one-on-one roleplay-- start a convo with me if interested!

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  1. hey, so i'm interested in finding a roleplay partner that would want to participate in a roleplay along the lines of...

    i'm Val, the new leader of the rebel group, the Black Hawks. my sister's just been murdered at the hands of the Queen and i vow to get my revenge. im a fugitive, the Queen and Prince well aware of the "harmless" crimes i've committed: robbery, treason, murder, attempted murder... the list goes on.

    im looking for:

    my trusted ally (boy or girl) that i look to for advice and is second-in-command. we've been friends for years. sometimes you think differently than i do and get frustrated with my decisions.
    the prince i meet in the marketplace. i don't recognize him immediately due to his disguise, but he knows exactly who i am and plays along in my little game for a bit

    tell me if you think of any cool roles that could be played in this! PM me if you're interested-- i'd really appreciate it! also you can have more than one role!