One on One please?

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  1. Looking for a role play one on one!
    I play male, and if we are to double I have a pair of twin boys that I quite enjoy.
    The genres I tend to enjoy are modern, such as a classic high school role play, or summer vaction. You know, the overly used cliche teen ones.
    Also, would be looking for some romance type stuff (this would be something I would try, takes some serious chemisty with a person before I am willing)
    I can use the private messages here, we can create a topic so others can see, I also use email and skype if you would prefer. I make myself very available.

    ~Amber aka Rowan
  2. What are your romance preferences? Slash, female slash, straight?
  3. I'd be interested in doing this with you.
  4. I enjoy boy male slash, as well as straight :)
  5. Feel free to message me :)
  6. I would love to summer vacation maybe camp but between boy and girl and could I be the girl?
  7. I'd be interested!