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  1. What you need to know~
    I know that I may not be a excellent writer, but I love to RP. It's really fun, and so many possible outcomes can happen. I would love to find (a) partner(s) who would love to RP with me. Go ahead and message me, or post, what you want to do, and your ideas on the RP if you are interested. I can do Libertine, though i never have been in one. But I could also do frufru fluffeh Kawaii Desu~ things too. Whichever you prefer. Also, please be on often. Depending on your schedule, I'm fine with you posting once a day, though if you can post more than that, I'll love you forever. Yay. But if you decide to quit, it's alright, just let me know instead of disappearing. If your schedule is becoming hectic, let me know ahead of time? I completely understand. I'll only post on forums or messages. Both are okay. No one liners okay? I'm also quite new to this, so please guide me to the right direction if I get something wrong.

    The relationships in the stories~
    I'm okay with playing in a MXM RP.
    I cannot play as the guy in a straight relationship. I suck. I prefer to play as the girl. :D
    I'm not really good at this..:(

    The Plots I came up with :D

    Cheating!(your character) x clueless(my character)
    Abusive(your character) x abused(my character)
    Civilian or Spy(your character.) x Spy(my character)
    Parent(your character or my character) x son or daughter (My character or your character.)
    Teacher(My character) x student(your character)
    Any more ideas? Message meh.

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  2. I'd be happy to do some MxM or MxF (though i'd prefer MxM) with both the characters being spies, perhaps even rival spies~ That could make for an interesting dynamic.
    Message me if you think that sounds interesting and maybe we can see if we can work something out?
  3. :) You sound interesting, is it alright if I roleplay with you? Your plots sound very interesting, many of them I'm interested in helping you tinker with :) I literally just signed up and I first saw yours and so I'm really interested in roleplaying with you. I don't have a hectic schedule yet (things may change, I'm notsure), I love yaoi, I love drama and serious stuff and kawaii~ things. :) So I'm very, very interested, I hope you want to roleplay with me? :)
  4. MxF? I Can't Do Any PM's Though.
  5. It's fine :). Sure, message me for the details?
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