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  1. Hello everyone~~~

    Alrighty, so I've been doing lots of Black Butler rps. One is very fun and far along, others slower. However, I'm looking for more active rps. SO, I want to try a Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) rp with OC's.
    It does NOT have to be boy x boy action, but it has to be romance. I don't want to do girl x girl though (tried it, have one going but it's not my biggest thing).
    I've seen the first 7 or so episodes of season one, so to say the least I'm not too far into it, but I"m not an idiot about it either. I know a lot of spoilers and I'm obsessed with the idea so I can do it well, if I say so myself.
    I'd like to be the master/Ciel type character. I already have one in mind, it's a female, but if might end up changing it depending on my partners character.

    Requirements (Simple ones):

    -You must be extremely active.
    -I really enjoy Chat box rps. Although, on my tablet it's harder to write longer posts because it doesn't move along with the text so its hard to see what I'm writing past the first words heh. My computer recently suffered the blue screen of death. Dun dun dun.... It really sucks. Anyway. I can do threads and pm's, but like I said I prefer chat box.
    -Your OC demon/sebastian-like character has to have the same characteristics in the way of demonic values, emotion sets all that. Not super emotional at first.
    -I don't do smut much, but it comes up sometimes.
    -You must be literate. No "zombehs startedd chaseen her and den eatz her, yummeh."
    -I don't like one liners unless they're very good and not every post (in chat boxes though, I don't care really as long as they're well done.)
    -I'm on ALL THE TIME pretty much as I have no life. Looking for other no-lifers. Hehe.

    Pleeeeeease message me. I really want to do this. ^u^