One Piece: An Odyssey

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  1. For anyone else who wants to join I'm sorry to say that this is just a private rp between a few friends of mine so we won't be accepting new members.

    THE CS.
    For NPCs please pm the cs to me either here or on Skype.

    Nickname(s): If you have any
    Position: What your duty on the ship is
    Weapon(s): If you use weapons

    Other: Any other facts about your character.

    Cesare Roma- Captain/Brave but reckless idiot
    The Doctor- Doctor/ Guy with the Cheshire Cat smile
    Roy- Inventor/Shipwright/clueless android
    Hayden Zanyesworth- swordsman/monster girl lover
    Ai- Sniper/ grumpy mermaid

    Ayame- Navigator/scaly bitch
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    • Username: Hatake_Kuro
      Name: Roma Cesare
      Sun Man
      Age: 19
      Gender: male
      Race: human
      Position: Captain
      Bounty: 650,000 Berri
      Personality: Roma, despite not appearing to be the most intelligent person, he has a high aptitude for combat and has street smarts. He is mouthy and tends to be to disrespectful so he tends to make enemies. He has no respect towards authority, therefore has no respect towards the Marines because of their authoritative power. However he may respect an opponent to some degree if they earned it.

      Roma also has a love for fighting anyone tough, heck he'll fight someone even stronger than him even though he has no chance of winning just to become stronger. He would never let anyone get between a fight he was in and he would never involve himself into anyone else's fight.
      He is fearless and if given the chance he would go to hell and back and then do it all over again if it meant to achieve his goals. Even in the face of death he will never waver with fear for a second. A natural born leader, he is able to keep his head cool during situations that require more finesse rather than his fists despite the fact that he would rather smash all of his problems away with his bare hands. His loyalty to his crew and friends are second to none and he will fight for them even if every single bone of his body was broken. If they are harmed then he will be damn well sure to avenge them.

      In battle, he is ruthless and will proceed to beat the living day lights right out of his opponents and he is not above anyone to use cheap tactics to win a fight as long as he wins. He has a belief that a fight should be only one on one, but besides that anything goes. He is able to develop tactics in battle and has a natural fighting instinct.
      His thirst for adventure is unquenchable. If given the opportunity to go explore something unknown or head to somewhere amazing he will take it even at the risk of his life and others.


      Roma is the son of a naval officer and a baker at a local bakery. For him life was always normal; he went to school, helped his mother bake bread at the bakery, and then he would sit in his room with his telescope waiting for the day when his father would come home from the sea. His life was couldn't have been simpler although one person in his life that influenced him to the man he is today; his grandfather. The old man was once a captain of a group of pirates and every night before Roma would go to sleep, his grandfather would tell him stories of his amazing adventures in the Grand Line and deep in the New World. Mermaids, a civilization in the sky, and so so much more continued his to fuel his conviction to go out to sea and become a worthy seaman. His father however wanted him to become a Marine while his grandfather encouraged him to chase his dreams and become a pirate, a man who is free and bound to no laws. His mother didn't want him to become either of those things since Roma could die if he was one of those things. She wanted him to do something that was safe though she knew that he wouldn't follow those wishes.

      As a young lad, Roma had a favorite tale that his grandfather told him; the Ciudad de Fantasia. A city of great wealth and magic beyond anyone's imagination deep in a mystical sea that's beauty puts shame on even the most beautiful sights. It was a city where wishes came true no matter if they were good or bad, a place where ones' deepest desires are granted. The story would always end with the city disappearing for an unknown reason and no matter how much he asked it would never be answered. If anything this story is what drove Roma to wanting to sail the high seas as a pirate. To discover the unknown mysteries of the world and the places that were only said to be a tall tale. To be free and see the world was all that young Roma could've ever wanted in life. His grandfather saw that clearer than anyone in his family and encouraged him to follow the path of a pirate. The pirate world is a cold, cruel place to survive in and his grandfather knew that all too well. The sea is a place for only of the strong and he wanted to help his grandson survive out on the seas in anyway he could as any caring grandfather would for their grandchild. On Roma's tenth birthday his grandfather presented him with the Sun Sun Fruit, a treasure that he had been saving all of his life after his friend who found it in the first place died in battle. This goes without saying that his parents didn't know about this and they sure got a shock when they saw that their son was turning into plasma.

