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  1. New players always welcome, No canon knowledge required.

    We all know that Monkey D. Luffy was inspired by Gol D. Rodger, but who was it who inspired Rodger? For surly the Pirate King had to have someone to look up too. Long before Rodger even set sail he picked up Brag Men and read its fantastic tales. Rodger knew what the rest of the world did not. The majority of the stories in Brag Men were nothing more or less than the log written by the Captain of an exceptional crew. This is their story.

    Here is the IC Thread


    Hello everyone. at @DanteStigma's suggestion I have put together a One Piece RP that I hope you will join. The best part is that because this takes place before the original story, no knowledge of the canon is required. So even if you have no idea what One Piece is you can still take part. All you really need to know for this RP is listed below.

    • Our Story
      Roald D. Emrik is one of the best navigators in the South Blue. He is also the Captain of the Black Moon Pirates. Emrik has a dream. He wants to sail the Grand Line, the most dangerous sea in the world, and be the first navigator to chart its islands. It’s a dangerous voyage. Some people have even called him insane for wanting to try. But this pirate captain is determined; both to reach his dream and to outrun the marines who’re chasing him.
      And more than the Marines, there are a great many new and interesting people to meet.

      What will you do? Will you be a member of Emrik’s crew and help the Black Moon Pirates reach their goal? Or will you join the marines and attempt to apprehend the criminals? Or be someone entirely unaffiliated with either side?
    • The following is information needed to participate in the RP.

      • This RP takes place during the time in which "Brag Men" was first being written. (aprox. 300 - 400 years before canon).
        The Grand Line is mostly unexplored, communication is not nearly as good between islands, and sailing is an adventure unlike any other.

        Only the oldest of the canon characters are alive, and they are very young.

        The current world politics will be revealed IC as I feel necessary. The World Nobels and Shichibukai do exists, but their positions and influence are slightly different. Please talk to me before doing anything involving them.
      • Bounties Promotions and the Karma Paddle During the progression of this RP marine and Pirate characters may earn a chance to be promoted or have their bounties raised. How much and when depends entirely on what the characters do. A marine that demonstrates exemplary courage, or a pirate that causes havoc may earn their promotion or higher bounty sooner than a marine or pirate who stand on the sidelines. Unaffiliated character may join the marines at anytime, or do something to earn their own bounties.

        Similarly, as a GM I am rather fond of the Karma Paddle. this means that a character's action within the RP may trigger a related event. For example, a murder conducted in a way that draws attention to the event, might result in a full scale man hunt for the offending party. Or saving a baby sea king from a net might result in said sea king helping to haul your ship to the next island.

        NPCs are characters too, and while their role might be to help build up a main character, the things that happen to them good or bad can and will result in in-game consequences or rewards.
      • TechnologyThe technology in this RP is Approximately Mid 1800s level (cannons, swords and things). However this is the One Piece universe meaning that some more advanced tech may exist.

        For the purposes of this RP (since it takes place before the Canon) any thing invented by Vegapunk had not yet been created, quite simply because Vegapunk has not yet been born.

        Den Den Mushi are still in development. The snail is around and prominent however scientists have not yet discovered how to attach the receivers that make them (in canon) so widely used in communication. instead there is a coo network made up of birds who carry messages with each having a different set route (like carrier pigeons).
      • Standard Iwaku Rules Apply

        • Please use correct spelling and grammar. Typos do happen, but it should not be a constant thing.
        • To ensure that other players have enough content to work with, please post at least a paragraph. (3-4 sentences)
        • This is NOT a libertine RP. Please take any such content to the appropriate Libertine section.
        • I do not enforce a posting order. However, there are enough people in this RP that rapid fire posting can take up a lot of room very quickly. Please be aware of this and don't leave people behind.
        • Please no colored dialog text. Choose a single color for your entire post and use only that color (the exception being character name headers) I find switching between colored dialog text multiple times per post to be very difficult for me to read.
        • If you do not post within three weeks I will be checking on you and GMing your character accordingly.

        • Please put ONLY the information I ask for

          Affiliation: (Pirate/Marine/Unaffiliated)
          Bounty/Marine Rank: (if applicable. Captain or lower for marines, 28,000,000 or lower for bounties)
          Position on Crew/ Position in Marines/ Civilian Profession:
          Weapon of Choice:(Weapon and favorite attacks. Include Devil fruit here if Applicable. Remember to give your character room to grow in the RP)
          Appearance: (Image or written description is fine. If using a written description may i draw your character for the wanted poster in the Character Bin?)
          How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: (If applicable)
          Other: (any additional quirks or items you feel people should know about)
          Theme Song:

    • The following is information for those who are unfamiliar with the One Piece Canon. As this RP takes place before the Canon, it is manly geographical and governmental information, along with information about abilities and the rules that go with them.

