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Hello there I am looking for some new long term role players. Yea know the ones that wont dump you after ahem 1-4 posts. I don't mind if life happens, ect. I would ask you to at least tell me if it does. Hey, I am easy going! I don't mind post length to much as long as you give me something to work with. Literacy too as long as I understand you....My spelling and grammar can be ahem OFF if this is a PROBLEM DO NOT waste your time or mine. I don't mind cursing, violence, ect. Also, DO NOT FORCE ROMANCE OFF THE BAT! Blimey what ever happened to having things evolve?! I do have plot ideas and can always think up more. If you have WRITERS BLOCK tell me maybe I can write more to help.
I don't always want romance btw.... Also, don't just dump me. :/ It's RUDE...

*$ Doctor Who- I am all caught up with the new Doctors 9-12. I would happily ask you to play one of those for me. OR if you wish 1-8 or even the War Doctor. No matter to me . I am open just behind....I have seen drips and drabs of the old classic eps. I am normally a OC and whoever else. AIE-Jack, River, ect. It depends on the Doctor you are playing ;p.

*$ Big Bang Theory- I can happily play Leonard, Raj or Howard, ect. Please be Sheldon and Stewart.

*$ Big Hero 6-Please be Baymax. Set after the movie . I can be Hiro, GoGo, and Oc, ect.

*$ X-Men First Class/DOFP- Ah yes I love role playing this era. I wont lie...if you really want another one than I will allow it. Please be Charles for me . I am normally Erik, OC, and whoever else. I have been so many its not even funny. Be warned though if your OC is a all powerful mutant role play ends dead in the water. I am threw with people pulling that.

*$ Back to the Future- Ah long shot I know. Please play Doc for me. I have been Marty, ect before. Also, a OC.

Avengers-MAYBE...I have seen both movies. I am not sure how GOOD I would be fair waring...

Twilight- But not fully Twilight.....>.>. I cannot STAND Bella....sorry she wont be all......Please be Edward and Carlisle. Normally a OC, Jasper, whoever.

*$ House MD-Please be House. I am normally patent, Wilson, ect. I DO allow Slash in this one AIE House and Wilson.

$ Monk- Another flaming long shot but.....I love the show and the novels. Please be Monk. I have been a lot of characters. I also have a plot for this.
$ Pushing Daises-Another long shot too! I loved this show! Please be Ned and I am normally anyone!

$ Great Mouse Detective- A childhood favorite and still one of my favs. I am normally Dawson, Ratagin, OC, ect. I normally set this after the movie. Also, please be Basil.

$ Batman-Nolan universe since its been to long since I have seen the cartoon, ect. I am normally the Joker, ect. Please be Bruce.

$ Fullmetal Alchemist- I am a little rusty be warned. I am normally Al, Roy, an OC, ect. please be Edward and whoever .

$ The Immortals-By Tamora Pierce. I know this is an extreme long shot but I love this series. Please be Numair.

$ Final Fantasy 9- I will be super rusty I havn't role played this in a long time. However, its my fav! This will be set after the game itself. Um, normally a OC, Vivi, ect. Please be Kuja.

$ Harry Potter Past- Well, rusty and stuff. I am normally James, OC, Sirius (or James ethier), ect. Please be Snape.

$ The Phantom of the Opera-Set after the movie (Opera house is rebuilt). OK I did read the novel too but I havn't read it in a long time. I am an OC and whoever else. Please be Erik.

City of Angels- LOOSLY based....Please be Seth.

$ Digimon Season 2- I am rusty however this is my favorite season. Please be Ken .

$ My Little Pony/Doctor Who Cross Over- With Derpy and Dr. Whooves. Also, Doctor Who . Cause it would be fun! I can happily be Dr. Hooves, ect. Be any Doctor you want to be.

$*Bates Motel-So, I can prob MAYBE swing Norma, Dylan, Emma and a OC? Could maybe try another? Please be Norman. I have seen all of season 1, most of season 2, all of season 3.

$ Pet Shop of Horrors-Please be Count D.

*$ Criminal Minds- I do have a plot. Please be Reid.

My Chemical Romance-I can be Mikey, Frank, ect. Please be Gerard.

*$ ER-Based on the show . I will not allow OC doctors or nurses. There is many to pick from.....

*$ Rick and Morty- Still kinda new to this show but I do enjoy it ! I can be Morty, a OC, ect .

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For MCR, there's no way you could possibly be Gerard (if we do two role plays, and I play him for you, too ) , is there?

Mathew Murdock<3

I am currently looking for a DOFP RP myself and I'm willing to be Charles. :)


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Fullmetal? :D


If love to do Big Bang theory, twilight, House, and/or back to the future! :)


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I'm interested in the House one. I can play House :)
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