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  1. I'm looking for some 1 x 1 Roleplays and hopefully some long-term role-play partners!

    Just a few things about me. Some warnings and basics:
    »I make my posts detailed, so don't be surprised if my posts are long. I also expect long posts back. I'm flexible on the length varying throughout the RP. Typically when characters are interacting and there is dialogue, the posts will be shorter.
    »I'm a college student (art major) so I'm going to be pretty busy. I won't have lightening-speed replies to you! Expect several posts a week (at most).
    »I always read over my RP posts before sending them. I edit them, proofread them, the like, and I expect you to do the same.
    » I am a female IRL, however I play male and female characters equally. I have no preference!
    Romance is definitely allowed in the RP. I believe romance and sexual tension add good complexity to the story. Erotica is also allowed but not required, and preferably very limited.

    Some favorite settings:
    *Steampunk/Diesel punk
    *Modern Fantasy
    *Medieval Fantasy

    Some pre-made plots:
    *Supernatural/paranormal/fantasy RP
    If you're interested in this one, send me a PM asking for the details! The basic rundown is a freelance female exorcist on the run from the Vatican/Church because of her unorthodox practices. She's a black-sheep of sorts when it comes to exorcists. In the traditional church, females aren't even allowed to be exorcists. This RP has a Sherlock (BBC) feel to it. She is, if you will, the Sherlock of demon-hunters/exorcists. As far as fantasy goes, the feel of this RP will be something like Hellboy. A myriad of characters will fit into this RP! This will be in an urban/modern setting.

    Like Fandoms?
    Fandoms I would be interested in:

    *A Game of Thrones
    *Mad Max

    NOTE: This thread is up for editing if I think of more ideas :) PM me or comment if you're interested in one of these RPs.

  2. Hello! I think we'd work well as partners, but I'm not really feeling any of the ideas you have posted; are you open to hearing other ideas?
  3. Definitely open to ideas!
  4. Hi there! :D I am definitely interested in that supernatural pre-made plot that you have there!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.