      • One Piece Geography
        The Geography of the One Piece World

        • The Four Seas

          The oceans of the world are divided into four parts with a belt of ocean and a belt of land separating them. These four seas are North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue. The belt of land, The Red Line, runs north to south while the ocean belt, Grand Line, runs east to west.
        • The Grand Line and the Calm Belt

          The Grand Line is considered the most treacherous sea in the world. Not only is traditional navigation useless in its waters, but weather and sea currents are completely unpredictable.

          On each side of the Grand Line, between it and the four seas, is a calm belt. These waters almost never have a good wind or sea current making them extremely difficult to get through in the best of circumstances. However, the calm belt is also a nesting area for sea kings. These are large and dangerous creatures that could easily destroy a ship. While a single Sea King might be escapable, the large quantities found around their nesting grounds are an obvious deterrent for ships wanting to enter the Grand Line that way. Any ship wanting to enter the Grand Line must first pass Reverse Mountain.
        • Reverse Mountain

          To enter the Grand Line sailors must first go over Reverse Mountain. Reverse Mountain is an odd phenomenon in that it is a mountain where all the water flows up hill. This is due in part to the fact that the Island is a winter Island, meaning it is colder than the waters in the four Blues, but not the Grand Line. This causes strong currents to flow up the mountain and into a single stream on the other side. (If you can’t follow that just use Monkey D. Luffy’s explanation and think of it as a mystery mountain.) The currents are treacherous, and many ships crash in the crossing attempt before reaching the other side.

      • Devil Fruit
        What is a Devil Fruit?
        A Devil fruit is a rare and special type of fruit in the One Piece world that essentially gives a character superpowers. Each fruit is unique and each power set can only come from one fruit. This means that only one person with a given power can exists at a time. When a fruit user dies their abilities are reincarnated into another fruit and someone else may claim that power.

        May people who eat a fruit do so for the boost in power they gain. Others however, prefer to sell the fruit and not consume it at all due to one very important draw back.

        Devil fruit users can NOT swim.

        Any water over knee level will put the user into a weakened state. At the water rises the user will become paralyzed. if a fruit user is in water over their heads they will sink like a rock.

        There is a rare type of stone know to simulate the effects of the sea and cause a similar weakened state when touched to a fruit user's body. Sea stone, or Kairoseki, is naturally occurring and some lucky people have be know to obtain this stone and turn it into jewelry, embed it into a weapon, or sew it onto clothing.

        Eating two fruits will cause a person's body to be destroyed.
        Fruit users can also be affected by Haki.

        For more information of devil fruit see this page:

        Logia Classification

        The rarest of all devil fruit, this fruit allows the user to create, control, and transform their body into a single element or force of nature (smoke, lightning, magma, sand, etc.). This makes them extremely hard to hit, strike, or cut considering the malleable nature of most elements.

        For more information on Logia fruit see this page:

        Zoan Classification
        A Zoan fruit allows the user to transform betweam their natural body and that of an animal. Usually there are three stages. The natural body, the animal body, and a hybrid state. Some users (Chopper) have discover how to transform between alternate hybrid states to take advantage of specific things in their animal form.

        There are several types of Zoan classifications. Normal zoan fruit can fall into classifications such as feline allowing for fruit such as the Neko Neko no Mi: model panther and Neko Neko no Mi: model tiger. Mythical zoan fruit, said to be rarer than logia, can range from the phoenix fruit (Marco) to the human human fruit: model Budda (Sengoku). Ancient Zoan fruit allow their user to transform into an extinct animal such as a T rex (X Drake).

        Zoan fruit of a carnivorous type seem to also make their user more aggressive.

        For more information on Zoan fruit see this page:

        Paramecia Classification
        Paramecia fruit are the most common of the devil fruit and this category can be called the catch all. Fruit that do not belong in the Logia or Zoan categories fall here. Their abilities are wide ranging and can be anything from turning the eater's body to rubber (Luffy) to allowing the user to manipulate the nature of anything within a set space (Law). Some Paramecia can even be mistaken for logia (Warden Magellan).

        For more information on Paramicia fruit see this page:
      • Note, i am going to be extremely picky about character s allowed to have Haki and how strong that ability is for them. Also, as haki is not important to the RP yet I'm going to include only a bare bones explanation here. it may be fleshed out later.

        Kenbunshoku or Observation haki - allows the user to sense the presence of others, to "hear their voice" as it were, even if the person is hidden. it must be learned and developed over time.

        Busoshoku or armament Haki - allows the user to build of force to as armor around themselves or things they are holding. Must be learned and developed over time.

        Haoshoku or King's Haki - Extremely rare as only one in One million are born with it. Consider it as a force of will.

        For more information on haki see this page:
      • Each island in the world has it's own governing system, however some island may choose to be a part of a league of nations known as the World Government. The World Government was founded by the World nobles who are an elite class all their own. The marines are the military body who work for the World Government to maintain order.

        Pirates are prominent in the world and may have earned a bounty depending on what they've done and how dangerous they are deemed to be by the marines. Bouties are lower in the four seas with the average rookie bounty in east blue (the weakest of the four) being 3,000,000.

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  2. A Summery of EventsTo make it easier for people to jump in I’m going to keep a story log here with a summary of what has happened so far in the RP.

