

    "Good luck on your training. I overhead from the other officers that you have been working quite vigorously." Brito smiled after her statement. "We should spar sometime. Just for the hell of it."
  20. dante smirked as the captain walked away "no promises" he said before vanishing in bolt of lightning. he reappeared in the area specified looking around. it seemed well enough though he could always leave a few gifts if anyone was to try to come... he thought for a bit then with a quick notion he walked over and looked at the boat, he always enjoyed seeing it from afar, as a bolt of lightning stuck near it not visible to anyone looking from afar, though he managed to see it as he made it. anyone on the ship would have seen it and heard a sharp ringing noise as the all clear.
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