One Piece Anyone?

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So I'm usually online in some form usually working on things or chatting with a buddy. I tend to respond as soon as I can if I'm not busy helping the family out, so just drop a line if you wanna talk or discuss a plot.
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Romance, romance, romance! Seriously, I always have romance involved. I also like fantasy, scifi, action, adventure, modern, magical, horror, and post apocalyptic. If you have a genre not listed here please mention it! Maybe we can work something out!
Hello everyone! I'm Foxy, a rather new person to this site! I've reached out here in a bit of desperation for a certain craving I have. You see, so far everywhere I've searched I've found no one who still enjoy's One Piece enough to roleplay it. Which is rather difficult for me, who is itching for a Canon x OC rp within the One Piece Realm. So, I hope to find someone on here who also enjoys this series (manga or anime) that would like to roleplay as well! So let's get down to business, yeah?

I would prefer that whoever I am roleplaying with is at least 18+. I'm 19 so I like keeping people around my age group if not older than myself. I don't mind roleplaying with younger people, I really don't, but there will not be romance in it. Anyway! I have a rather long description of my writing type on my Resume (which you should read. The Resume if not the excerpt I used from one of my fanfictions) but I want to ask for people not to freak out about the length. It's happened before, honestly. I want to say that No. You are not expected to reach that length. It's very difficult to write responses that long multiple times and I do not expect it from you. I hope you don't expect it from me. I don't mind one paragraph at all, just give me something to work with! I can't work with one liners so try to at least keep it up to a small paragraph if you can. Um...I have a few more rules and the one that stands out is Respect me please. I have a busy life, college student and all that. I will respond as soon as I am able, I promise you that. So please don't spam my inbox with messages every five seconds. I would also like to be your friend so lets talk out of character as well! :3 That should be all I think...oh! One more. Let me know your triggers as well if you haven't listed them on your resume...I don't want to trigger my partner, ever, so please let me know if you have them and what they are.

What I'm looking for:
As I've said before, I have a craving. An itch that I can't seem to get scratched (are these analogies making this weird? It feels as if it's weird.) and I have reached out here for the possibility of finding a partner or partners who would like to roleplay an OC x Canon rp for One Piece! You don't have to be caught up with it completely, no worries about that, we can create our own story line for it as well! But I have been craving a One Piece RP for quite some time now. I am all caught up with the anime and the manga, so if you are caught up too we can figure out a place to start as well!

(I have bolded the character's that I can play and put the character I would love for someone to play in Italic's)

Trafalgar Law (I'll be honest, I really want someone to play him for my oc)
Monkey D. Luffy
Roranoa Zoro
Portgas D. Ace
Eustass Kidd

I can play other's as well but these are the main one's I've noticed some people like. So if you have one I haven't listed please tell me and I'll let you know if I can or can't play them for you! Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it, yes, I do double up. I like playing my OC and a Canon character for my partner. :3

Contacting me:
Just send me a message on here! If you would like to rp over email I'll give it to you as well. Just message me and let me know what you would like to do!

Thank you!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to look through this! :3 Even if you don't want to rp I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you again!​
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