    • Most Recent EventsPlease at least read anything listed here before joining :)
      Three Days of Chaos (open)

      Captain’s log – South Blue, Ichiba
      Three Days of Chaos

      Day 1:
      It would seem this island has a number of things in store for all of us. The sisters have chosen to go shopping and, I presume, talk over their next course of action and whether they wish to continue sailing with me.

      Kyy has received news of his Grandfather and set out to the more wooded portion of the island in hopes of learning more. I wish him the best of luck in his search and have promised any help he may need, as I would for any of my nakama.

      Reimu has taken her leave. She wishes to be a marine, and while I like her, I know that the next time we meet may be on the opposite sides of a battlefield.

      Lorelei – Lorelei has disappeared. She left us with parting words that I find troublesome. If she truly wants to leave I will understand, but I had hoped for a better send off than this. The rest of us will split up and search for her in hopes of learning her reasons.

      Meanwhile I have seen the ship baring the Warlord Requiem’s flag pass the island by. It is a relief to me to find no further conflict with them.

      Day 3:
      I have been lax in my captain’s duty of keeping a log these last few days, but considering the circumstances I think it is excusable. Ichiba has not been as hospitable as I first thought it would be, in fact there have been points where I have been terribly afraid I was about to loose a member of my crew.

      Kyy learned what he needed to about his grandfather, but he also retuned with unhappy news about our shipwright. Lorelei, it seems, was the sister to the pirate overlord of the island and she left us to rejoin her family in hopes of ensuring our safety. I find it an admirable quality, that someone would give up their happiness for the sake of their friends, but after learning the type of fishman this Merrick was I could not in good conscience leave her to such a fate. I may be a pirate, but I will never abandon my nakama.

      It took some planning, a great deal of teamwork from all involved, and perfect timing, But we got to the fishman pirate fortress in time to mount our rescue effort. The battle that ensued was terrible and stretched all of us beyond our abilities, and I think there is not one among us who escaped without some injury or another, but we are all alive, and we are all back where we belong on board the striker, together.

      I do not mind if a Nakama wants to leave, but if they do so it should be by their own choice, and I have since made that clear. I will not use any member of my crew as a shield to protect the rest.

      ~ Emrik

      Captain’s log – Leaving Andesite (open)

      Captain’s log – South Blue
      Leaving Andesite

      It is a relief to me to be able to leave this island. Had I known we would be risking so much for no profit I would have left as soon as the ship was repaired and restocked.
      As things currently stand we came out of it remarkably well. The Warlord Requiem had no desire to fight, only maintain their possession of the treasure they had rightfully found and claimed. I know my own strength and that of my crew well enough to judge that it would be better not to argue, though there was some discontent expressed among my crew after.

      On a more interesting note, I witnessed a historian or archaeologist of some sort, perhaps a treasure hunter herself, Approach the famed gambler with an offer. Her help in exchange for passage off the island. She said her same was Lorcana. I will admit to some curiosity and a hope to meet the man, his crew, and the strange woman again. Perhaps such a meeting will turn to our favor and we will gain knowledge of the importance of the little wooden ball contained within the chest.

      Still, this trip has not been without some gain.
      My crew has learned a great deal about teamwork and each other’s capabilities and we have added two new members, a pair of sisters, to our ranks.

      Now we are a day out from Andesite, sailing for the next island and the adventure it may hold.

      - Roald D. Emrik

      Island Memo - IC pg. 30 - 31 (open)

      Important Update!
      Murderer Captured, City Safe

      It is with great pleasure that your local marine base would like to inform you that the party responsible for one of your own town residents and friends was taken into custody this evening. A team of our best followed the perpetrator into the islands caves, engaged in battle, and returned with the party in custody. rest assured, justice will be served.

      In accordance with the above the Freeze on the port has been lifted. Ships are now free to leave and return on day-to-day business in accordance with that law.

      Any Questions may be directed to Ensign Gavront of the public relations department.
      Enter the Caves - IC Pgs. 27-29 (open)

      Enter the Caves
      By Ryan Alexander

      It would appear that the murderer the marines were hunting for has taken refuge in a cave system that spans the length of the Island. The marines have reacted accordingly and sent teams of their best to guard every entrance they know of. Other teams have been sent into the caves to see if they can apprehend the villain.

      Captain Nesmath has also sought out the help of several nonmilitary individuals. Shichibukai Requiem and his crew who may be acting on their own, and a woman this reporter heard referenced as Lorcana. Lorcana seems to also believe there is an object of great value hidden in the cave system as well, an object a local treasure known only as Jacobs has been seeking for some time. It is unknown if others are seeking this object, or the criminal, it is this reporter’s belief that any pirates in the area might decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

      One only hopes that this possible four way man and/or treasure hunt does not end in disaster for Andesite island.

      Andesite - IC Pgs. 22 – 26 (open)

      By Ryan Alexander

      Since writing my last article this reporter has undertaken an expedition of sorts. Following rumor and news of the pirates who wrecked havoc on Sabaku I have embarked upon a marine ship to travel to Andesite island in hope of learning more. Even the journey there was something of an adventure.