      While there was some disagreement about the morality of giving a ten year old superpowers and having to go though the trouble of learning how to control it, life was good. He was still a regular kid who made friends, went through school despite not having the best grades in the world, and had a loving family. Over the years he started to grow out of the idea of being a pirate; what's the point of hunting after places that most likely do exist and getting killed over it? The idea didn't seem too appealing to him. Still every now and again one would catch a sparkle in his eyes when he talked about the sea.

      His grandfather wouldn't wake up; he passed away in his sleep in the middle of the night. It was such a major blow for Roma, the man that had been his influence, the one to encourage him to chase after those wild dreams he used to have. While looking through his old belongings Roma found the storybook that his grandfather used to read to him all the time when he was a child.The Ciudad De Fantasia, what a child's dream. There were people searching for it all over claiming that it exists with little proof that it even does. How stupid could you get? That's when a folded piece of paper fell out of the book. Out of curiosity he picked it up and unfolded it to see what it contained. What it did contain was a message from his grandfather. It told him that the city is real and that he should truly chase his dreams. Life is too short to not experience to the fullest. To help him with this journey he provided him with a compass that is said to lead him to the city. The words in that letter floored him. Could he truly take his grandfather's word that the city is real? Was this a fools dream? Still...his excitement couldn't be contained and left to go chase his dreams. That is how our journey begins.

      Weapon(s): none

      Other: He is also a good chef

    • -Name: Sun Sun Fruit

      -Description: Whoever eats this fruit gains attributes of the sun. The user gets his power by absorbing sunlight and coverts it into plasma which he can then use in whatever way he wants. The more sunlight he can absorb the more powerful his abilities will be, but in places with little sunlight his powers decrease and in places with no sunlight then he is useless. His only saving grace is that he can store the energy for later use. As a logia fruit he can turn himself into plasma, but this as well requires him to have plasma stored in him and to use it effectively can only turn into plasma in small bursts.

      Due to the fact that the plasma is heated, Roma had gained a resistance to most heat based attacks.


      Apollo's Blessing: Roma absorbs whatever sunlight that is in the vicinity to power up his own attacks as well as dimming the area. However while doing this he can not move and cannot perform any attacks. The less sun light in the vicinity the less energy he will receive.

      Sun Spot Knock: Roma turns his arm into heated plasma and sends a punch at his opponent, the arm elongates so that it can reach a farther distance to hit his target if needed. When hit the target would not only receive blunt damage, but also burning damage due to being hit by heated plasma.

      Plasma Bolt: A rather simple technique. Roma raises one hand up and shoots a fast sphere of energy that is the size of a baseball. The strike isn't too powerful, but it can be used in rapid succession. The plasma is heated so it will burn upon contact and it does have concussive force.

      Golden Lancer: Roma can create up to one to four lances made of plasma that when thrown pierce his targets and since the plasma is heated it would burn them on contact.

      Bull Rush: Roma cloaks his entire body with plasma and charges at his opponent before slamming his body full force against it, creating both concussive damage from the brutal force of his attack and burning damage due to the heated plasma.
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  3. Username: Shoske
    Name: Yuseth Oranus Roboto
    Nickname(s): Roy
    Age: 19 when transformed
    Gender: Male
    Race: Android
    Appearance (open)

    Position: Inventor/Shipwright
    Bounty: 100,000 Beli
    Personality: His personality drastically changed when he was transformed into an android. Roy is a very blunt and straigh-forward person, being honest up to the point where it could hurt someone's feelings. He hardly notices it though and just thinks it as criticism. He is usually very analytical and emotionless, using logic and reason rather emotion. Despite that, Roy's former human self sometimes arises shown when he could be gentle and kind at times, usually towards weaker animals or people.
    Roy remembers nothing of his former human life, his entire memory was wiped. All he remembers was waking up on a blanket of white snow, covered in a black cloak with a bar code and number YOR-00X1. This number really meant nothing to him, but he used the first 3 letters to create his current name.
    A pair of headphones wires he invented, which are very durable and flexible. They are capable of withstanding a sword's blade and even wrap around the sword to counter its attack. Roy can control the wires with his mind and they are capable of extending, but have a limit. The wires disconnect from the headphones on his ear and go somewhere into his clothings, which he usually hides.

