One Piece: For glory or Death

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  1. It was a lovely day to start, but that was all fucked over really fast. Pirates, always pirates. We find ourselves in the story of a Jerico D. Santoya, along with his crew, who like most pirates, dreams of becoming king of the pirates.
  2. Jerico arrived at the place known as Log Town, known as a pit stop before going on into the grand line. He originally grew up in Logtown, but left soon after he was accused of stealing from the world government. Since then he had become a pirate, and assembled a crew, which had everything but a decent cook, so he handled that himself. He turned to his crew with a smile. "Alright you lot! Role call! Shout out your name and we can go get re-stocked for out journey to the grand line!"
  3. Crescendo (open)

    Name: Crescendo
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Position: First Mate
    Power: Inu Inu no Mi: Model Wolf


    Transformation #1 [​IMG]

    Transformation #2


    Bio: Crescendo was born In a small town called StormAlong. The town was much more of a harbor than a town but they made their living off of fishing, whaling, and trading bottles. One day at the age of ten, Crescendo went to the market and bought a fruit for a snack, the cheapest one was a funny looking one that was shaped like an onion that was blue with lighter blue swirls on It. He bit the sweet yet sour fruit and thought It was funny that the Inside looked like the outside but was red. Shortly after he turned Into a wolf pup, the sudden change caused and uproar and he fled town to scared to go home. Several years passed and he mastered his ability and he also met Captain Jerico and later joined his crew.
    Other: He still isnt perfect at mastering his transformations je often gets one that inconvient for battle

    Hearing the captain speak Crescendo straights up gripping the mop "Aye, Crescendo here, mate!" he said saluting somewhat.

    Crescendo couldn't speak for all the crew but he respected his captain and looked at him as if he were a brother.
  4. Jerico gave the man a grin. "Crescendo! Head into town and grab up some food. I'll wait for the rest of the crew to come up from below decks." Jerico yawned and cracked his neck. "I'm feeling confident, our journey in the Grand line will be excellent."
  5. Nodding Crescendo as he returns the mop he was using "I know you mean, the with each passing moment and the closer we get, the more excited we all become. I can't wait to see the Grand Line." He sighs out of content before climbing onto the dock he watches his captain for a moment before heading into town.

    Walking into Log Town's market square Crescendo noticed that the square was slightly packed with various people and their cart animals. Children ran about with friends pretending to be pirates and police, parents shopping, and others were examining goods but had no intention of buying. Deciding to buy several pounds of meat as a special treat since he often had extra pieces of gold that he stole during their most recent trip to Crocks Water town, though the people there were asking to robbed with how carefree they are. He wonders if anyone noticed that the bank is currently short several sacks of gold. He approaches the man selling meat and he orders the amount he desires. While waiting he notices a young man with a straw hat and a red shirt get thrown out of a nearby restaurant along along with a man with a long nose "AND DON'T COME BACK UNLESS YOU CAN AFFORD MY FOOD!" shouts the owner before slamming the door.

    Crescendo shakes his head as he exchanges his gold for the food, he then buys various fruits, vegetables, dairy products, a few spices, flour, and sugar. He was glad that he took one of the wagons that was sitting idly by because all that he had bought was quite heavy. On his way back to the ship he noticed flyer with a face that looked too familiar. He tore it off the post and read it:

    PRIZE: $900,000,000

    Crescendo smirks as he couldn't wait to show Captain Jerico this. He walked onto the deck waving his hand with the flyer "Check this out, mate." he says as he steps onto the deck.
  6. Jerico was slumped against the main mast of the ship as Cresendo returned. He had a crumpled piece of paper in his hands, and his cheeks appeared to be wet with tears. "Cresendo.. they're gone.." He said quietly. He wiped his nose on his sleeve and stood up, walking over to Cresendo and handing him the paper. It was a letter from the crew, a letter of resignation.

    "To our Dearest Captian Jerico,

    You have brought us from one side of the West Blue, to the other. But sadly, we must resign before going to the grand line with you. We hate to do this to you, but some of us are fathers, and mothers, some of us are afraid, and some of us have a different path we wish to follow. Its been two years since we all walked aboard your vessel, and we will all treasure it as close as we can to our hearts. Never forget us Jerico, and in the name of The Black Blade pirates, we will carry your's to the end of time."

    Jerico let out a shaky breath, then wiped his eyes. "We can't let that stop us, Cresendo. We need to push forward, we can't allow this minor set back to be the better of us.." Jerico looked off to the horizon of the water. "Its what they would have wanted." He turned back to Cresendo with a smile, though it was obviously plastered on to hide his pain. "What's this great news you have?" He looked at the paper in his hand and snatched it. He let out a whistle, then smiled up at Cresendo. "Nine million? Thats quite a bit." He smiled, then folded up the wanted poster and put it in his pocket.
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  7. Hearing that the rest of the team were no longer with them made Crescendo fill with a mixture of anger and sadness. He knew that the other crew members had children and they joined with the hopes of becoming rich for their families. But to suddenly quit after the long journey and their hardships, Crescendo let out a small noisy as he looks away not noticing that Jerico had taken the paper or that he spoke about the bounty.

    His captain was right he shouldn't let this keep them down but the Black Blade Pirate were family and now their family was broken....

    But he didn't want to make Jerico feel even worse so he turns to him and grins, deciding to comment on the flyer "Looks like you're famous, mate! Oh, here is the food. I hope ya like what I got."

    He says pointing the wagon.
  8. Jerico slapped a hand on Cresendo's shoulder with a laugh. "Any food will do friend, we are going to the Grand Line! There's no way we can be picky on our way there." He smiled at him, then turned back to the horizon. "When i'm King of the Pirates, lets come back and find everyone. I want them to know when i make it." He smiled, then shoved his hands in his pockets. "We can stay docked here for tonight, hell, maybe someone will ask if they can join our crew." He laughed, then started to his Captain's cabin.
  9. Watching Jerico announce that he'll be pirate king was always an inspiration to Crescendo and the late crew, he watches as Jerico retires to his cabin and he turns to the cart of food. He begins storing the food and once the task is completed he heads to his own room.

    He wonders if anyone will join their crew. He sighs and rolls onto his side watching the lapping waves from his circular window.
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