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  1. Hello! I am new to this site, obviously. But I am certainly not new to roleplaying. I prefer one on ones and I do have a few ideas. This is just one that I thought of a while ago. I would prefer that whoever is interested in doing this will write as much as I do and I'll make it interesting because there is plenty to do with this plot.

    Twenty one years ago, a woman was going into labor at the hospital. But it wasn't one of those moments where everyone was crying with joy for the new baby joining the family. There were tears, yes. But certainly not joyful ones. The family was told six months ago that if the woman went through with the pregnancy and labor, both the mother and the child would die because of a rare condition she had. Her and her husband were advised to terminate the pregnancy at once. But they had been trying to have a child for ten years and they were willing to take the chance, hoping the child would at least make it. They tried desperately to find a way to stop it from happening, to make it so both would live. But they couldn't find anything.

    Three men walked into her room, one carrying a brief case. They were FBI agents who heard about her dilemma and wanted to help. Of course they had their own reasons to do so. They invented a serum that would help them and keep both the mother and the baby alive. They never explained what it was or if it had been used before. They took the husband aside and said that they would only let them use it if they promised to give up their child when it turned twenty-one and hand it over to the government for testing. Asking the mother at this moment would be unrealistic because she wouldn't be able to make a rational decision in her state. The father hesitated for a moment but soon agreed to it, wanting to save the love of his life no matter what. He signed a document and one of the men warned him that as soon as the child turned twenty-one, every cop, undercover agent, secret service member, and even ordinary people spying for the government, would be looking for their child. And they would find it. The man then walked into the room and took out two needles with a blue serum inside. The husband reassured his wife and the man continued to inject the serum first into the mother and then into the baby inside of her. Sure enough, a few hours later, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

    That was twenty one years ago. Now the baby girl grew up into a beautiful young woman and her twenty-first birthday was right around the corner. The mother died a few years ago in a car accident and now the father was left to deal with the problem on his own. He tried fiercely to do whatever he could to keep it from happening, not wanting to lose the only thing he had left. But his tries were all in vain. His best friend who knew about the deal gave him one last idea. There was a man who worked alone, protecting people. Yes, it was kind of odd. But he did countless jobs protecting people like mob snitches to witnesses of a murder and he never failed to carry out his job. The father had no other option and called the man. The man accepted the job without hesitation and told him what he needed to know. The man revealed that he was a vampire and that was why no one else could do a better job than he could. He also told him that he would have to tell his daughter everything and they would leave in a few days to get her under the radar. The father didn't have any other choice but to accept his conditions. That night, he told his daughter everything about the deal and about the man who was going to basically be her protector for a while. He at least hoped he made the right choice this time.
  2. Would you be playing the male or female character?
  3. I am also interested... I have a character in mind for both roles, but the vampire struck me first.