    He also contains various skills and tools within his body, essentially making his entire body a weapon.

    TBO=To Be Obtained
    1. {TBO}Electric Wire:
    2. Swiss Army Finger: Roy has various utilities and weapons hidden within his fingers, some being only useful out of battle while some are actually useful in battle.
    3. Finger Gun: Roy is capable of compressing the air or other things around them and firing them at rapid speeds through his fingertips. He can either fire them off like a machine gun or charge up the shot and fire off much more powerful versions. In this state, small holes open up on the finger tips of Roy.
    4. Rocket Fists: Roy is capable of firing off his fists at high speeds, being propelled with small rockets at the end of them. Roy can also have a wire attached to the end of the fists to grappel or latch onto things out of his reach. The rocket fists seem to be able to come back to Roy's arms.

    Power/Skill Techniques:
    Other: His skills are rather simple named due to his straight forward personality
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  4. Ayame (open)

    Name: Ayame Isaka
    Nickname(s): Satan’s child
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: human
    Position: Navigator
    Bounty: 100,000
    One cannot say they ever seen Ayame smile, as a child she has never once smiled, not that anyone shes know, has truly cared about her. She seems to be more of the skeptical and aggressive type due to her upbringing. And since she has never known anyone to care for her, shes only become hated due to thievery, of things like food. She has only held a passion for something that most would find odd, that being navigation. She always dreamt of escaping the island she has been on.
    As a child, Ayame has always had a past that she would rather forget, while most of it wa shrouded to her, she always remembers being passed around to people from North Blue, to East Blue. To just about anyone outside of the Grandline, and she wasn’t passed around to people as a family member visiting her grandparents or aunts or uncles. No, when she was passed around she was always referred to as a slave. At the time she wasn’t sure what this meant, except for the fact her and several other people had this same mark, some in different locations hers being hidden under her left glove. Thats how she spent five years of her life, and upon turning eleven she was yet again traded off to someone, this time a young female who seemed to hold a high prestige among the city she lived in. When Ayame was given to the woman, she was handed a weird looking fruit and was told to eat it or be killed. Not left with much choice she of course ate it, despite the horrible taste it had. Yet she would soon be shocked to realize that she was forced to eat a devil fruit, one called the Haidora Haidora fruit. And all she knew about this, was what her “owner” told her. That after eating that fruit, she would always be labeled as a monster and that she would only be referred to as a spawn of Satan. Was explained that just by eating that fruit itself was enough for the world government to consider her a threat. The only place that would even treat her right was her estate. She of course said all this with a devious grin, just to let her know, that if she ever ran away she would be labeled a demon right away, with no place to accept her.

    She would spend five years of her life, having no choice but to serve this person, knowing that ever since she was forced to eat the devil fruit, that no one would ever want her or even so much as like her. Even the other slaves were terrified of her. She was excluded from any form of conversation, and even the entire island of which she resided on, already knew about her. She literally had no place on this island that would accept her. She spent five years in solitude, while having to please her master. Then finally one day, she made a blunder which would usually get a slave like herself killed, yet instead it were other slaves that paid the price for her mistake, and while all these slaves were killed, her master stood there grinning at Ayame. She knew that night she had to run, or else the other slaves themselves would kill her. So in the dead of night she broke out of the house, where the alarms set off right away, yet the master told no one to chase her. Ayame kept on running until she made it to this cave that was a good few miles away from the city. In this cave lived the feared giant snake, which could kill over a hundred humans with a single drop of its Poison. And Ayame ran into this giant snake, expecting her death by this snake would find herself shocked, for the Snake to not even mind her, it even went to the trouble of showing her a drinking spot of pure clean water and a giant apple tree. The only thing the snake valued above all else was this one grave inside the cave. Not sure who’s it was Ayame didn't seem to mind as she was finally happy, that the first one she could consider a friend, was someone else that was considered a monster and this would be how she would then spend her next four years with this snake, not meeting anyone else, living in the comfort of the cave, however deep down she wanted to escape the horrors of this island, and wanted to know the truth about her childhood. Who were her parents, how did she become a slave in the first place and how could she destroy this monstrosity term called slavery.
    Weapon(s): Blade claws, and blade boots
    - Name: Haidora Haidora no Mi(Hydra Hydra Fruit)
    -Description: As a Zoan user, Ayame has a hybrid form and the full form, which she has been unable to control in the slightest so she doesn’t use it unless she absolutely fears that her life is about to end. When not using the power of the fruit, she has some decent power in order to use her weapons. While in her hybrid form her skin looks like it has some scales, and her eyes also change color to a Dark purple and her teeth appear to sharper as well.

