My name is Shauna and I have been role playing for 15 years; I am female, in my 20s, and prefer to role play with people who are 18+!

- I will not role play anything to do with pregnancy or having children.
- I will not role play romantically with or as a charecter under the age of 18.
- I only do MxF pairings and will not play romantically as a male.
- I do not double up on main characters but will play side and background characters throughout the role play as needed.
- I write in third person, past tense.
- OOC chatting is fine by me, especially to work on plots!
- Please no one-liners!

PICK something from the list or SUGGEST.
A message just saying hi is not acceptable, TELL me what you are interested in roleplaying.

[Who I play] x (What I'm looking for)

- DC Comics -

[OC] x (Richard Grayson as Robin or Nightwing)

[Donna Troy] x (Richard Grayson)
[Raven] x (Richard Grayson)
[Harley] x (Richard Grayson)
[Barbara Gordon] x (Richard Grayson)
[Catwoman] x (Batman)
[Ivy] x (Batman)
[Harley] x (Batman)
[Black Canary] x (Batman)
[Zatana] x (Batman)
[Wonder Woman] x (Batman)
[Wonder Woman] x (Superman)
[Hawkgirl] x (Aquaman)
[Power Girl] x (Flash/Wally West)
[Harley] x (Joker)
Something with (Kyle Rayner)

- DC/Marvel Crossover -

[Harley Quinn] x (Deadpool)
[Zatana] x (Dr. Strange)
[Wonder Woman] x (Thor)

- Star Trek -

For this I'd like to make our own plot and charecters but there are also a few pairings I'd be interested in.

[Janeway] x (Chakotay)
[OC] x (Chakotay)

- Alice in Wonderland -

This would not be any specific fandom, it would be our own made-up, twisted world. The animals in these pairings would be humans with shape shifting abilities. If you have other ideas for pairings let me know.

[Alice] x (Mad Hatter)
[Alice] x (Cheshire Cat)
[Alice] x (White Rabbit)
[Alice] x (Caterpillar)

- Horizon Zero Dawn -

[Aloy] x (Erend)
[Aloy] x (Male Banuk OC)

- Naruto -

[OC] x (Shikamaru)
[Temari] x (Shikamaru)
[OC] x (Garra)

- The Walking Dead -

[OC] x (Daryl)
[OC] x (Shane)

- Yu Yu Hakusho -

[OC] x (Hiei)
[OC] x (Yusuke)

- Inuyasha -

[OC] x (Sesshomaru)
[Kagura] x (Sesshomaru)
[Older Rin] x (Sesshomaru)
[OC] x (Inu-Yasha)

- Mass Effect -

[OC] x (Kaidan Alenko)
[OC] x (Reyes Vidal)

- My Chemical Romance -

[OC] x (Vampire Gerard)
[OC] x (Gerard)

- Other -

Do you have an original plot that has nothing to do with fandoms? Think I might be interested? Go ahead and suggest, can't hurt to ask! I love world building, and anything to do with fantasy and magic.


Discord: shaunathedead - 7277
Email: Given over Discord