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I've decided to put out a very specific idea that I want to roleplay with one of you. As I am picky with who I roleplay with, please respect my wishes, and if what I want and my idea is not for you then there is others to find :)

First of all, general wishes of who you are as a roleplayer. If you feel like this is you, then keep on reading
  • Active. This might seem easy, but way to many times I've started a roleplay and it's going smooth for a month or two (maybe even less!), but then the rp dies out. Sometimes I get a reason why. But who I am searching for is a person that wants this to go on for forever (haha) :P I understand things happening irl, but I'm also a human being waiting for an answer, so tell me if something is up. I'll respect it. During weekdays I work, thus I answer during the evenings. Weekends I'll be super active! :D
  • I live in Sweden, which means two things; 1. I follow general European time. And it would be awesome to have someone in quite the same time as myself. 2. English is my second language. That means my sentences can come to sound really weird, hopefully you get a good enough taste of that in this post.
  • I want to have a roleplay that might not be all happy-go-lucky all the time, thus I want someone that I feel comfortable with if I write dark scenes (thus the 'abuse'+'torture' in my content rating). And you should also be able to do that. And same goes for nudity or sex scenes. Therfor +18 only please.
  • I'm searching for someone that wants to play the male role. As I've already got a female character ready. But there can always be more characters too! :D
  • Try and flesh out your answers with 2-4 paragraphs. I am not the best writer myself, but I always try to describe details. I understand some post might be less than that, as it might require your answer ;)
Okay! Enough of that. Not everything needs to be super serious and I still like fun moments in a more serious or dark rp :)
As the title says it is a fantasy roleplay. In my mind the characters will be in anime style, as will my pictures of the characters. However, the world I have worked out is loosely based on Game of Thrones (this will not play out in that particular world or characters!), therefor it's good if you have seen some of the series but I'll try describe the world the best I can to set the tone of the world they live in.
I'm a sucker for romance. But it doesn't have to be sugar coated or roses all the way lol. It can have funny moments, serious ones, action packed, drama and violence.

Now. If you are still interested I will describe the basics of this world;

The country is called Rufraonia, it's huge and during the time people have lived there it's started to be divided in "the south" and "the north", as a large mountain range across the land naturally divides it. In the south side of the mountains there only falls snow during the winter months, and the more south the less snow or any at all. And at the southerns sea are the capitol; Angelrest. A well built castle with huge walls to prevent attacks. As they are placed next to the sea, they have the best trades with islands that are close. In the north side of the mountains, the largest city is called Coldshear and are places close to the sea, but still some hours of travel time. It's not as elegant as Angelrest, but it has it's walls and lord who runs the place to satisfy the northern folks. In the north there is basically always snow, milder and less deadly during the summer months but there is always snow.
The mountain range works almost like a wall between the two sides, and there is pretty much only one road across that wagons can get through for trades. That rode is guarded by the kings soldiers.
The king of Rufraonia is called Berolt Tuskwing and his queen Adelisa Tuskwing. They do almost anything to profit their land, however lately they focused more on the southerns fortune. Which have made a lot of the common people in the south look down on the northern, as if they were savages.
But that is not even the biggest threat in the land. Not only humans populate Rufraonia. There is humans called; Elementals. They are magic, and can control one elemental each. Fire, water, air, earth or ice. These people are accompanied by spirit animals. As they grow older, their spirit animal will appear. Being anything from a bear to a crow. If the elemental dies, the spirit animal will still live on. However, these people are near extinct. Around 200 years ago, a group of elementals tried to kill the king at the time, as they failed the king had them all executed and went on murdering the elemental in the country. This hate still lives on in the royal family, and even commoners. The few elementals still around hides, if they are discovered a group of the kings soldiers will find and kill them.
The land has their riches, but also the poor that suffers and the kings soldiers harass the weak as they think they can do anything being the soldier of the king.

If this sounds like a roleplay you would like to explore with me, start a conversation with me and describe what kind of character you would like to play. Mine is going to be one of the elementals, and I'll describe her more if I feel like we can work well together with this idea. As the title says, I am searching for ONE rp partner, which means I might have to turn down you if I feel like you are not interested in this or show a certain initiative. Those are the basics of the world, but you can still build on it with me :) anything unclear or questions, ask them! ^_^
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