    In her Hybrid form her skin becomes much harder in order to endure hits and her strength also rises in order to deal out damage as well. Her speed for the most part seems to stay the same. It also seems that her hearing has become exceptionally better in itself
    Techniques: (Only knows one at the moment)
    1: Haidora poisonous fang- In her hybrid form her teeth start to drip this purple liquid, in which she then bites into the opponent's flesh. She can transfer the Poison into the targets body and depending how much she pumps in, it can be lethal. If its only a small quantity then the worse they might have is a high fever and a sick feeling. If they get her off in time, then they should be fine for the most part, the worst being blood loss from the bite.
    6:(Will get later) Her full Hydra form [​IMG]

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    • Name



      The doctor, Jack the ripper












      173,999.99 berri


      The doctor, or as he goes by, has a seeming calm nature who will often be seen smiling. He enjoys teasing and messing around with people's head and those who fascinate him will enjoy inflicting pain. Behind his smile is a twisted, sadistic individual who sees everyone around him as a patient as he never trusts anyone completely.


      A past mired in secret and mystery as no one knows who or where he came from, but suddenly at the age of 17 had appeared in the underground network as a black market doctor. There have been talks and rumors of his booming achievements as nearly every single case of his had ended successfully; even those that even the most expert of doctors failed to operate properly. This of course had made his service extremely expensive, though sometime even took a patient for free, whether for a favor or simply out of a whim as a nature of a doctor.

      Those who had tried to learn or research of the man had come up with nothing, seemingly as if all files or information were purposely destroyed as not even his actual name is known. With the imminent threat of the marines getting close to finding his base of operation and decided it was time to move on from being a black market doctor. The marines arriving at his hidden lab to find it burned and no traces of the doctor who had left for the sea.

      Deciding to try being a pirate, simply cause it fascinated him and would allow him to meet all sorts of strange possible clients and to inflict pain for fun.


      Scalpels and bladed yo-yo's


      Always time for a stick of gum

    • Devil Fruit

      Itami Itami no mi
      (pain pain fruit)

      Devil Fruit Description

      The eater of this fruit gains an extremely high tolerance to pain allowing the user to withstand attacks far better than most. Along with a pain tolerance, the ability to completely nullify his own pain receptors. This fruit also causes the user to create a fluid like substance that can inflict a pain that's only mentally and simply requires touching the target's body.

      The fluid, however, causes the part coated in it to simply go through the body, meaning it can't physically touch or harm; as an example his hand will go through a target's arm, but leaving the part covered in the fluid and forcing the person to feel whatever pain he had designated it within his head. It also means blocking with the body will not work, but objects and weapons can block it, though clothes is an exception that can't block it.

      This fruit has no physical attacks or can cause any physical damage, but in cost of losing any physical attacks. Allows this fruit to even affect logia users for as long as the fluid gets onto them. It attacks the mind with pain that isn't there and in some cases, if the pain is severe enough that it can actually leave some damage like a burn mark or cut if the target believes the pain enough. It can cause such an intense pain that it can even fool one's body into shutting itself down, thus killing the target, though those with stronger wills and pain tolerance can better withstand the effects. Such enemies will require more time, but over time the fluid's effect grow stronger and weakens the targets body and resistance.

      Like with himself, it can not only inflict pain, but can double the amount of pain or nullify their senses so one could feel nothing or a simple punch would hurt twice as much with his pain doubling. There are various other ways to use the fluid and is able to coat an object to add the effect and increase the user's range of attack, but doing so makes it so the weapon can no longer do any phyiscal harm or damage as like coating the body give it an intangible effect. This fruit is only limited by his imagination and creativity of all sorts of pain.