      We hadn’t gone far when we heard the sound of what turned out to be a baby sea king calling to us. The creature was tangled in several nets, and after being rescued by Captain Caim, was very grateful and even pulled us the rest of the way to Andesite island.

      It didn’t take long upon reaching the island to learn that things of an entirely different nature than on Sabaku had gone wrong. While talking to the locals this reporter not only heard rumors of a pair of sisters who may or may not be thieves, but discovered that the Marines of the local outpost were in the midst of a full scale manhunt for a murderer. Upon trying to check this information at the local marine outpost this reporter learned that Captain Nesmath was very stressed out (understandably) and had already snapped the nose off a visiting captain (figuratively). This reporter was also informed that the Shichibukai Requiem and another woman with apparent important information were currently in his office. I have decided it would be wiser to wait for a better time before seeking an interview and asking the man any questions.

      An Update of Events on Andesite Island - IC pgs 18 - 22 (open)

      Evening Edition
      An Update of Events on Andesite Island

      Citizen's can rest assured that their sheriff and his deputies are doing everything they can to apprehend the criminal responsible for this heinous murder. Not only has our local marine Outpost put their Best and brightest on the trail of the murderer as well, but we have received word via the Coo Network that marine base 13 is sending what men they can spare just to insure that this is not related to the disaster that occurred there yesterday.

      It is advised that all remain in their homes, or at least in town, and re a cooperative as possible so that we can get this resolved quickly.
      We also ask that those who must venture into the jungle stay away from the caves. A party was seen exiting the system yesterday, and it is believes that the person responsible for the murder may be hiding there.

      Thank you
      WARNING for Andesite– IC pg 17 - 18 (open)

      Dangerous individual on the loose!

      Murder committed, suspect unknown.

      Be advised the individual in question may have a devil fruit ability or some sort of predatory, exotic pet. Please inform the authorities of any suspicious activity immediately. Do NOT try to apprehend a criminal yourself!

      All new arrivals to Andesite Island are advised to proceed with extreme caution. Residents are advised to secure their homes. Do NOT go anywhere alone and please remain within city limits for your own safety. Remaining within your own residence is preferred!

      Thank You.
      Approaching Andesite Island (open)
      Captain’s Log – South Blue: Andesite Island

      Andesite Island, our next destination, is the complete opposite of Sabaku where we last made port. Where Sabaku was a massive island of heat and sand, by all reports Andesite is a small island of rain, jungle, and volcanic rock. There still lies an active volcano at its center, and the island seems to make a crescent shape around a bay where part of the island is said to have collapsed during the last eruption.

      The main town is located on the best part of beach off the bay, and also holds the only port and what is said to be the largest and best artisans dedicated to working with volcanic glass this side of the Grand Line. It is also said that any who visit the island should visit the spectacular fountain located in the center of the Town Square and toss in a coin for good luck.

      Opposite the town, on one of the crescent’s points, is a small marine outpost. I hope to be able to lay low, get our supplies, and move on before we are noticed. As the port is shared between the locals and the Marines it might be best to anchor at an alternate location.
    • Past Events
      • World NewsThe World News Section is updated frequently (I promise) with the current plot information players need to know before jumping in.
        Sabaku Island Arc - IC pgs. 1 - 17 (open)
        Trouble on Sabaku Island - IC pgs. 1 - 12 (open)

        They’ve done it! The Black Moon Pirates and their associates have successfully broken into Marine Base 13 and freed former Captain Barabara Brito from the jail. Sources say that they are at this moment headed back to the port for their ship.

        The number of casualties remains unknown.

        Sources also say that Requiem Dominus Mortalis has been seen on the island. I need not remind the readers to be extremely careful in that man’s presence.

        What this means for our little island I can not say, only that a marine investigation will probably take place and our little island’s world will change.

        The following is an extension of this afternoon’s earlier article included below.

        Trouble on Sabaku Island
        By Ryan Alexander
        Sabaku Island - For those of you who are unaware, Sabaku Island, is nothing more than a large expanse of desert with hills rolling with sand and what looks like canyons forming further inland. There are several large oasis scattered through the island and most of the coast is capable of supporting a comfortable lifestyle, though the high concentration of salt in the soil, means that only certain types of crops will grow. Sabaku Island is also home to Marine Base 13, the highest security prison found in South Blue. The desert climate supposedly discourages escape attempts.

        Resent events on the island have indicated civil unrest. The town’s people and the Marines have not always gotten along and an incident this afternoon only increased the tension between them. According to eyewitness accounts several Marines decided to bully a fishwoman, a rarity outside the Grand Line, only for our very own Captain Barabara Brito to intervene. Things erupted into a fight and Brito unfortunately injured a fellow officer.

        Now Captain Barabara Brito in imprisoned in the very prison she helps guard. The Rear Admiral Dalton Margaret has for some reason declared that as an example against further incidents, Brito is to be executed at dawn.

