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  1. I'll try to be neat and organized with this. Oh... and clear!

    Things that I look for in a partner!
    ~Someone who can make unique and interesting Original Characters
    ~Someone not afraid to add ideas or tell me what they think of mine
    ~Someone who enjoys fantasy as much as I do
    ~Someone who appreciates anime

    Posting requirements
    ~Honestly, a paragraph at least to as much as 4 or 5. Too much slows down the processes of interactions. Too little doesn't provide enough details.

    ~Just post when you can.

    About me!

    Everything that I do in my head is Anime/Manga based. That's just how my imagination works. I even play DnD with my friends and I think everything in terms of anime. That doesn't mean that my partner has to! I've done several roleplays with people who don't see things like this the way I do and it was very successful and fun.

    I play male and female characters, and I'll do any relationship so long as its natural and it works. If I don't feel it, ill let you know.

    Things I am interested in roleplaying!

    ~Stories based on Japanese Lore
    ~MMO type of game

    Roleplay additives (Things I like to add to roleplay but don't place it as a main plot device)

    Roleplay No Go's
    ~Anything Highschool
    ~Anything Sports
    ~Horror (Sorry, I get bored easy of this)
    ~Fandom/OC relationships

    Fandoms I like
    You can suggest some and I'll consider them.

    Links to some plots.

    Pirate-y Plot (Shounen-Ai or Yaoi possibilities in this one. Just read the notes for it.)

    Custom .Hack Plot (Any gender pairing)

    Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Survival Plot (Any gender pairing)


    I'll do fandoms, but either all characters need to be canonized characters or Original Characters.

    Character relationships must be natural and click. Plot device relationships are the worst.

    I'll do Libertine, but its gotta be natural between characters and fit the story. And of course, meet age requirements.

    You can just ask questions or add comments or something. I dunno. Talk to me. D:

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  2. Hi!

    First off, wow, why have we not written together?

    XD . Hack is my ultimate heart throb as for as fandom RP goes-- and I love getting to make new OC's.

    Fantasy is my typical genre-- either high fantasy or midevil, even modern. You name it. SO! If you need a partner and have an idea eating away at your brain, drop me a line. I think we would write some good stories together. ^_^
  3. Probably because I am around intermittently no thanks to real life kicking my butt. But I think I am back all actively now and such!

    However, since you explicitly pointed out .HACK, I think I will write up something and present it out to you. Might take me a little bit though as I need to brush up on the lore and such. I haven't played any of the games in several years, unfortunately.
  4. Same here, but thats fine! Anythung we change onaccident or on purpose is easily explained away by patches and updates.
  5. That's true. In fact, the further ahead in time of the story we go the more room we would have to work with.

    If we do this are we just working with the aspect of the game world or the characters in their real lives as well?
  6. I'm fine with a little of both. ^_^
  7. Oki doki! I'm going to write up a little something in a blog and then link it for you to see. If you like it, let me know and we can work with it. n.n/
  8. Ok. Bb in 40 minutes.
  9. It gave me enough time.

    Here is what I came up with. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on it!
  10. I love it! I would happily play a polearm or wave master. Did you have a class in mind that you wanted to play?

    Note; I'm talking about a main character-- I can juggle multiple characters at once without an issue. ^_^
  11. I have no idea what I am going to play yet. xD

    Part of the lore is that some of the classes can be altered. I was thinking that I might use an altered class as a main.

    Then again, I might just go in fists blazing.
  12. ^_^ I like it. Did you want to RP this on a thread or PM?
  13. We could do PM or create a thread in the appropriate space for it. I don't know if it works to rp in these threads or not. xD
  14. Informative bump.

    Updated with plots!
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