      The one drawback of this fluid is that creating the fluid is a large drain on the user's stamina and requires one with an excess of stamina to use it properly. One who masters this fruit can gain a brief logia aspect by coating the entire body to become intagible to physical attacks, but weapons can still hit and harm the user.


      1. Itami Touch: The basic of his fruit ability where the doctor thinks of a certain pain then creates the fluid with the set pain to either coat his palms or entire hand. The fluid can be extended onto object or weapon that he holds, though makes the weapon unable to do any physical damage when doing this as it would simple go through the body like with coating it over his hands. The thicker the fluid, the stronger the effect as the effect can last up to two to three minutes or continously for as long as the doctor remains in contact with the target's body.

      2. Pill of life and death: Condensing the fluid into a gel like pill in a blue or red color.
      -The blue pill has the effect of completely nullifying one's sense of pain for five minutes (5 posts) Doing so allows the target to fight without restraint and bring out power most are normally unable to access due to the restrictions by their senses, but carries the risk of the user not knowing the damage they receive and could take a fatal blow without knowing it until the pill wears off. Even more that once the pill wears off, any pain they would received while it was active will hit their body all at once so the pill should only be taken as a last resort.This pill is for allies for it has no effect on the doctor.
      -The red pill is the opposite and instead doubles the target's pain so any damage they take would feel as if it was twice as strong and painful. It lasts for five minutes; same as the blue pill and is meant to be used as a trick for most opponents will not know the effects of this pill when pretending to offer to help with the effects that the blue pill has.

      3. Pain down memory lane: Not only is the fruit capable of giving or taking away pain in the body, but can do so in the mind as well. By placing his hand on the target's forehead and focusing, he can take away a memory that causes that person pain. Doing so will completely take the memory and all memories linked to it the point that it never happened and with it taken completely from their mind cannot be remembered in anyway, besides having the doctor returned the memory. Because of the high concentration it requires as well as the target to keep one of the memory in their mind as well as time it takes; it requires the target to willingly allow the doctor to take the memory. In taking away one's pain, he is then able to absorb the memory into his body and uses the pain to increase the overall effectiveness and strength of his fruit allowing it to work faster and easier on those with strong wills or high pain tolerance. The more and stronger painful memory he takes the stronger the fluid's power becomes.

      4. Salting Wounds: After touching the target's body, he can learn the body and mind's history of wounds and scars both mentally and physically. He is then able to forcefully open the old wounds, adding to Itami touch to wear down the body and mind.

      5. Pain Enhancer: Coating the hand or weapon in a fluid that will double the pain received from the part of the body struck by or, though if the target is hit square ont he chest then will affect the entire body. Can be used in conjecture with Itami touch with one hand using it and one hand using pain enhancer for combos with his attacks.

      -Has not learned-

      6. Pain Link-This is considered to be one of the doctor's most dangerous, yet risky techs. The doctor when touching the target can activate it and on the spot he touched will leave a skull tattoo not colored in. It lasts for ten minutes and can't be removed unless he cancels it or is knocked unconscious. Over the next ten minutes, for every attack or damage his body receives, the skull will gradually fill in and the stronger the damage the faster it fills it, though the doctor needs to withstand attacks and take damage for this to work. Once the ten minutes are over, the skull will glow and depending on how filled it in will cause the target's body to instantly take all the damage and pain that the doctor had taken, though unlike the doctor, the pain will be doubled if its 50 % filled, tripled if the entire skull was filled and quadrupled if both the skull and eyes were filled in. If he faints or is knocked out then it is canceled, though the target will still receive the damage that the doctor had taken up to that point, though not enhanced. If used in conjecture with Pain enhancer will further increase the pain the target receives.
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  5. Username: Jageroux

    • Name: Hayden Sebastian Zaynesworth
      Title: Víðarr
      Nickname(s): Baz; Phantom
      Age: 21
      Gender: Male
      Race: Shandorian

      Position: Warrior/Fighter

      Bounty: 200,000

    • Brutal, cold and uncaring. The concept of friendship and mercy is lost on him - he believes in strongest of the fittest and nothing else. To him, compassion is the quickest way to get yourself killed, and to look out for anyone other than yourself is foolish. Self-preservation is above all else for Hayden, and if that involves manipulating others and creating false connections and ties to survive.

