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One on one-rp in Jump in roleplays?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Winterwings, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. So, my question is:

    Is it okay to make an one on one-rp in the jump in roleplays-section? I can't find anything about it. If I write it in the thread (so that they know that it's one on one), is it okay to do it then?

    I'm really hoping that someone has got an answer to this, thanks for reading!

    ~ Niw ~
  2. Please don't. A onexone obviously isn't open to everyone with very few rules, there's a big rule, I want only one player. Advertise you're desire for a onexone in Roleplay Talks instead.

    Good question though! And I hope this will help others that might be unsure as well.
  3. Yeah, if you're looking for that one person who is gonna jump in with you, then you can advertise in the Roleplay Talk section or find someone in the Cbox.
  4. Thanks for the good answers, I'll do that! (^_^)
  5. There is also the One[x]One Request forum too. :D That place is handy when you want to hunt for willing partners.