One Piece: Adventures of the Black Steel Pirates

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  1. Name: Jerico D. Santoya
    Age: 19
    Height: 6"3
    Bounty: 240,000 beli
    Home town: None, was born at sea.
    Devil fruit: None
    Weapons: A black sword that, with a push of a button, is covered in lightning.
    Ship name: Smooth Sailin'
    Occupation: Pirate

    Jerico found himself in Logtown, a city on an island just before the entrance to the grand line. He was desperate for a crew, and would accept near anyone at this point. He had his sword on his back, and was scanning for marines. His bounty was high enough to get the World Governments attention, but he didn't care. He walked to the center of town, where two years prior, Monkey D. Luffy, and Warlord Buggy the Clown fought. They still hadn't re-erected the fallen tower, so he walked over, and slumped down next to it.
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