      "The path to victory is paved by the corpses of the weak and pitiful."

      That is his one and only mentality; no matter what he has to do or how low he has to stoop, in his mind, the only thing that matters is that he comes out on top.

      No matter the cost.

    • Born and raised on a small island, Hayden was taught everything most children are. How to read, write, cook... Though, when he reached the age of 10, his world changed. There was no giant 'ahhh his entire family was murdered', but rather his father returned to the island. His father, a small time pirate known for being particularly cruel, viewed his son with a hint of contempt at how his child appeared to be.

      Weak and complacent.

      It wasn't fitting for his child. Yet, he didn't blame his son, no. Instead, he blamed those who had poisoned his offspring with such weakness. Being filled with anger, he ordered his crew to slaughter everyone on the island while making his son watch.

      See, his entire family wasn't murdered. His father had everyone on the island except him slaughtered.

      Just peachy.

      And then his father decided that, for the next ten years, he would teach his son the art of the kill. Effectively turning a once peaceful and cheerful boy into a cold and heartless killer. To his father, it was a beautiful sight - to watch a once 'weak' boy turn into something great. Slowly but surely, Hayden became a well known killer, eventually adopting the name Phantom as a moniker as he made it his business to be quick, efficient, deadly and silent.

      As time passed on and Phantom's kill count grew higher and higher, his father's crew also began to attract the attention of the Marines and Hayden could see trouble coming from a mile away. Knowing that the crew itself was too pitiful to actually fight against the Marines, Hayden took matters into his own hands and single handedly killed the crew and his father before turning the corpses over to the Marines for a full pardon.

      Now, he spends his days as a wandering mercenary with no real goal in life other than to stay alive.

    • Sin - His primary weapon of choice. He usually keeps the weapon on hand, utilizing a combat stance which revolves around the Lato Style of Swordsmanship, focusing on quick and devastating slashes.
      Weapon (open)

      Fenrir - A secondary support weapon. It is usually located strapped to the inside of his wrist as a small and seemingly harmless disk, but when activated, it turns into a tri-bladed weapon of death. Unlike most projectiles which rely on gun powder, the glaive operates like a boomerang, remaining silent while slaying Hayden's targets. Somehow, the projectile always returns to him, hinting at some sort of hidden mechanism.
      Weapon (open)

    • Fighting Style A: Zelphios Crux - Quick and devastating slashes which revolve drawing and sheathing the sword and using the kinetic energy to send out 'projectile' slashes at the energy.

      Fighting Style B: Elysian Creed - A flurry of reverse-grip slashes which steadily become faster and faster. Unlike Zelphios Crux, the blade is rarely sheathed, giving Hayden more opportunities to strike, and the endless flurry of attacks makes it difficult to land a blow on him.


      Zelphios Crux:
      1. Gearhart - Quickly drawing and sheathing his blade, Hayden sends out a projectile slash. If he adopts the stance without slashing, he is able to send out more than slash the more he 'charges' it. +1 slash per stance post.
      2. Solis Break - Gripping his sword, Hayden dashes forward quickly while leaving a mass of slashes in his wake.
      3. Chaotic Peak - A series of radial slashes designed to maim large groups of enemies.
      4. Muspellzheimr's Radiant Gaeger - The pinnacle of the Zelphios Crux fighting style. Unlike all of the other techniques, which revolve around drawing and slashing the sword once, it requires drawing and sheathing the sword 20 times in the span of a second. Doing so creates an intense amount of friction so when the sword is finally drawn and slashed, it sends out a devastating blade of flames. The draw back to this technique is that it's not easily executed, nor can it be used more than once in a day, due to the muscle strain it places on the user. Attempting to use it more than once will, ultimately, result in the user breaking their sword arm. [Locked]
      5. Yggdrasil: Ættir - [Locked]

      Elysian Creed:
      1. Incendi Burst - A flurry of multi-directional slashes in quick succession designed to break down the guard of an enemy.
      2. Celestial Menace - Stabbing Sin into the ground, Hayden twists it while spinning in a circle, fluidly drawing it from the surface while creating a bladed 'whip' designed to take out a 'mob' of enemies.
      3. Valhalla: Requiem of the Einherjars' Fangs - An interesting technique based around the concept of being in constant 'peril'. The user, while drawing their sword, intentionally loses their footing, throwing them off balance while slashing. Doing this while 'dancing' to get their footing allows them to fall into an unsteady rhythm of constant slashes, the momentum from the backhanded slashes allowing them to keep the onslaught for several minutes.
      4. Niflheimr: Hardest Apostolica - [Locked]
      5. Ragnarok: God Crusher - [Locked]

    • A) He gets severely annoyed by long winded speeches about anything, and he generally thinks other people's opinions are shit.

