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  1. General Information
    First off I'd like to say it's good to be back after such a long time away. My time on this site was short before I moved and lost access to the Internet for such a long time, but it's good to see that everything I remember about this site is still in full swing. From my experience its always best just to jump right into Role-Play while getting acclimated to one's surroundings. So, with that in mind, I've decided to look for people willing to take part in a Role-Play I've wanted to do for a very long time. I look forward to all your responses and for the chance at Role-Playing with all of you.

    One Piece
    I've wanted to do a One Piece Role-Play for a very long time, but have just never gotten around to making one. I think the universe of One Piece and the lore therein are developed enough to allow an original story set within it. I always thought it would be cool to start a new story with an all original crew, in a world in which Luffy and his own compatriots never existed. It would be an entirely AU Role-Play, and while some of the more prolific figures like Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard, may exist most of the characters therein would be all original. Now that in itself creates a set of problems for Role-Plays of this sort, but I'm confident it could work if we had people willing to dedicate to the writing.

    Another facet of this I've always wanted to see was something on the more serious side. The Manga and Show of One Piece are fairly lighthearted, but it is a world of pirates. I'd like to see the other side of the story, the one in which pirates act like pirates. Of course our crew would still be a tad different, and the story wouldn't center entirely on pirate stuff, it would be nice for a darker tone to be present within the Role-play.

    The story itself with start in the East Blue, known the be the weakest of all the seas, on a large island of my own creation. There the first 'ARC' of our story will take place, in which our character actually decided to become pirates and venture out into the sea. I have planned out something along the lines of corrupt Marines or World Government officials begin the cause, but we can talk about it as we go.

    So, if anyone is interested just shout. Let's work this thing out and try to make a great story.
  2. YES!, is that good enough shouting for you?

    Anyways, you really caught my interest now, i usually am not interested into doing this kind of RPs but One Piece (and Fairy Tail... just saying :P) are series that i really think could make a great RP for sure, and i'm 100% in with this idea!
  3. Great to already have an interested party! Total disclosure, I was torn between whether to do a One Piece or Fairy Tail Role-Play. I eventually decided that One Piece would just be easier to move along naturally in terms of story progression.

    Anyway, I've been working on the plot a bit trying to outline everything for the first Arc as best as I can. I try to leave the direction the story takes up to the Role-Players taking part in it but there has to at least be a basic idea of what the goal is for each section of the story. I've more or less decided that, while being an important part of the Role-Play, finding the One Piece and becoming King of The Pirates isn't the driving force for our characters. It's a given that all pirates aim to do that, but I really didn't think that alone would be good for our story. So, here's what I've got to start us off.

    Kariko Island
    It's not uncommon for island with a large number of inhabitants to be accompanied by a fairly large local Marine garrison. Kariko Island was no different, being one of the more populated places within the East Blue. Forces of the World Government are meant to protect it's people, to provide a sense of ease in the chaotic times of the Great Pirate Age, however we know such things are not always true. All people are flawed, all people are susceptible to the temptation of the heart, such could be said for the Marines of Kariko Island. Under the command of Henry 'Hangman' Lawson, the people of Kariko Island lived in fear of Marines. Harsh and sometimes ridiculous laws were set for the people of Kariko to follow with no recourse but to abide by them. Now, after seventeen years of life in tyranny, Henry Lawson has imposed another law upon his subjects. All women aged fifteen through twenty-one are to be sent to the Marine Compound indefinitely. The want and why is unknown, however; fearing the worst has finally pushed an unlikely few over the edge.

    Enter our heroes! Whom, fed up with the tyrannical regime finally fight back against the 'Hangman' and his subordinates, launch a daring attack on the Marine compound. During which they discover the horrible truth behind Lawson's actions, and are labeled criminals for their efforts.​
  4. Hmm, sounds interesting... i like it :P
    Also i really like the way you chose to go with the plot stuff, i personally don't like plot driven RP but the idea of just making frames for the plot and leaving rest up to players is a great idea.