        However, there is hope.

        Roald D. Emrik, Captain of the Black Moon Pirates, has been spotted in a local drinking establishment. Discussing the possibility of breaking Captain Barabara Brito free from jail. Key members of his crew including Kyysucara Namosaka, aka The Demon of Time, as well as several persons previously unaffiliated with the Black Moon Pirates, including the 25,000,000 beri Julius Aspel, were also seen taking part in the discussion.

        Captain Emrik has been quoted as saying, "If I save this captain of yours will you perhaps cover the cost of my supplies in exchange?" as well as the fact that anyone who helps him will be welcome to join his crew.

        So there you have it. Those who can fight should go talk to the captain. Everyone else, grab whatever supplies you can and help restock that man’s ship. I’m sure everyone in town will join me when I say, “Best of luck to you, Captain!”
        Pirates Making Escape: Rear Admiral Presumed Dead - IC pgs. 13-14 (open)

        Pirates Making Escape, Rear Admiral Presumed Dead
        By Ryan Alexander
        Sabaku Island – This late night edition has been rushed to you by yours truly. Your Local Newspaper staff has been working around the clock to bring you the latest news of “Black Moon” Emrik, his associates, and their planned break in of Marine Base 13. As reported earlier it seems this has gone as planned. Several of those who have been Helping Roald D. Emrik have been seen boarding his ship, The Striker, and the Captain and the rest of those who have helped him are expected to be seen shortly. Your reporter and the news staff wait with baited breath to see that former Captain Barabara Brito is safe.

        In other news it seems that Requiem Dominus Mortalis was seen entering the Prison tower and shortly after the top portion of the tower, know to be the location of Rear Admiral Dalton Margaret’s office, was the focal point of several explosions. Requiem is currently seated in the bar covered in blood, and by his own account the Rear Admiral is dead by his hand. "The blood I bare belonged to the Ex-Rear Admiral. Belonged in the past tense, because I killed her.” The fact that one of the seven Shichibukai would see fit to come to all the way to South Blue indicates that greater things are going on in the world. The man with a former bounty of 230,000,000 beri is the captain of the pirate crew known as The Outsiders who sail on The Blackjack. He currently works with the World government as a contract pirate, but civilians are still urged to be careful in any dealings with him. For him to intervene in this manner, well the meaning of that is unknown.

        Currently Marine base 13 is in chaos, and a young lieutenant was seen rushing through town to the local post office shouting something about sending an emergency correspondence to the South Blue Marine Headquarters. If his message goes through Sabaku Island can expect to see a new contingent of marines arrive by morning.

        What Fate Awaits Sabaku Island / What is Requiem Up To? – IC pg 15 (open)

        What Fate Awaits Sabaku Island
        By Ryan Alexander
        Sabaku Island – It is today we learn our fate. Vice-Admiral Garret Martin arrived early this morning from South Blue’s Marine headquarters. The now deceased Rear-Admiral’s personal staff has been recalled. The Pirates are gone, taking Barabara Brito out of danger, but one look at Marine Base 13 shows that they nearly destroyed the place before they left. The Vice-Admiral has ordered work crews to start cleaning up the rubble, and he has requested that every doctor available on the island help the marine medics see to the injured. By all reports Vice-Admiral Garret is a fair and trustworthy man and not inclined to the same harsh tendencies as Rear-Admiral Dalton, may she rest in peace.

        During the course of the evening the Black Moon Pirates also apparently took a hostage. Lieutenant Reimu 'Rei' Kairo was seen being forced aboard the pirates’ ship, possibly a last ditch effort to get away without causing further harm to the island or its inhabitants. We hope the pirates will leave her unharmed at the next island. The Vice-Admiral has been overheard planning a rescue mission. Island residents have been speculating at to who he may put in charge of the lieutenant’s recovery.

        Sources inside the base also say that at least one civilian was arrested in connection to the Black Moon Pirate’s actions. An updated list of Emrik’s suspected crew and their bounties has been included:

        [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

        What is Requiem Up To?
        By Ryan Alexander
        Sabaku Island – Requiem Dominus Mortalis, Captain of the Outsiders, has been seen sailing away from Sabaku Island. We have no sources to indicate what his plans are at this time, However it has been noted that accompanying him was a young female traveler whom he met at the local bar. It is presumed from this point forward that she has joined his crew. This reporter reminds all his readers that Requiem is a member of the Shichibukai and until such time as that may change, he and all of his crews’ bounties have been frozen. However, as we like to keep the public informed of exactly who works for such dangerous individuals you will find a list of his known crew and affiliates enclosed, though some have not been seen for some time.

        [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
        Uncertainty and Chaos Continues on Sabaku – IC pg 16 - 17 (open)

        Uncertainty and Chaos Continues on Sabaku
        By Ryan Alexander

        Joshua Belslick, user of the Sanso Sanso no mi has been spotted on Sabaku island. This 23,000,000 beri man has so far displayed no hostile intentions towards the civilian population of out island. However, he was seen to show a display of power some ways outside Marine Base 13 and was answered by Vice-Admiral Garret Martin, user of the Ope Ope no mi, the esteemed second in command for the Marines in South Blue.