      B) His eyes: [​IMG]

      C) His Fate: ᚱ ᛊ ᛗ
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  6. Name: The Flaming Decatur
    Appearance: (Without the other stuff yet)[​IMG]
  7. Why is The Doctor green and not orange? BS!
  8. don't know where ya got orange for the doctor, but I wanted green. Deal with it *chuckles*
  9. You want some fashion advice honey? Green does not go -Snap snap-
  10. -Derps along quietly-
  11. Doop doop.
  12. *derps along the highway, derps along the countryside*
  13. User: Raevoryx

    • Name: Aisha Thay Clark
      Nickname(s): Ai, Thea, Theta, Clark

      Age: 19

      Gender: Female

      Race: Betta Mermaid

      Appearance (open)

      Other: Ai has a tattoo on her back in the shape of 'Θ' marking her as a Thetan Slave along with a burn mark on the back of her neck in the shape of a large hand (as if she had been grabbed there). Another visual marking would be the white scar running between her legs/fins where her iridescent red and blue scaled tail had been prematurely split. Other than this, Ai has very few markings save for some small cuts and gashes thanks to fights that she got herself into.

      Position: Sniper/Assassin

      Bounty: 100,000

    • Brusk and to the point. Ai is easily irritated and seemingly eternally grumpy, yet inwardly she always has time for impressing someone. Even to the point of going out of her way just to look fucking awesome.

      Which can also sometimes be a bad thing for her.

      She isn't one to trust others willingly or easily, and will often test people who she considers friends in order to reaffirm that their lives are still to be tolerated.

    • Born in a slaver's tank, Ai was introduced to the brutality of the world at an early age. Taught to seduce, sing, and be a... well... slave, the Mermaid became increasingly disobedient by the age of eight, lowering the potential profit the Slavers would get off of her.

      Deciding that it was worth the risk, the Slavers took Ai and five other young Mermaids to be subjected to experiments involving the premature splitting of their tails. The trauma of the event sent herself and the other Mermaids into complete submission, however only four out of the six Mermaids were able to recover.

      The other two, she and a golden-haired ice-fish, were presumed dead within a week of the procedure.

      Deciding to thoroughly dispose of the failures, a pair of slavers decided to take them to an island to burn their bodies. Intending on protecting their trade secrets.

      Once on the Island, the slavers were caught unaware by a group of pirates who killed them on sight, causing enough distraction for Ai to slip into the water in order to hide from the potential danger of the strange pirates.

      Disappointed that the only thing worth plundering was already dead, the pirates finally left the island and Ai crawled back to shore, barely surviving as she was forced to eat the remains of the dead mermaid in order to gather strength to swim back into the ocean with the hope of finding civilization.

      Over the years, Ai survived and learned to walk and protect herself. Stealing what she needed, the teen concealed the fact she was a Mermaid and eventually joined a pirate crew, quickly learning to fight as she discovered her affinity towards long-distance shooting.

      Eventually cutting ties with her crew for no reason other than the fact she was bored, Ai returned to the Slaving ring noted for having exceptional young Mermaids capable of walking on land.

      Once there, the former slave methodically took down the slaving ring, butchering the slavers as she lured them to their deaths.

      Finally, Aisha came face to face with the slaver who preformed the savage experiments on her, the man having specifically done the job on her himself so as to destroy her physically in the process, hoping that in doing so she would become more obedient.

      The Slaver (who thought she was dead) ended up being ripped to shreds by the slaves that Ai had released before she took his head and gun for herself, leaving the former slaves to fend for themselves as the seventeen year old used her blades to carve out the dead man's skull and eat his brain as a sort of anger management exercise.

