One Piece: A New Beginning [OOC]

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  1. Welcome! To the world of...

    First off on the list of things to do:
    Tell the public what they need to know about this rp.

    Basically, very very few of the characters ever mentioned or seen in the manga and anime will exist in this world. If they do, they will likely have little impact on the actual rp itself.

    These Fruits give the eater an insane, and sometimes completely illogical, power.
    *Some Fruits will be [banned]
    [Dark-Dark Fruit, Tremor-Tremor Fruit, Revive-Revive Fruit]

    3. HAVE FUN!
    You are about to join a pirate crew, on which you will travel the much-more-than-seven seas on the adventure of a lifetime. Not only that, but the morality of this crew is truly up to you! Will we be good, kind pirates who help all we find? Or will we be swashbuckling savages who raid towns and defeat all we meet? Only time, and YOU can tell.

    Up next on the list:
    Typing out the MASSIVE list of Devil Fruits... Here we go!
    Paramecia Fruit (open)

    Paramecia Fruit bestow a power simply and easily based around a "superhuman" ability. These can range from turning your body to rubber, to letting you heal any physical wound.
    Gum-Gum Fruit [Body to Rubber]

    Chop-Chop Fruit [Body can seperate and be controlled, including flying body parts]

    Slip-Slip Fruit [Your skin becomes extremely slippery, also, fat can literally slide off you.]

    Kilo-Kilo Fruit [You can change your gravity-based weight without changing body size]

    Bomb-Bomb Fruit [Your body takes on explosive properties, you are immune to explosions]

    Flower-Flower Fruit [Not what it seems, you can sprout limbs such as arms and legs from anywhere, including your own and enemy bodies]

    Wax-Wax Fruit [You can spray wax from your body and create wax clones of yourself (who can't move)]

    Munch-Munch Fruit [You can devour anything, and merge with what you devour]

    Clone-Clone Fruit [You can transform into a perfect copy of any sentient being you've touched.]

    Dice-Dice Fruit [Basically, every part of your body is able turn into the edge of a steel-like blade.]

    Spike-Spike Fruit [Exactly what it sound like, you can sprout spikes anywhere on your body]

    Cage-Cage Fruit [If you touch your opponent, you can restrain them in any way you see fit, whether it's handcuffs or a full-on cage.]

    Spring-Spring Fruit [You can turn your limbs into springs... yay?]

    String-String Fruit [You can create strings from your body, thin enough to cut bodies, or attach them to foes and play puppeteer.]

    Slow-Slow Fruit [For 30 seconds you can slow time to a near stop]

    Door-Door Fruit [You can create portals/doors anywhere, including in the air and on living beings]

    Bubble-Bubble Fruit [You can create bubbles that can clean anything away, including strength.]

    Berry-Berry Fruit [Similar to Chop-Chop fruit, you can split your body into berry-like spheres that you can control.]

    Rust-Rust Fruit [A rather horrifying fruit as you can rust anything, including organic material.]

    Wheel-Wheel Fruit [You can turn your limbs into wheels... Yay?]

    Shadow-Shadow Fruit [You can manipulate and control shadows. For an example of this power, look up the character Gecko Moria]

    Hollow-Hollow Fruit [Allows you to control ghost-like creatures that can curse a foe with multiple different effects such as paralysis or overwhelming depression]

    Clear-Clear Fruit [Invisibilty, Nuff' said.]

    Paw-Paw Fruit [Let's you transport anything you touch, anywhere you think of.]

    Op-Op Fruit [This power cannot be easily explained, so instead look up a fight scene with the character Trafalgar Law in it.]

    Love-Love Fruit [Allows you to turn anyone who has even a slight attraction to you to stone.]

    Venom-Venom Fruit [Allows you to produce any amount or type of poison from your body and control it] Taken!

    Horm-Horm Fruit [Allows you to inject anyone with different horomones with different effects. From gender-switching to bodily growth, the possibilities seem endless.]

    Snip-Snip Fruit [Let's you turn your limbs into scissors and treat any material you cut like paper, including stone.]

    Float-Float Fruit [You can make any nonliving object float and control it as you please. (I see visions of a guy with 20 floating swords surrounding him)]

    Wash-Wash Fruit [You can literally wash and fold people as if they were clothing... I'm not joking.]

    Arms-Arms Fruit [You can turn your arms into any weapon you please, too bad you can't eat more than one fruit, or this with the Flower-Flower fruit would be OP as all hell.]

    Spin-Spin Fruit [Another ridiculous ability, allows you to spin your body fast enough to act as a fan or propeller.]

    Stick-Stick Fruit [A gross ability, you can control and produce... mucus.]

    Hobby-Hobby Fruit [You can turn people into toys...]

    Barrier-Barrier Fruit [The ultimate defensive fruit, you can produce barriers anywhere.]

    Stitch-Stitch Fruit [You can stitch anything together. Stronger than it seems when you realize a wave of your finger and your enemies are stitched to the ground.]