    Can't wait to get to character creation, i've already thought through a few concepts for character :P
  5. *slowly creeps in* (o.o)!
    I saw One-Piece, and took the bait~

    Just have to say that this sounds like it could be a blast, and that you definitely have my interest! Hopefully more people become interested though...wouldn't want this to die prematurely after all.
  6. Thank you both for expressing your interest! Honestly, I didn't really think this would garner much support at first. When doing fandom Role-Plays it's usually a hit or miss kind of thing, so to have anyone at all speak up is a great feat to me. The way I see the beginning of the Role-Play going we don't really need to many people, though a lot would be fun, just four or five would be plenty to get it running. So, if we get one or two more people willing to take part I'll go ahead and set up the Role-Play!
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  7. Yeah, and basically if more people get interested later on, you can have them to join in to the later on in some way. Luffy started with crew of 2 afterall (Just saying). So in theory, even crew of 3 or 4 is plenty to start with, but like you said, of course having more people would make it more interesting.
  8. Okay, so I let things stew for a couple of days just to see if anyone else would pop up. Bad news, no one did so us three are going it alone for now; but the good news is we will be starting the Role-Play this weekend if that is alright with you guys. I'll go ahead and start getting things ready so if you have any ideas or concerns then lay them on me.
  9. I'm not too familiar with anythang passed the first/second season of the series, but id be glad to join you guys if possible
  10. So 4 man crew it is, sounds good to me :D

    Also what comes to starting this weekend, i'm fine with it, can't wait to get started :P
  11. Awesome! Can't wait to start ^.^
  12. room for one more?
  13. I guess there is, it's up to Bradok but i think the answer is yes :P
  14. Always room for one more! I'll link you guys as soon as the Role-Play is up.
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  15. Great, can't wait!
  16. Just wondering, will there be a character limit? @Bradok
  17. any chance for one more? cause i'd like to join on the fun with the crew
  18. @Beat
    Sure one more can't hurt, at least I don't think it will, so welcome aboard. Just for posterity's sake though, for the time being, I think you will be the last person we accept at this time.

    @Sasha Bliss
    That's always a struggle for me to decide. On one hand letting people have multiple characters really helps flesh out the world with living bodies, but on the other when someone drops out or goes inactive they end up taking more than just one character away from the Role-Play. For this Role-Play I personally don't feel as if multiple characters should be allowed in the beginning. We will all be on the same island, pursuing more or less the same goal even if for different reasons. So for the time being let us just keep it at one character per writer.

    Now, and this is something me and a buddy of mine were talking about. Later on down the line, especially if other people want to join the Role-Play, opening up another crew would be a good chance for people to create another character. A crew of marines or rival pirates, whatever they may be, will be the only time I think allowing permanent additions to our PC character list would be okay.

    So with a group this large I think it's prudent to go ahead and state this now. I move at a fast pace in my Role-Plays, well faster than most anyway, and typically I expect people I'm Role-Playing with to do the same. I'm not talking about everyone jumping on here multiple times a day and writing novels with each post, just that everyone post at least once a day to move the story along. Some people get really mad and uppity about this rule, but I've been Role-Playing for over a decade now and I promise this is the only surefire way to ensure the story doesn't grind to a halt. Of course there are exceptions to this. If you can't get online for some reason, or you just lost your muse for the day, then fine I get it. As long as we all aren't sitting here waiting for a week for you to post I'm cool. After that thought expect your turn to be skipped, no hard feelings.

    The only other thing that really.....REALLY.....gets to me is short posts. When we start you'll notice I type a bit more than most, you don't have to do that. I like to elaborate and convey as much information as I can in every post just to make things interesting. That's just me though, all I'm asking any of you to do is type at least a paragraph on what is up with your character. You can type more, but please do at least that for me. I personally feel very much cheated when I pour my heart out in a Role-Play on the get a one-liner in response, and I would never wish that upon another writer that is really trying his/her hardest either.

    So, just do this two things for me and we will be the best of friends!
  19. Ah, sounds great!

    Just know that most of my posts will probably be late/early in the morning as I do have school...but when summer comes (yessssss) I'll be a bit more active during daylight hours~
  20. Okay, I was just wondering, and yeah I get that.
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