      Remaining on her own for the next two years, the mermaid continued hiding her true nature, taking harmless jobs in order to stay under the radar of the Marines until she finally realized that things were getting far too boring for her and she decided to find some trouble to get into.

    • In no particular order or significance. These blades have been collected and/or stolen over the years as Ai traveled in hiding.
      Weapon (open)


      Skull Opener:

      Fangs and Gills:


      Decaedus - Her favorite and most prized possession. The gun she stole from the Slaver who mutilated her tail so she could walk on land.

      Weapon (open)

      Whistler - A gun she obviously stole from someone:

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  15. NPCS

    The Current Arc Antagonists

    Boris Kevitch (open)

    Username: Hatakekuro

    Name: Boris Kevitch

    Nickname(s): Groovin Stallion

    Age: 40

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Position: Captain of the Funkay Star Pirates

    Bounty: 1,500,000

    Personality: Find out

    History: Not much of his past is known about him.

    Weapon(s): A pistol

    -Power/Skill: Friction Friction Fruit
    -Description: This allows the user to manipulate the friction of anything around him within a ten foot radius though the further out it spreads the weaker it is. However the real weakness is that Boris isn’t using the fruit to its full potential thus squandering its full power.


    Other: Any other facts about your character.

    Felix Dunbar (open)

    Username: Hatakekuro

    Name: Felix Dunbar

    Nickname(s): Feral Croc

    Age: 31

    Gender: male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Position: Captain of the Bayou Crocs

    Bounty: 13,000,000

    Personality: Find out.

    History: A roughneck pirate that came from the East Blue. He is a terror to many of his victims.

    Weapon(s): If you use weapons

    -Power/Skill: Croc Croc Fruit
    -Description: This fruit allows him to turn into and gain the attributes of a crocodile.


    Other: Any other facts about your character.

    The Boston Tea Party Pirates

    The Captain (open)

    Name: Unknown
    Nickname(s): The gentleman, Cheshire Undertaker
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Don't be Racist
    Position: Captain
    Crew: The Boston Tea party
    Personality: find out
    History: Unknown
    Weapon(s): Nanite formed Giant Hachet, variety of Nanite weaponry
    -Power/Skill: Nanite Nanite no mi
    A logia devil fruit that makes the user's body change into countless tiny nanites that can allow the user to shape shift his own body or to create more nanites. Using the created nanites to form weaponry or items and though they can be damaged or destroyed. By having the nanites eat non-living materials like metals, ground and other assortment of materials to either fix any damaged nano's or to create more nanites. Unlike most logia's, this one can be hit, similar to the yomi yomi no mi fruit.

    Max (open)

    Name: Max
    Nickname(s): Ape Butler
    Age: unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hybrid human/giant or maybe half ape (xD)
    Position: Butler
    Bounty: 350,000 berri
    Personality: Unknown
    History: Unknown
    Weapon(s): Only his giant, meaty fists
    -Power/Skill: Ice Dragon ice Dragon no mi
    A zoan devil fruit that turns the user into a large, bulky dragon of a different class unlike the usual fire dragon. This dragon is that of an ice dragon that makes its body freezing cold at the touch and even allows the user to breath ice to freeze targets as its claws itself can freeze whatever they scratch or cut along with immense strength, though this dragon does not have the capabilities of flight, can survive in deep waters or withstand some of the harshest and coldest temperature.
    Hybrid form-

    Artemis Brando (open)

    Username: Hatakekuro

    Name: Artemis Brando

    Nickname(s): If you have any

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Skypian

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Position: Navigator

    Bounty: ???

    Personality: Unlike his gentleman crew mates, Artemis is a bit more hot headed and is less of a gentleman. He has a tongue that is very familiar with curses and other crude words of that sort and seems to be a bit more of a rock and roll kind of man. He still takes his role very seriously as the navigator.

    History: A man from Skypia that was bored with the world in the heavens and decided to venture down to the blue world beneath him.


    -Power/Skill: Stymphalian Stymphalian Fruit
    -Description: The Stymphalian Bird is a mythical creature from Greek mythology. They are man eating birds that sharp have metallic feathers that they can launch at their victims and bronze beaks. They also spit poison. This fruit allows the user to take on the traits of these birds and even transform into one.

    Full form:


    Other: Any other facts about your character.

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