one piece academy for boys and one girl?!?! (reverse harem)

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  1. Welcome to one piece highschool for boys and one girl?!?! Raven just transfered to this school her hair short at the time. No one knew it and now she has to try to hide herself being a girl.

    Ok I want some characters from anime/manga.
    and just send me a message for ocs.
    no cs is needed just post a picture and start and a description of your devil fruit abilities.
    devil fruit: she can control surroumding air making different things with it or just suffocating you with it.

    Extra: her chest grows when she gets her hair longer (dont ask) her hair grows longer when she uses her power a bunch.

    unnamed (1).jpg
    long: unnamed (2).jpg
    Raven stares at the all boys school in front of her the only strange thing was the large fence that surrounded it. Also the military gaurds surrounding the school?!? She was dumbfounded why does this school need so many precautions? She was just staring when BOOM a part of the wall was destroyed and a blond haired man with curly eyebrows stood there.

    At that point a guy with mossy green hair suddenly jumped through the hole. Wait he had 3 swords?
  2. ( oh yeah you can do a cs if you want)