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  1. Welcome to Pol Topelia

    Nestled at the edge of the South Blue, within in sight of the massive Red Line, this fairly large, mountainous country sits in a strange flux. While lacking a Marine base, the island stands in peace under the rule of Dario Capper, military dictator of Pol Topelia. In the public eye, however, it is no tyranny: citizens pay their taxes and go about their lives peacefully, only forced to move under threat of attack from outsides, few of which have been particularly problematic.

    However, despite the apparent peace, there is an air of uncertainty. A rumble of discontent. As the number of missing persons steadily increases, whispers of rebel activity are heard in the streets, prompting the arrival of Marines sniffing out any traces of the infamous Dragon. But talk of crime is unheard of! A purse snatcher can't go a block before being stopped cold, and yet...the slums of the capitol regularly wax and wane with a frightening regularity.

    Something is not right on Pol Topelia.

    And where do you stand? Are you a rebel, fighting for your home? A soldier doing much the same thing? A wanderer caught up in the whole mess?

    Regardless of your past, you have a certain fate awaiting, should you reach the break of the coming storm.


    Still with me so far? Awesome! Well, if the previous bit led you astray, I assure you, this is a One Piece RP! Pirates! Adventure! Part of this is also experiment in the hurdle of forming the initial crew.

    I will be playing the Captain, seeking to form the crew, but instead of doing every member at once, one every island or every arc, or having it already formed, the crew will be initially formed after (or during) one fairly large arc centered on Pol Topelia.

    The idea is that every character has their own plot, which can then tie to, or even already be close to, each other or the main plot. Perhaps the plotline started in their backstory or only when they reached the island, but the hopes are that they cross with each other before tying neatly.

    As for after that, well, we'll get there when it comes! For now, I just want your interest if you have some to give~

    However, be warned, while I'm only accepting three others alongside my assistant GM, if spots open up as people drop though, there might be a chance later, but for now keep that in mind.
  2. I'm in too.
  3. Neat, in that case, take this! @Edward

    Key Info (Optional): Anything quick you've decided on already. Name, gender, race, etc
    Future Crew Position: What crew position might they fill? Doctor/Navigator/Cook/you know the drill
    Devil Fruit (Mandatory if you're planning to have one): If you want to have one, please please give me a basic rundown of what it can do. You can flesh it out later, but if there's something I find objectionable based on my own personal rules, I want to say something before you write a five paragraph description rather than after and save you the headache.

    Personality Jots (Optional): A couple words for what you have in mind for their personality. Try to include some flaws if you could: it's not absolutely neccesary at this point but it'd be nice

    Plotline Ideas: What position do you imagine them at the start of the game? What kind of plot do you have in mind that might tie with a possible arc?

    And here's a sample for my character if you want an example:

    Key Info: Claribel Donner, female human
    Crew Position: Captain
    Devil Fruit: Echo Echo Fruit. An Echo human not only has better hearing, but can also recreate and redirect sounds if they are near the point of origin.

    Personality Jots: Scatterbrained, forgetful, stubborn, thrill seeker, dismissive

    Plotline Ideas: Claribel will be trying to form her initial crew on Pol Topelia.
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  4. Key Info
    Noni ''The Ruthless Chef'' Toni



    Future Crew Position

    Devil Fruit
    Mera Mera no Mi
    The Mera Mera no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into fire at will. "Mera Mera" is a Japanese onomatopoeia of the noise fire makes when it burns. It is called the Flame-Flame Fruit

    Personality Jots
    He is rather childish and goofy most of the time which gives the ship character, When he isn't in the kitchen cooking for the crew he is normally on deck messing around and acting like a kid which might get on others nerves but Noni rather has a ''I'll do whatever i want and i don't care who thinks about it'' attitude. When Noni enters battle his whole personality rather changes in a way where it might be scary to some. He always puts on a smile even when in battle which might enhance the craziness of his persona, however he is also clumsy and careless in battle so he might kill the captain of a enemy ship if you don't keep a eye on him. He takes great pleasure in swinging his sword whenever he can or shooting rapidly in a riot of opponents. He strictly only uses his Mera Mera powers in the kitchen for his belief is that fire is only good for quote ''cookn' them good meats!''

    Plotline Ideas
    Probably cooking or going wild in battle.

  5. Yep, couple things to say. Firstly, I want to let you know that's it's partly a fault on my end! I haven't GMed in a while so I'm kind of fucking up a bit here and there.

    One, just to be clear, it's not supposed to be the full sheet, I completely failed to mention that. It's just something to get ideas going. (Also, for some reason I get the feeling you haven't done a lot of One Piece roleplay, which is fine!)

    Going from the top, he's only 15. He shouldn't have done anything noteworthy enough to get an epithet already.

    'Race' was meant to refer to 'Species'. He'd be human, as opposed to Fishman, Merfolk, whatnot

    We don't have a cook yet so you're good there.

    However, I should say something about the Fruit: Logia types are generally a no-go, period. They're incredibly powerful, so I generally have a hard ban on them: even if there's no PvP planned, being immune to most conventional attacks makes things much more difficult to write if he could theoretically beat most antagonists. I'm also not a fan of canon Fruits: I want to see something you come up with, but it'd have to be Paramecia or Zoan type. Both me and Hillan have (Paramecia) Fruit users though so be warned about that.

    Personality will do, except you implied something in one bit that makes me want to say something: there's an unwritten rule in OP RPs that the Captain is the strongest, barring some exceptions, so 'taking out the enemy captain' is something generally reserved for, well, the PC captain. Generally if your character gets a fight, it'll be an NPC (probably lower on the rung than captain) and I'll expect them to be at least something of a challenge in some way, like one of the many fights from the series itself!

    As for giving him some time to shine, there will be! Especially for the first arc: that's where your plotline will come in! You should reread the blurb about the island Pol Topelia again and try to think about how your character might fit into the scheme of things, and feel free to ask/mention if you have any ideas or want some more detail. Claribel isn't really a good example, but Hillan's character has some ties to the supposedly non-existent criminal underworld in the form of debts, which opens up potential plot/NPC ideas in the form of debt collectors, their allies and superiors, others in distress, etcetra.

    Like I suggested above, maybe your character is a native of the island. Could he be a soldier or rebel? Maybe he's a young Marine under a corrupt commander?

  6. [​IMG]
    Key Info (Optional):
    Chester "Chad" B. Arnold
    The Phantom Of The Rum

    21, Male, Human.

    Future Crew Position:
    Infiltrator and spy.

    Devil Fruit:
    The Phase Phase fruit has been eaten by Chad, making him a intangable human. He is able to phase through solid objects and even make himself intangible to make things go through him.

    Personality Jots (Optional):
    +Casanova, charming, well connected, smart and quick witted.
    - Casanova, a gambit, quick to getting into trouble and constantly drunk.

    Plotline Ideas:
    Long Term Ambition:
    Find the worlds greatest grog, which is what he's convinced One Piece is.

    Medium Term Ambition:
    Settle debts on Pol Topelia, which involves clearing his name from murder and paying a very mad mobster lots of money.

    Short Term Ambition:
    Getting into the pants of the Waitress at the pub he's currently sitting in.​
  7. Oh okay, i shall work on this and post the final result in the official character submission thread whenever it gets made.
  8. That's fine! But if you have any ideas on your character's plotline in particular be sure to drop by!
  9. I'll post the OOC tomorrow morning, but I'm still hoping for about two more players!
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  10. And it's up!
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  11. Oh boy. OOC time!
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