        What at first looked to develop into a fight instead turned into a conversation. The exact words are not known. What we do know is that Belslick was not arrested, but was instead escorted into the base as a guest of the Vice-Admiral himself. This reporter can only speculate as to the meaning of these events, but the Vice-Admiral is known for employing unconventional methods when achieving his goals, and Belslick would not be worth 23,000,000 if he were incapable of getting things done.

        Meanwhile, at the time of this printing, the ship designated to carry the rescue crew for the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Reimu is still at port. The reason for the delay remains unknown.

        Your reporter will print a continuation of the article when more facts are known and perhaps a proper interview has been granted.

      • Captain's LogThe Captain's Log tells specifically what’s going on with his crew from his point of view before and after each story arc
        Sabaku Island Arc (open)

        Sabaku Introductory Log (open)
        Captain’s Log – South Blue: Somewhere off the Coast of Sabaku Island

        Sabaku Island, it lives up to its name. We have yet to make port but from the crow’s nest, with an excellent looking glass, one can make out that it is nothing more than a large expanse of desert with hills rolling with sand and what looks like canyons forming further inland. I have been told that there are several large oasis scattered through the island and that most of the coast is, in fact, capable of supporting a comfortable lifestyle, though the high concentration of salt in the soil, due to nearness of the ocean, means that only certain types of crops will grow here. I have also been told that at the center of the island sits a Marine base.

        Base 13, as the stories go, is also home to the highest security prison found in South Blue. The desert climate supposedly discourages escape attempts. The Marines there must truly be formidable if they wish to keep their inmates inline.

        Whether or not these stories are true I will soon see for myself, and though some of my crew may say otherwise, I truly and sincerely wish that we will have no trouble.

        - Roald D. Emrik
        The Events of Sabaku Island (open)
        Captain’s Log – South Blue: Sabaku Island

        Sabaku Island was nothing but trouble. Oh we got the supplies we needed, barely, but everything else was a headache. Kyy, our ship’s physician disappeared into town without consulting anyone and then Dante, my musician, had been displaying signs of being restless all morning. Whenever Dante gets restless it’s a sure sign that something is about to go wrong. Or he’s about to do something stupid. In this case it was both.

        By going wrong I mean that we arrived in town just as a couple of marines started to argue between themselves over whether or not they had the right to bully not only a fishman, but their own villagers as well. It’s rare to see a fishman outside of the Grand Line, or so I’ve been told, but it’s even rarer for Marines to quarrel among themselves so obviously. In the end the Marine Captain, Barabara Brito intervened, injured one of her own, and was sentenced to death. In an effort to control the chaos that was about to ensue, I decided to get us all involved.

        Together we came up with a plan and were quickly joined by a few other persons on the island. Dividing into two teams consisting of a strike force with Julius, a man who happened to be passing through the right place at the right time, headed for Tower A, Dante going to Tower C, and myself to Tower B to turn the switches that would open the prison gates, and a team made up of Kyy, Lorelei (the fish woman whose presence had started the whole thing), and Ezekiel (another new friend) to play decoy, things started off well. But very rarely do these things go as planned.

        While the decoy crew did their job and returned to town with minor injuries, Ezekiel deviated from the plan to help Julius. I am sorry to say he was captured. I will keep tabs on the man in hopes of learning his location and hopefully we will be able to rescue him. I hope for the time being he will be OK. Julius completed his mission. He’s a brave man, Julius. He drew the fire of the marines so another could pull the switch. That other I am told disappeared after the fight.

        I learned why Dante had been so edgy that morning. My musician had been planning on moving on and leaving my crew. I was not happy with the short notice, and I was less happy that he did so without completing his task. However all was not lost because another did manage to throw the switch after he left. It is my hope that Dante is well in whatever path he chose and that he did at least stick around long enough to know the switch had been thrown and the rest of us were safe as that was my only condition for allowing him to leave. From my observations at the time and the news I gleaned from the morning paper I know that whatever stranger chose to help us throw that switch is quite formidable. Their name is as yet unknown to me, though I suspect they are also the person who killed the Rear Admiral as we made our escape from the prison. Perhaps that information will be in the morning paper.

        I completed my own mission with a surprising amount of cooperation from the marines and no casualties. Though I doubt the marines I fought will thank me for their injuries.

        From there I made it safely into the prison where I was able to free Brito. When freed from her cell she agreed to sail with us for a while and we ended up not only gaining another crew member, Sebastian a swordsman looking to annoy his old employer, but taking another marine hostage as well. I am not opposed to new crew, especially when they know how to get things done. And Brito has been put in charge of the hostage. They seem to be friends and I do not expect our guest to cause too much trouble. I will put her safely ashore on the next island we come to. I am told there is a marine outpost there.

