One on One: Wolf Style!

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  1. Idea: She would always dream of running among snowy hills or looking over a beautiful green landscape covered in an abundance of trees. But this was no dream. This was her normal life at night. She turned into a wolf at night. One night when she goes on one of her routine wolf runs, she runs into an omega who takes her to their Alpha Male. But technically he wasn't an alpha quite yet. He was looking for his mate and needed one to make the pack official. THat wasn't the only concern for this group of wolves though. If they didn't get Alpha's soon, their pack would be thrown out of order and doomed to an early grave thanks to farmers who wished to keep their livestock...well...alive. Can she bring order and peace to the pack and also keep them out of harms way?

    (Just an Idea, but would love to RP it if anyone is up for it! ^.^)
  2. Hrmm, so essentially you are looking for someone to play an Alpha?
  3. Alright, and how shall this be done? Over a thread I assume?
  4. Yus =w= You have no Idea how happy I am you accepted! -huggles- Thank you ^^

    Can you start it by chance? I have an early shift and am unable to, unless waiting is ok for you
  5. Sorry for the wait, homework and the like. Anywho I could start if I had some background information.
  6. Ok, I'll get a profile ready for you about the character I'll be using! Just give me a couple hours to get it ready!