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★One on One RPs.★

Okay, so, I suppose I will let you know a little about my writing style. I only write in third person, and depending on my muse, I will write four-eight sentences to even two paragraphs. My muse comes and goes... However, I try to match your length... That being said... I do not do one-liners. I refuse to do one liners. Also, I wouldn't call myself 'picky' but if I am spoken to (even outside of RP) like this: i dont no wat you doin .....I most likely won't reply. I have a thing for captalization and punctuation marks... Also, no text talk.
Now, thank you for taking the time to read this boring little note. Now, to the fun part!

My favorite genre is romance/dramatic romance.
I play straight women or gay men the best, unless I am doubling up, but perfectly able to play straight men and gay women as well.
I love playing multiple characters.
Willing to do Libertine but plot more importantly.

* Indicate the characters I wish to be.

Cross-Overs are welcome.
Pairings are not limited to this, just talk to me about any ideas.

Harry Potter:
•OC x OC
•George Weasley x Female OC*
•[Young] Sirius Black* x [Young] Remus Lupin
•[Young] Sirius/Remus x OC*
•Teddy Lupin* x Victore Weasley
•Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley*
•Scorpius Malfoy x Albus Potter
•Draco Malfoy* x Harry Potter
•James S. Potter x Male OC*
•James S. Potter x Teddy Lupin*

DC Comics:
•Raven* x Beast Boy
•Raven* x Robin/Nightwing
•Artemis x Kid Flash
•Miss Martian* x Superboy
•Superboy x Female OC*

Marvel Comics:
•Rouge* x Gambit
•Rouge* x OC
•Mutant OC x Mutant OC
•Shadowcat x Ice Man
•Spiderman x Mary Jane*
•Spiderman x OC*
•[Teenage]Ben Parker II x OC -For those who don't know... Spiderman had a daughter and son and his son is named after Ben and became Deaf as a kid.
•Spidergirl* x Deadpool

Disney/Dreamworks: [No Frozen...]
•Disney High School
•Honey Melon x Fred
•GoGo* x Wasabi
•GoGo* x Tadashi
•Hiccup* x Jack
•Merida* x Hiccup
•Hiro x OC*
•Hiccup x Heather
•Heather* x Astrid

Once Upon A Time:
•[Teenage]Henry x OC*
•Emma x Neal
•Emma x Hook
•Felix x Peter Pan*
•Felix x OC*
•Peter Pan x OC*
•Peter Pan x Wendy
•Henry x Wendy*
•Emma* x August

•OC x OC
•Zuko x Katara*
•Katara* x Aang
•Zuko x Mai*

Percy Jackson:
•OC x OC

Perks of Being a Wallflower:
•Charlie x Sam
•Charlie x Patrick

The Maze Runner:
•Newt x Male OC*

[Teenage] Powerpuff Girls:
•Butch x Buttercup*

Cross-Over Ideas:
•Disney x Harry Potter

Greek Mythology:
•Hades x Persephone*
•Hades x Aphrodite*
•God x Nymph*
•Goddess x Human OC*
•Hades x Irene* (Goddess of Peace)
•Human OC x Nymph*

Ideas are never limited.
•Peasant* x Royal
•Slice Of Life
•Ninja Princess* x Ninja
•Steam Punk
•Bad Kid x Good Kid
•Single Parent* x Single Man/Female
•Best Friends
•Arranged Marriage
•Band Mates
•Street Kid Leader x Street Kid 2nd in charge
•Popular x Nerd*
•Popular x Skater Kid*
•Skater Kids
•Hybrid* x Vampire/Werewolf
• Angel* x Demon

•Ninjas, Royal x Peasant
•Ninjas, Arranged Marriage
•Ninjas, Elementals
•Elementals, Royal x Peasant
•Street Kids, Elementals
•Bandmates, Popular x Nerd
•Bandmates, Best Friends
•Angel x Demon, Arranged Marriage

Plots: I have plots for most Fandoms. Just ask.

•(M/C), a princess in a kingdom that just got taken over by an evil emperor was taken by (Y/C) to safety. The two pretended to be married for some time until they could come up with an idea to take the land over again.
•(M/C) was once an ordinary girl, until she was bitten by a werewolf. Her life seemed to get crazy until it just got worse. Before the werewolf-ness set she got bit by a vampire (ex-crush) because he couldn't tell she was a werewolf yet. Living between the pack and family got hard, being a hybrid she can't be sighted easily like the other creatures. She felt like she didn't belong. When she finally came out to the Vampire or Werewolf family with (Y/C) help she decided to combine the family. Your character can be whatever creature of those two you want and they can be for or against the families merging. We will play side characters too. ...This can also lead to different directions.
•(M/C) and (Y/C) been friends sense the third grade but they are rivals in everything they do. Sports, Martial Arts , Grades, etc. They are now Juniors/Seniors in High School. The true feelings are finally surfacing despite the bickering and fighting the pair does constantly.
•This one we each play two or three characters. Very dramatic and possibly a love triangle.
•This idea came from a 'Shall We Date' game. (M/C) doesn't have the best money situation due to her parents debt. She either marries (Y/C) because he needs a wife for reasons like inheritance or job or she marries seven people (including you and we'll play side characters) because they all need wives for a job or what not (you would all know each other). She'll be breaking the rule, loving each other fairly because she would want (Y/C).
•This does not have to be the plot for Hades x Persephone just an idea for one: Hades did see the beautiful girl in the meadow much like the myth, only, its not how they think. A Centaur (they are known for rape) caught sight of the Goddess and Hades merely rescued her. For once he was being the hero. He brought her home in attempt to help her from what nasty injury she endured. He doesn't care people no longer believe him, he probably deserved it. He was a cold man and at times cold to his own wife but he did not take her like the others and she believes.


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Hello there I'm very interested in the Hades X Persephone plotplot or we'll anything with the Greek gods if you are still looking for a partner.


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I'm interested in the •Hades x Irene* (Goddess of Peace) plot if its still open ^^


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I'd be interested in the princess x fake knight/pretend husband/guardian thing plot you listed.

Mae Renea

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Okay, but he isn't a fake knight just a fake husband.


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