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  1. One Piece AU (Without the strawhat pirates)
    All others and prolific characters are allowed, just an rp more for the history of characters that will play a role in this One Piece AU. Multiple characters and Cannon's are allowed, custom df's are allowed to just nothing OP if joining this prelude please be able to delve into your characters story alone at times not everytime characters will interact with each other. (Also if no one joins I will just delve in what makes my character the person he becomes)

    Im gonna be honest not the best with plots but plan a 3 or 4 year timeskip as this is explaining more of the past. So if you have a future idea for your character maybe you can be set it up now. Also trying to see if I can foreshadow like Oda since he's the master of plot twists and foreshadowing. Open sign ups if anything you wanna ask just ask


    A fleet of marine ships are sailing off away from shimotsuki village, they were following up on leads of pirate activity but one ship in particular was carrying special cargo and a woman arrived on the ship mainly for security purposes. All the marine privates had got down on a knee, except for one who stood in place, as private looked at him "Are you insane newbie that's REAR ADMIRAL HINA show some respect" but the boy stood relaxed.

    The admiral approached the boy. "Hmmm interesting what is your name recruit?" she asked
    The boy looked at her and responded "My name is Eiji" he replied
    Hina looked around at the lead marine on the ship, "HEY WHATS THIS KID DOING ON THIS SHIP!!!" she yelled
    The Commador of the ship stepped forward, "My apologies rear admiral Hina, we found this boy in bad shape drifting a few weeks ago. His body was practically broken we brought him on board to heal, and he wouldn't tell us his name only that he wanted to be a Marine so we allowed him to stay" he said as he bowed to her as well as a sign of respect.

    Hina looked from the Commador to the boy named Eiji "Eiji your name means order, I like it ok boy you will come with me, from this point on your not gonna be a simple recruit your gonna be my subordinate" she says
    This surprised all the recruits and even the commador, usually to even be a subordinate to a rear admiral you had to demonstrate extreme skill or be a season recruit. Hina walked off and Eiji followed her.

    Name -
    Eiji Kuro

    Current age -

    Current Height -

    Devil fruit ability -
    At the moment none

    Devil fruit techniques -
    currently none

    Weapons -

    Fighting style -
    currently unknown

    Fighting techniques -
    Currently unknown

    Appearance -

  2. [​IMG]

    Eiji age 18

    Standing in the moonlight by a shoreline he saw a ship coming in his direction in the distance, it is not easy to make out whether it is a pirate or marine ship but it is heavily armored and weaponized. Eiji makes a fist, "I knew years ago this day would come" he says making a fist and his left eye changes as a dark pattern envelopes it.

    4 years prior

    Eiji has been taken in by Hina it has been one day as she fed him and walked into the boys room with two other recruits and one comes with a naval uniform. "Here your uniform please put it on and meet me outside" she says as they place it on the bed and leave the room. They were at the nearest naval command post and Eiji looked at the uniform, "this won't work" he says to himself as he grips a pair of scissors and begins shredding the uniform.

    Hina was waiting as she looked at her watch in her red suit with her admiral jacket hanging off her. "It doesn't take that long to change whats this boy doing" she says to herself before turning to a recruit... "Go get the boy and bring him out here" she says shocking the recruit as he jumped to do so but stopped as Eiji came through the doors and walked outside. Hina looked at him and the other recruits were surprised as he came wearing civillian clothes no sign of his marine uniform.... (Recruits) "What the he's crazy strolling here without his naval uniform" some murmur.

    Hina: "The day after I take you in as a subordinate you embarrass me by coming here without proper uniform"

    Eiji looks as her and pulls up a makeshift bandanna that was around his neck up around his mouth showing the marine insigni on it... "I was chosen as a subordinate I assume because you can see that I'm better then the trash you have standing around us so I thought it was ok to let you know I don't like the Marine uniform I'd prefer what I have on now" he replied


    Hina takes a drag of her cigarette and shuts her eyes and in an instant punches Eiji knocking him backwards and into the air, a slight trail of blood is seen as his nose was bleed.
    While mid-air Eiji's mind raced "Gahh...did she.. just hit me, I didn't think she'd be that fast damn she's strong to damn don't pass out... don't pass out" he thought to himself as when his eyes open he see's her hovering over him before grabbing him. "What is she doing embracing me.... no im feeling constricted" he thought as he looked as her and Hina's body was phasing through his leaving a black ring around his upper half locking up his upper half.
    Hina lands on her feet and Eiji drops to the ground with great impact. The recruits cheered as she turned back facing Eiji as he was on the ground.

    Hina: "You have a lot of nerve to think that I would accept any kind of disrespect, I ate the Ori Ori no Mi fruit and I am a cage woman. Do not bother struggling you can't physically break out of one of my cages once your caught, Recruits show Eiji some respect"

    she says as at least 15 - 20 recruits surround Eiji...
    Recruit: "you think your special being chosen as a subordinate, it means nothing your still a recruit like the rest of us. Come on guys lets show him respect like Hina said.

    One goes to kick Eiji but he wraps his legs around the recruits feet tripping him and kicking him while he fell to the ground. This did two things as it knocked the recruit back into two others and propelled Eiji to roll backwards onto his feet.

    "Despite this handicap I still feel myself superior to you all and let me show you"

    Hina was walking away but looked back surprised to see Eiji on his feet, and stating his superiority as she decided to watch what she first expected a clear beating but now seems would actually be a fight.
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