        For now, everybody who wishes to sail with me has made it safely aboard the ship. Our doctor is seeing to our wounds, the villagers kept their end of the bargain and re-supplied us, and we sail safely away at this moment. It has been a very long day.

        - Roald D. Emrik
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  3. Current Plot Information
    Current Chapter: Crossing South BlueTo reach Reverse Mountain the Black Moon Pirates are going to have to cross South Blue.

    Current Goals:
    Treasure Hunt!
    Create a Character

    Current Characters and Claimed Devil Fruit
    A list of current characters and claimed Devil Fruits can be found in the Character Bin.
    Note: Some Devil Fruit have been reserved but not listed for plot purposes.

    Location Maps
    Location Maps (open)

    Andesite Island

    Sabaku Island

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  4. Name: Roald D. Emrik aka “Black Moon” Emrik

    Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty: 28,000,000 beri
    Position on Crew: Captain and Navigator

    Weapon of Choice: Katana (Shusui)– He uses traditional styles. His favorite attack is called the “Lunar Slash”. This attack is a long left to right diagonal crosscut given with more precision than force. He calls a right to left cut like this a “Reverse Lunar Slash”.

    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: as Shown

    How Character Joined the Crew: Emrik founded the Black Moon Pirates mostly by accident. He’d been traveling around South Blue charting various islands and gotten on the wrong side of the Marines. They issued a bounty for him naming him “Black Moon” Emrik based on his noticeable tattoo. Emrik attempted to keep a low profile from that point on but was not always successful.

    Over some time he met some trustworthy companions who decided to join him for their own reasons, calling themselves his crew. Emrik didn't mind, he liked them all and believed in them and their abilities. It was the Marines who continued to chase them that gave the crew the name “Black Moon Pirates” based on their captain’s Epithet. Going with the flow Emrik then created a Jolly Rodger making the title, and their status as pirates, official.

    • Emrik greatly enjoys listening to sea shanties and pub songs, though he can’t carry a tune to save his life.
    • Emrik should never ever be allowed to cook.
    • In addition to charting all the islands they visit, Emrik also keeps a log of his crew’s adventures.
    Theme Song:Randy Dandy O
    Here’s two separate renditions I’ve found.
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  5. Name: Dante Makus A.K.A. (to the marines) " The Black Lunar Jolt" (felt his nickname should be moon themed this time around and combine that with the fact that he is the goro goro no mi's devil fruit user and his unique speed style of fighting plus his look/anger and i think it fits.)"
    Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty : not calculated
    Position on Crew: Musician
    Weapon of Choice: Goro Goro No Mi (lightning human rumble-rumble fruit) carries a black sword around like a walking stick along with a black and red guitar on his back his sword skills are minimal as he mostly carries the sword around as a memento. he has mostly focused on the bolt abilities(i.e. calling bolts of lightning down or transporting himself with said bolts) and charging the air but is experimenting with other forms of electricity and as such has found a special technique he calls "Lunar jolt: Oceans path" as by creating electrical currents in the water he can more ore less surf, skate, even stand upon the ocean as if it was solid land, and is currently trying to due this with air as well. a special attack he will use if you really piss him off (i.e. severely injure his friends, try to take his sword, harm a child/animal, or god forbid, try to mess with someone he loves(trust me DON'T FUQ WITH HIS LOVE LIFE) ) called Seventh hell: Black Lunar bolt. for the most part he fights bare handed using his devil fruits lightning to move at speeds that most would consider impossible (flash step rip off, so sue me) and uses a nameless kinetic fighting style (i.e uses the electric and kinetic energy from the fighting to enhance speed and strength) making him as deadly as someone who fights with a sword or gun.)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    How Character Joined the Crew/Marines: joined out of the respect for the name. black moon. which also happened to be the title given to the leader of the village he lived in before. he had taken a liking to the guy and decided to accompany him on his travels, that and the fact that he was on a quest to find a instrument that could sound like anything he wanted it to (guitar, voice, drums, etc) so that he could be the greatest solo musician in the world, he figured that being a pirate would be the most interesting way of going about his search.
    Other: Has developed a sense of humor based around shocking people or charging the air around them causing a distortion of gravity, this is also incorporated into his fighting style at times.
    He has learned the reaction points of several different things to his lightning including water, various metals, and of course, clothing)
    He has two main forms of his electricity, a normal electric blue and then one that seems to deny its own existence by illuminating in a negative light (like when you take a negative picture on your phone how all the colors are inverted n stuff?) as it is black with a crimson aura to it.
    While He does use his lightning to fight, he prefers to fight hand to hand thus have learned various ways to enhance his speed viva the electricity
    has an uncanny ability to sneak up on people when he wants to, this may be do to the fact he can appear almost anywhere he wants do to his lightning or perhaps his unique mastery over observational haki. (and conquerors haki when he is pissed off)
    Will not have haki until introduced into the main story.
    DOES NOT EAT ANYTHING BUT MEAT (cannot stress this enough :P )
    Theme Song: This Is War 30 Seconds to Mars
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  6. Name: Kyysucara Namosaka AKA The Demon of Time

    Affiliation: Black Moon Pirates

    Bounty 15,000,000 beri

    Position on Crew: Doctor

    Weapon of Choice: His hand made spear Hokkuroku Shimon, a second (although plain) spear, and the Jikan Jikan Fruit (Paramecia) The Jikan Jikan Fruit allows Kyy the ability to control time itself and is can be seen by a 2d face of a clock in the air in front of him. His spear was handcrafted by his grandfather and passed down. His favorite moves are "Crono Stop" in which he pauses time for anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes (longer periods have adverse effects on his health and the surroundings) and "Cross Cleave" in which he changes at his opponent and side steps past them slashing them twice.

