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  1. Hi guys! I'm new to this site and am in desperate need of some new roleplays, so I'll try to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

    All I ask of you is the standard stuff - please don't play my character without permission and please try to avoid one-liners if possible. I can usually send lengthy replies and try to at least match the length in which I'm responding to. But writer's block is understandable and I won't fuss about it if your replies are short. (:

    I will gladly play either gender and will also double or play a second role play, if you'd like. I also will play MxF or FxF.

    I'm twenty years old, so I don't particularly have any limits. Gore, language, etc, are all fine with me, but please let me know if you have limits and I'll respect them. (:

    I am open to roleplaying either over email or private messaging on this site. My email that I will be roleplaying with is , so please shoot me a message!

    Genres and Plots

    I am into pretty much any Odd Pairing you could think of and am open to most things, so please just suggest something if nothing here appeals to you! Also, the plots and genres are in no particular order and are numbered for your convenience.

    1. Blind Date

    2. Family Member A x Family Member B's Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Best Friend/Enemy

    3. Imaginary Friend x Creator

    4. Teacher x Student and any other hidden or taboo relationships

    5. Human-mimicking being x Human

    6. Roommates off Craigslist

    7. Sugar-daddy x Sugar-baby / Love Contract

    8. Any and all odd pairings

    9. Death Note-esque plot

    10. Character A works two jobs trying to support their self and their child after their spouse left them less than a year ago. As a second job, A works as a house keeper at a fairly skeevy hotel. Finishing their daily/nightly rounds, A notices that a door to a supposedly vacant room was cracked slightly. They go to close it, thinking it was just their mistake, when they hear the shower running from inside the room. Curious and a little confused - "Did I have the water running?" - they go into the room to find a squatter (Character [​IMG] making themselves at home with their few belongings on the bed while they occupy the shower.

    11. Character A dies and is put back on earth in someone else's body. Now they must try to fit into their new life and accept the people that are in it. Character B could be a love interest from the previous life, the new body's already significant other/friend/boss/roommate. When one falls for the other regardless of uncertainty, will it be fight or flight?

    12. Characters A and B are best friends, but have never been anything more, despite rumors. So they decide to run with it and play a bit of a prank on their fellow classmates/colleagues. They decided that for at least a week, they are going to pretend that they had eloped, and are now a happily married couple. This means being with the other person basically 24/7, from the moment they wake up to each other from the moment they fall asleep - possibly in each others arms. Will what started as a prank turn into something more in the end?

    Again, my email is , so please send me a message with any interest and suggestions/questions! I hope to hear from you all soon!
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  2. I would love to do a student x teacher type plot with you! I would also like the main the female if that's okay? Also can we roleplay over Iwaku?~
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