One Piece: Blighted Seas and Thundering Skies [Looking for 3 members!)

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Seventeen years ago, the world changed. One man of implacable zeal and indomitable will, Gold Roger, met his end after sharing with the world the existence of his greatest treasure. Lust, greed, and pride brought a slew of pirates, invoking the wrath of the World Government and the Marines, starting something more akin to a war in this new 'Age of Piracy'.

Some seas fared better than others: the Grand Line saw a boom of commerce as adventurers and pirates alike arrived, but with so many bloody accidents, costly miscalculations, and gruesome battles, the death toll seemed to rise much more. The East Blue remained mostly tranquil, as it had often been, as did the West. The North boomed loudly, but...

In the South, there was trouble. Though it was the largest of the seas by population, it did not have the peace of the East, the technology of the North, or the history of the West. Without the staying power of tranquility, craft, or tradition, the South saw the largest boom in piracy from the Blue Seas, some tales traded of chaos at Reverse Mountain where too many ships tried to enter simultaneously in the dawn light, rushing as if One Piece was just on the other side. Worse yet, the increased piracy left less of the able bodied to defend cities, making it all to easy for failed pirates to return to their seas with many undefended islands to plunder. Some failed pirates turned to other avenues of crime, abusing the fact that the Marines and law enforcement were spread thin.

Countries fell, only to be replaced with new regimes, just to fall once again. Marines, fatigued from the constant struggle, fell to corruption and greed to ease their burden. The seas have quieted in parts, but under the surface lies a thick layer of blight, and thundering skies approach.


Welcome to Pol Topelia

Nestled in sight of the massive Red Line, this fairly large, mountainous country sits in a strange flux. While lacking a Marine base, the three cities: the port town of Ostropa, the valley city Lillicoa, and the seaside capitol of Pol Stictid stand in peace under the rule of Dario Capper, military dictator of Pol Topelia. In the public eye, however, it is no tyranny: citizens pay their taxes and go about their lives peacefully, only forced to move under threat of attack from outsides, few of which have been particularly problematic.

However, despite the apparent peace, there is an air of uncertainty. A rumble of discontent. As the number of missing persons steadily increases, whispers of rebel activity are heard in the streets, prompting the arrival of Marines sniffing out any traces of the infamous Dragon. But talk of crime is unheard of! A purse snatcher can't go a block before being stopped cold, and yet...the slums of Pol Stictid regularly wax and wane with a frightening regularity.

Something is not right on Pol Topelia.

And where do you stand? Are you a rebel, fighting for your home? A soldier doing much the same thing? A wanderer caught up in the whole mess?

Regardless of your past, you have a certain fate awaiting, should you reach the break of the coming storm.


Still with me so far? Awesome! Well, if the previous bit led you astray, I assure you, this is a One Piece RP! Pirates! Adventure! Part of this is also experiment: I've tried all types of games on the Roleplayer Guild in the day. Form the crew all at once? Form slowly arc by arc? Crew already formed? Lots of crews? Just a handful? To be honest, I've had a few successes so far, but consider this another attempt.

I will be playing the Captain, seeking to form the crew, but instead of doing every member at once, one every island or every arc, or having it already formed, the crew will be initially formed after (or during) one fairly large arc centered on Pol Topelia.

The idea is that every character has their own plot, which can then tie to, or even already be close to, each other or the main plot. Perhaps the line started in their backstory or only when they reached the island, but the hopes are that they cross with each other before tying neatly.

As for after that, well, we'll get there when it comes!

For now though my Assistant GM, Hillan, and I will be accepting around three more characters! There won't be any reserved spots, but exactly what happens will depend on how much interest I receive. If you finish a sheet and are not accepted in the end, there's still possibility! Even if no one drops, the RP is expected to continue after the arc on Pol Topelia, so more members being added later down the line is a possibility.

If you're thinking about apply, consider filling out this small character sheet and posting it in the thread to give us (and others) an idea of what you want to play. HOWEVER, it is not the character sheet. The actual character sheet is farther down, and that is to BE SENT TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DO NOT POST THE FULL SHEET IN THIS THREAD UNTIL ACCEPTED.


Key Info (Optional): Anything quick you've decided on already. Name, gender, race, etc
Future Crew Position: What crew position might they fill? Doctor/Navigator/Cook/you know the drill
Devil Fruit: This section is mandatory if you plan on having one. Please please give me a basic rundown of what it can do. You can flesh it out later, but if there's something I find objectionable based on my own personal rules, I want to say something before you write a five paragraph description rather than after and save you the headache.

Personality Jots (Optional): A couple words for what you have in mind for their personality. Try to include some flaws if you could: it's not absolutely necessary at this point but it'd be nice

Plotline Ideas: What position do you imagine them at the start of the game? What kind of plot do you have in mind that might tie with a possible arc?

