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  1. I'm new to this site, I figured I would give it the old one-two, right?

    Alright, here I am! I'm looking for some new Roleplay Partners, over E-mail, only, please!

    I consider myself rather literate, my intros tend to be 6-7+ paragraphs, per character. My reply posts tend to be 2-4 per character, but not if you give me nothing to work with. I am a female, and I'm going to go ahead and say it;I prefer to play a female. But I also absolutely Love doubling, so if you'd like to double, let's do it!

    I REQUIRE romance in the roleplay. If you're planning on playing those depressingly unlovable characters, don't bother. I love love, is that hard to understand? Smut is fun, I don't want to fade to black^_^

    I'm looking for 18+ roleplayers, and once again, over E-mail only. Sorry, ya'll! The genre's come next, if there is a 'X' next to it, I refuse to double though! Meaning I will play a female! Asterisks mean: PLEASEEE! Alright, we've gotten that out of the way, here goes!:

    Zombie Apocalypse**********
    Final Fantasy X (OC's only folks) *********
    Harry Potter/Hogwarts (Any Era, OC's Only) *****
    Medieval Fantasy
    Best Friend X Best Friend
    Ex girlfriend X Ex Boyfriend
    X The Littler Mermaid Spinoff X ******
    Road Trip
    Bad Boy X Good Girl

    Suggest away, as well!!
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  2. I guess I didn't really STATE that I would like a literate or a semi literate partner to role play with so....Yeah. Please??
  3. Harry Potter, the Mauraders era, is rather tempting. Doubling, of course.
  4. That sounds great^_^ E-mail me!
  6. Zombie or Final Fantasy sounds great to me(:
  7. That sounds awesome!!!
  8. Always looking^_^
  9. I'm in for Final Fantasy. :D
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  10. Zombie Apocalypse sounds rather interesting :)
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  11. Orrrr PM me if you are totally uncomfortable with E-mail =p As I've learned some of you folks are =D
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