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  1. I'll be honest, I have no idea what I am doing. It's like a dang space ship up in here! I don't know these controls!

    Anyways, I'll just start out small, meaning I prefer to stick to one on ones for right now.

    I currently have no idea of what I want to do, so throw some ideas at me. I'd love to know what you want to do or whatever.
  2. If you're interested in SciFi or Fantasy I could probably come up with something. I'm also into several anime if you want to try a fandom based rp.

    (By the way you can fill out your roleplayer's resume from your account settings to show other people what your interested in if you want a start. ^^)
  3. I haven't really done Fantasy or ScFi, I'm interested in doing a few. I can help you come up with some ideas if you want.
    I don't watch a lot of anime, my list of fandoms we could is small, but I can take the time to watch this anime if it's a fandom you desire greatly.
  4. I'm sort of interested in a bounty hunter rp or something involving fighting in a sports setting. The bounty hunter one would be the more character driven plot. The only anime I'm watching right now is Log Horizon so unless you like mmorpg based anime then that's probably not the way to go. If you have something in mind, I'm totally open though.
    What genre did you used to roleplay?
  5. Bounty hunters doesn't sound too bad right now.
    As far as genres go, the only ones I've role-played so far would be slice of life and horror. The last website I was on unfortunately shut down, so a lot of genres went unexplored.
  6. The bounty hunters could have slice of life antics I guess? I sort of prefer fantasy, but if you want a scifi setting that could work well too. Is there anything in particular that you want in the roleplay?
  7. Hmmm....
    I think I'll step away from slice of life and try my hand at fantasy.
    Nothing real important comes to mind at the moment.
  8. Okay then. I'm thinking that the plot could center around a typical fantasy setting. A dragon putting a bounty on a dragon slayer who's doing a little too much slaying causes our characters to meet. The bounty is huge and it seems like a once in a lifetime job. The issue is that the bounty was set for the dragon slayer to be captured alive for the full reward.

    Does that sound okay?
  9. Should we post the bios or plot more here or make a new thread for the rp?
  10. Well I'm not sure if I really just want to wing this, I suppose we could post the bios and plot here.
  11. Okay then.
    Umm... here's a character that I think might go well with this setting and plot.

    Name: Dawn
    Race: human
    Personality: Dawn is stubborn, greedy and self centered, but has problems passing by those who give her a chance to show off her expertise. She is surprisingly calm and rarely loses her temper.
    Backstory: Her and her three siblings lived on the Zephyr Steppes, where Dawn still has a reputation as a great bow hunter. Her only real goals are to obtain fame and food. This search has taken her far from home, though... and now she sees an opportunity for both.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Dawn is not book smart, but she could probably do a lot of damage in a fight as long as she can keep her distance.

    Is there any plot threads that you want to add before we finalize the basic plot?
  12. ..... Should I create a bio for the dragon?
    I'm sorry, my brain is having a moment. What should or what are you looking for in the dragon?
  13. Probably a more moralistic character as the dragon is trying to stay within reason and doesn't want the slayer assassinated. The dragon won't just sit by and see it's brethren struck down, though and is hiring professionals to handle the issue. That's all I have on that front.
  14. Name: Xander
    Race: Dragon
    Personality: reserved in ways, he is more of a leader than a follower. Caring. Yet in other ways Xander is cold and sometimes on the cruel side.
    Backstory: Xander comes from a dying clan. The ice dragons have always been a victim of hate because ice dragons have always been a clan that is hunted. After watching many clan members die, Xander left and formed a clan of his own. The clan is not limited to one type of dragon but all types.
    Strengths and weaknesses: Xander is a leader he is also wise. At times he is cold hearted. He is easily ticked off.

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  15. That's great. ^^ Now Xander is worried about the safety of his clan, which explains the size of the reward. On the other hand that leaves the question of what the slayer has been up to. The slayer doesn't need to be fleshed out yet as he probably won't be in the story for a while.
    Should the rp start at his clan accepting the mission or before that?
  16. We can start it when his clan is accepting the mission. I will probably be getting soon though.
  17. Yeah, I have to go in like 10 minutes. We can start the thread tomorrow then?
  18. Hey, I'm back.