    Glare-Glare Fruit [You can see through anything as well as read the minds of anyone.]

    Art-Arrt Fruit [You can transform people and objects into art...yay?]

    Jacket-Jacket Fruit [You can transform into a jacket, and control anyone who wears you. (Kill la Kill anyone?)]

    Pop-Pop Fruit [You can make anything rupture as if it were a seed pod exploding.]

    Swim-Swim Fruit [You can swim through anything (except water) including the air, ground, and walls.]

    Ripple-Ripple/Flag-Flag Fruit [You can treat anything you touch as if it were waving fabric, like a flag in the wind.]

    Stone-Stone Fruit [You can manipulate stones in any way you see fit. But no matter how many stones you may make into armor, your real body will still be vulnerable to attack.]

    Calm-Calm Fruit [You can nullify any and all sounds.]

    Heal-Heal Fruit [You can heal any and all wounds (through water, such as tears.)]


    Due to some...hehe... "technical difficulties" I would like to direct you to the One Piece Wiki to look up the rest of the fighting styles and Devil Fruits.

    Fighting Styles *
    Zoan Type Fruit
    Logia Type Fruit
    Please refer to the respective lists in each section and choose something you find there.

    The locations of this rp are extremely expansive, who knows where our adventure will take us. So here is the list of islands available for us to go to. Due to our new canon, some islands may be drastically changed. Examples of this include the island Amazon Lily being totally uninhabited as of now.
    The Islands

    *In the case of the third form of Haki, only two players may have this ability.​

    And Finally, The CS.




    Devil Fruit/Power/Skill:

    What your character would bring to a pirate crew: [Can you perform a job? Cook? Navigator? Shipwright? Muscle? etc.?]

    History: [Just general info about them and their personality.]

    Other: [Anything that didn't belong in the above categories.]


    Reserved Fruits:

    Taken Fruits:
    Venom-Venom Fruit
    Op-Op Fruit
    Smoke-Smoke Fruit
    Flower-Flower Fruit
    Character Sheets:
    "Demon Queen" Vera - Captain - Abyssal Knight
    Alexei Stukov - Navigator - Rax Rosetta
    Lassiter D. Winchester - Doctor - Midorikawa
    Taukuto Hideaki - Swordsman - Solar Blitsfang43
    Hitomi 'Hit' Kairo - Chef - Detective Zero
    Lorelei - Shipwright/Sniper -The Writing Owl
    Borsh Clampken - Inventor -dunruffle
    Ivan Freeman - Sentry/Sniper - Furasian
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  2. Expect a CS tomorrow or later today.
  3. Yay! Hi Fur!
  4. Awesomeness, I am getting started on a CS now (Need to take a break from another I am working on anyways, so its good timing!)
  5. OH and Zone! I got a few questions about the course I am taking. Shall I pm you about it?
  6. Sure!
  7. Trying to decided whether to go with the Float Float Fruit or the Flare Flare Fruit... Hmm...
  8. Well, your captain will be using Venom-Venom Fruit.... not sure if that affects your decision or not, just throwing it out there.
  9. Oh and ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the ship:
    A gift from our dear captain's deceased parents [you'll understand this later, just didn't want to lose the photo]
  10. Been meaning to ask. Are we able to play Marine characters?
  11. That ship, I approve of that ship. And I'll wrap up the CS when I finish work, need to pass out for a few hours before hand. Apologies for the delay!
  12. I am thinking of making a mad scientist character
  13. @Detective Zero It depends on the character themselves, but yes, for the most part I will allow Marines. I would just like to keep the player-char Marines smaller than the Player-char pirates.
  14. I will other make a sentry or the one guy who keeps trying to make rum. <~<
  15. I feel so, so conflicted about this... I have a character I would love to use, however I'm just unsure whether I should use her here or not. Either way, I'm definitely joining. Just give me a bit to decide on a character if that is alright with you. :)
  16. Alright, not too sure how much you wanted to see, detail wise, so feel free to yell all you want if it doesn't meet standards, yea?​

    My CS (open)


    Name: Alexei Stukov

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Devil Fruit/Power/Skill:
    Smoke-Smoke Fruit - Having consumed a Devil Fruit, Stukov now has complete power over smoke and its various applications. His main use of this power is passively changing into smoke form when attacked, as a reflex rather than a concentrated effort on his part. Beyond this reflexive defense, Stukov uses it as a fast moving, blitzkrieg style offensive weapon. Since he doesn't have to walk when partially shifted, he can blitz forward and constantly engage his foes over and over again to not allow them a chance to react. The smoke he generates is also nauseating and thick, smog like in form, obscuring both vision and senses as those enveloped attempt to not empty their guts of their last meal. He lacks any developed offensive, damaging attacks with the smoke alone, so he uses it as a defense and utility tool vice sheer offense alone.