[B]Key Info (Optional):[/b]

[b]Future Crew Position:[/b]

[b]Devil Fruit:[/b]

[b]Personality Jots (Optional):[/B]

[B]Plotline Ideas:[/B]

Either ignore this or post in the thread if you have passing interest! Especially if you want a Devil Fruit, don't want to match position with anyone, or have plotline ideas!


Name: No D initial!
Crew Position:
Captain is taken, and 1st​ and 2nd​ Mate will be decided IC
Race: Should probably be human. I'm only accepting one Fishman/Merfolk at most though since they're rare outside the Grand Line.

Appearance: If you use a picture, I want a written description as well. Pictures should be under a hider, if you would

Personality: At least two paragraphs

Backstory: If they don't start on Pol Topelia, make sure to include them getting there and them getting involved in their plot.

Long Term Ambition: Why does your character exist? What do they want to accomplish in their lives? Become the best swordsman in the world? A doctor that can cure anything?

Medium Term Ambition: The character's goal in their plot on Pol Topelia. You can put any other details/ideas for the plotline here as well!

Devil Fruit: If any. Just describe what it can do here, any limits, etcetra. Please no Logia types, Awakened Fruits, or Mythical Zoans. Also avoid any canon Fruits. In general, you might want to pass your idea by me first to make sure I'm cool with it, since I'm very picky when it comes to Fruit!

Fighting Style: If they have a Fruit, here's where you describe how they fight with it. No Haki.
Notable Equipment: Weapons and special tools

Skills: Anything notable they can do that doesn’t involve fighting.



[b]Crew Position:[/b]





[B] Long Term Ambition:[/B]

[B]Medium Term Ambition:[/B]

[B]Devil Fruit:[/B]

[B]Fighting Style:[/b]

[b]Notable Equipment:[/B]


PM to Craftsdwarf


I'm expecting at least two paragraphs a post, but there's not necessarily an upper limit. If you throw out a novel of a post I would hope that you have a reason for it though, since if it goes on for a mile without any sort of interaction then it stops being much of a roleplay!

There's no specific time constraint, but I do expect you to at least take a minute to say why you are unable to post if you cannot. Life happens! I'm also really patient.

However, in the event you are dropped, there will be the issue of what to do with the character. Generally, I will be taking control of them and writing them out when possible. I won't be killing them: there's no fun or pleasure in that. This method also allows for a possible return, but that depends on circumstances.

Other than that, the normal! No arguing OOC, now OOC in the IC, listen to the Assistant GM Hillan, don't be a douche, use common sense.

Ask if you have any questions!

Character Roster
The Captain - Claribel Donner
The First - Chester 'Chad' B. Arnold
The Second -
The Third -
The Fourth -​
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Noni ''The Ruthless Chef'' Toni



Crew Position:



He is rather childish and goofy most of the time which gives the ship character, When he isn't in the kitchen cooking for the crew he is normally on deck messing around and acting like a kid which might get on others nerves but Noni rather has a ''I'll do whatever i want and i don't care who thinks about it'' attitude. When Noni enters battle his whole personality rather changes in a way where it might be scary to some. He always puts on a smile even when in battle which might enhance the craziness of his persona, however he is also clumsy and careless in battle so he might kill the captain of a enemy ship if you don't keep a eye on him. He takes great pleasure in swinging his sword whenever he can or shooting rapidly in a riot of opponents. He strictly only uses his Suchīmu powers in the kitchen for his belief is that Steam is only good for quote ''cookn' them good meats!''

Noni was born at sea near the north blue and grew up on his fathers ship doing small jobs like cleaning the deck or grabbing something from the bottom deck. Till the age of 12 he was doing small jobs but now he is up in the flag doing look out for 2 more years, however in between those years something tragic happened. A monster big as the ship grew from the sea below and grabbed the ship that slung the ship back and forth. Noni heard screaming and even people jumping off the ship but then it all ended after a few swings of the monster. He experienced storms but not a monster attack so he went down on front deck and asked what it was but his father couldn't say. By the age of 14 he began cooking and became the ships cook with a strong passion till the age of 16 when he set out at sea to search for the greatest chef in the world.

Long Term Ambition:
To Find the greatest chef in the world.. and kill em.

Medium Term Ambition:
His in Pol Topelia to find the greatest chef.

Devil Fruit:
''Suchīmu Suchī Fruit''
This fruit allows the owner to transform his whole body into steam that may leak through small areas or even faze through opponents. This owner can go in and out of steam form whenever he/she wants and can also emitted vast amounts of steam from there limbs that may act as mist or burn the opponent, OR FOR COOKN!

Fighting Style:
He strictly has a quota to never use his powers in battle, however instead he uses dual wielding flashy pistols and a sword that he rarely uses. Noni has to much pleasure in shooting wildly.

Notable Equipment:
Dual wielding flashy pistols (Silver made base with a black fruit design around the whole pistol)

Noni is very quick with his feet and very deadly with his pistols but very clumsy when it comes to sword play.
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