One on One (With one plot)

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I have a Yaoi plot:

It is set during the Second World War. A man and his sweet heart just got married. After coming back from their honeymoon, the young couple are met with horrible news. The husband was drafted into the army. He left the next day for camp. As the story continues he slowly looks less and less forward to returning home as his feelings grow for another man in his company. Only question now is anyone going to survive in this world?

Does this sound like a good idea? Should I change anything?
I'd be more interested if it turned out my character was just leading him on or toying with him, but realizes he's actually heartbroken when he get's sent home.

Does that sound interesting to you?
That does sound interesting and there could be a big fallout between them just before he leaves which leads to the other attempting to find him do the can make up
Yes sorry for the really late reply, I've been busy with others
K I know. I'll get to it tonight. I'm sure you'll have something next time you check back ;)
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