    Swordsman - Since he doesn't use the Smoke-Smoke fruit for damaging purposes normally, Stukov relies on his sword to do the damage. A favored tactic of his when coupled with his Devil Fruit is to utilize the blade as a conduit of smoke, leaving blinding and irritating smoke in the wake of his strikes, to create confusion in his opponent's face. When in a situation where he cannot use his Devil Fruit powers, Stukov is a very technical swordsman, taking leverage, positioning, combatants and their weapons, momentum, and other key factors into consideration before making his moves. This makes him reliably dangerous and skilled with his thin bladed rapier, however, he is nowhere near the best.

    Busoshoku Haki - To compensate for the fact that, in general, his rapier is generally going to get shattered by any other weapon, Stukov has developed the usage of the Busoshoku Haki. This allows him to harden the blade of his sword to allow it far greater durability and piercing qualities. Stukov has yet to refine his Haki to the point he can affect his own body, only able to exert enough energy to harden the blade while maintaining his smoke form. He usually doesn't maintain its effect, activating it before trading blows and letting it fade to conserve energy, as holding it for long periods of time is still taxing on Stukov.

    What your character would bring to a pirate crew: Stukov can reliably navigate a ship through calm, stormy, and treacherous waters alike, should the call arise. Beyond this, he is a capable fighter thanks to his Smoke-Smoke Fruit and swordsmanship.

    History: Born on Baterilla, piracy had long been in the family lineage for old Alexei Stukov. Both parents were retired to raise their son, and his father was even a Devil Fruit user himself, a user of the very same fruit that Stukov now utilizes himself. His father was an old man by the time that Alexei was born, and his mother not much younger than her husband, so it was natural to expect to not see either of them much longer. Growing up, he was well prepared for both their deaths, and after his father died he consumed the Smoke-Smoke Fruit as it transferred to a nearby orange, against his mother's dying wishes. He was sixteen when this happened, and he bid farewell to his fading mother before enlisting on the first pirate ship heading off the island, never to look back again.

    Stukov was a well mannered, usually well liked member of whatever crew he might have found himself with. He holds no unusual emotional trauma from his family dying, thanks to their preparatory work before hand, so he is generally a stable man emotionally, only growing more so as his years of experience in piracy ran on. He has often under reacted to a bad situation, with a mild or scoffing tone before going about his business, whether that meant fixing the problem or getting to safety. Nearly drowning due to not knowing of the Devil fruit's weaknesses has scarred the man however, and the real threat of being submerged in such a state is almost as paralyzing as his body's actual reaction to being submerged. Regardless, however, he holds no qualms with working on any ship for any Captain, no matter their reputation or own moral codes, so long as they do well to compensate him for his services.

    Other: His rapier is an heirloom from his father, one that he has had repaired and reforged rather than replacing it, meaning the weapon holds as much sentimental value as it does practical.

    Stukov's pocket watch was a gift from his mother before he left her, no matter what happens to the watch, it remains accurate to the time on Baterilla itself.

  17. Hey, zero! Fancy meetin' you here.
  18. Show Spoiler

    The white haired one is Lassiter.

    Name: Lassiter D. Winchester
    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Devil Fruit/Power/Skill: Lassiter ate the Ope ope fruit, and thus now he can create rooms. In these rooms he can slice things apart with his sword, however when he does this to people, they don't die. Instead their body parts begin floating around and he can attach and rearrange them as he pleases. In this room he can switch any two things, including himself. He also has the power to give someone eternal youth, but has not done it as it would cost him his life. He can also use it to switch personalities, and even release electrical shocks that damage internal organs, and with extensive medical knowledge he can cure diseases.

    Outside of his devil fruit, he has practiced swordsmanship and is decent at it, though not a master. He also has extensive medical knowledge which allows him to use his devil fruit to its full abilities.

    What your character would bring to a pirate crew: Doctor. With his medical knowledge he could help to cure crew members. He also is a decent cook.

    History: Lassiter was born in north blue in a cold country. This didn't matter much to him as he was fine playing in the snow. And in that snowy land he had a friend. He was happy until they were eight and his friend came down with cancer. There was no cure, and not being able to stand his friend dyng, he began studying medical things in hope of finding a cure. He never did and his friend ended up dying, however he continued his studies. At fifteen a man came to their island selling strange items, one of which was an infamous devil fruit. Something clicked in him, and attracted him to the strange fruit. Taking money from his parents, knowing they wouldn't buy him it, he bought it, eating it. At first he didn't get what power it gave him until he made his first room. From there he studied and at seventeen left home to find out more about the fruit he had eaten. And slowly he began to learn more, all while simultaneously increasing his medical knowledge. This was life until twenty one when he decided to join a pirate crew for reasons unknown.

    Other: Lassiter is a pretty calm personality and one never knows what he's thinking. He doesn't seem to have any true goal in mind, though he does seem to have a strange hatred for the government. Why is unknown, but it's assumed it has something to do with his past.