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    How Character Joined the Crew: He joined the crew to try and help them in exchange for their help as well. He needed a boat so he could search for his grandfather so that he could ask him to make a second spear. It wasn't long after Dante joined that he did as well.

    Other: Kyy is blind in his left eye. He is very protective of his spear (to the point that he'd jumpin the ocean for it even knowing he can't swim).

    Theme Song: Linkin Park - Given Up

    Attached Files:

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  7. [MENTION=3180]Kyysucara Namosaka[/MENTION], I like the character, but I'm a little concerned about the time control. What else (if anything) can he do besides pausing/slowing time? and how exactly would it affect his health or his surroundings?
  8. Later he could rewind time (although only in a small area like for healing purposes). As for his health only going slightly over gives him a bad headache and too much more could kill him. Surroundings if in contact with his power may erode the ground as if time had passed or later if he used rewind could recover foliage. If you'd like though I can change his fruit.
  9. Ah, well if it's only in a select area and it has to do only with a few second - minutes then it becomes comparable to Law's abilities (though dealing with time instead of space). Give his abilities some sort of visual aspect so the rest of the characters can tell when he's doing something and I will call you Approved :D
  10. I added a description to the fruit to explain how others would know that he's using it.
  11. Approved

    oh, and the fruit type would fall in the paramecia category
  12. This has me wanting to play my One Piece game lol

  13. strange, your discription of the Jikan Jikan no mi or time time fruit is vastly different than the one the websites give it. but i do like the way yours has a time weakness rather than a bubble weakness like the Ope Ope no mi
  14. Its probably so different cuz I didn't look anything up. I just based it on how Kyy is supposed to be. Originally I made him as a character in a game my and a couple friends were making with RPG maker and he was actually the only one capable of using time magic because he was actually a half demon.
  15. It's an actual fruit? It wasn't on the wiki and I haven't seen it in either the manga, anime, or SBS so I assumed it was made up.
    Or is this another one of those Fanon fruits I haven't been paying attention to?

    Either way I think it's fine :)
  16. heh you caught me Falcon-Chan. its one of the many fanon fruits and is indeed a paramecia type. and it is fine there are actually three versions of every known fruit out there and only one version of the jikan jikan no mi aside from the one you have just created Kyy-Kun
  17. Name: Barabara Brito, AKA "Onibara Brito"
    Affiliation:Black Moon Pirates
    Bounty: 20,000,000 beri
    Position on Crew: Swordswoman
    Weapon of Choice: What Brito lacks in everything else she makes up for in swordsmanship. Practicing swordsmanship since she was 10 years old, Brito is quite skilled at what she does. However, she still has a long way to go before mastering the art. Her first (and so far only) signature move is "Bara Barrage": Brito spins at a high speed, slashing at her opponent and pushing them back. The attack's intention is to make it harder for the opponent to let their guard down, tiring them out in the process.
    Age: 25 years old
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: brunettes cherry blossoms katana weapons black eyes bandages.jpg
    How Character Joined the Crew: Brito contemplated on her choice to join, unsure if the pirate lifestyle was for her. However, after realizing that she was tired of Sabaku Island and having to move from place to place to avoid the Marines by herself, she joined. Besides, they were in need of a swordsman (or swordswoman, in this case).
    • Brito's name derives from 'Britomartis', which means "sweet maiden" or "sweet virgin" in Greek. Britomartis is the Minoan goddess of hunting and mountains, and is often correlated with the Virgin Greek goddess Artemis. Britomartis is also the name of the female knight protagonist in Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Her last name means "rose rose" in Japanese, referencing the Virgin Mary (who is commonly represented by the rose).
    • Despite her name sharing with the aforementioned virgin goddesses and Mary, Brito's personality contradicts the 'virginal maiden' trope.
    • Her favorite type of dishes are pickled or salted, particularly shiokara.
    • She used to be a part of the Marines with the rank of Captain, but backed out after a mission where she ended up killing a Marine and incapacitating a few others out of anger for their mistreatment of some of the villagers in the village they were sent to patrol for a wanted criminal (the criminal so happened to be Roald).
    Theme Song: "Tell Me Where It Hurts"-Halestorm
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  18. Thank you, Falcon!
  19. Hey there. I was just browsing around, hit my shortcut to Iwaku, saw a banner and clicked it instantly.
    Are you still accepting characters?
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