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  1. Hey, everyone! I'm searching for a roleplay! What I'm looking for is merely a medieval fantasy roleplay. I have a starter for one type, so all you have to do is message me for the details. Anyways, all I am looking for is a basic grasp of spelling and grammar, though I know that mistakes (and autocorrect) happen. I'm also hoping for at least a paragraph per post, though I know that writers block happens, and it sucks. I have no limits when it comes to roleplays that are story-based, though there are only two things I don't do. I don't play male characters as my main characters, and I don't do Male/Male roleplays. Other than that, everything else is fair game! If anyone is interested, just shoot me a PM. I can't wait to hear from you. :awesome:
  2. I'm still searching, if anyone is interested!!!
  3. Still searching!!
  4. I wouldn't mind taking you up on your offer, message me your story idea, I see you like Dragon Age as well, maybe we can shoot a DA rp back and forth too?
  5. Hey, guys! I'm still looking, if anyone is interested!!
  6. Hiya, Shea! I think you might want to relocate your post to the One x One Role-play search! You might find some better luck there for a role-play partner.
  7. Done!
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  8. Haha, thanks. I actually didn't know that was an option.
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  9. Now that I'm in the right area, let's see if I have better luck finding partners! I'm still searching, guys! Just send me a private message!!!
  10. Still searching, guys!!!
  11. Is medieval fantasy OK.
  12. It's preferred, actually. Haha, just shoot me a PM and we can talk about it.
  13. Casually whistling Easy Street theme
    I actually had a basic plot idea I'd like to share and possibly build upon.
  14. Alrighty, just shoot me a PM with the plot and we can work on it.
  15. I'm still looking, guys! Just send me a PM!
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