One on one fantasy RP!

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  1. Hey, was just looking for someone to do a one on one rp with a sort of classic fantasy type vibe (dragons, spells and all that) anyone is able to join just flick me a pm and we can discuss there further. Thanks!
  2. Interesting enough.. yeah i'd like to join . I'm just joined the site btw so please take it easy on me ok .
  3. i'd like it, wouldn't you like a 3 people RP? or just onexone?. Maybe we can be a party and go out seeking adventures, ale and maids!

    Off: i intended to sound as a dwarf XD
  4. New,
    let me know if you're still looking.
    I want to make this my first Rp.

    Over and out!
  5. I have a huge craving for fantasy right now and would love this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.