[One on One] fandoms, doubling, fun, Marvel?!?!

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  1. Hi there.

    My name is Es, I'm twenty two, I like ketchup, superheroes, and dogs.

    I'm laid back, but I do have some, um, guidelines.

    Guiding Lines

    1. Doubling is my favorite thing about role-playing. Creating multiple characters means more sweet dynamics. Any pairing is chill. I play a female OC and pretty much anyone else you'd like.

    2. I'm not a jerk about length and grammar. If I can read it, we're chill. One-liners aren't a favorite of mine, but neither is needless prose.

    3. Please be fair to both sides of the RP. I will grow to adore your characters and hope the same can be said for mine.

    4. My limits include the usual.

    5. If adult situations happen, you gotta be above the age of eighteen.

    6. I'm willing to give any male character a try, so don't hesitate to ask. My character research is intense.

    7. If there is a plot, no matter how fluffy, frivolous, or contrived, I'm happy to entertain it. Don't be scared to pitch it to me. I'm quite open.


    Marvel. Cinematic. Universe.

    • Marvel is my favorite, from comics to cartoons. I have so many plots, guys.
    • I usually play it as a mash-up of all the 'verses. So, Spidey, Wolverine, and Tony Stark can all theoretically hang out, y'know?
    X-men [Particularly the various animated series, with limited comic knowledge)
    • I'm really only interest in play opposite a Wolverine in this one.
    • Mutant boarding schools have a soft spot in my psyche.

    Superheroes of our Own Creation

    • Whatever your little heart desires, I'll entertain it
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  2. hey there i sent you a PM.
  3. i have an idea id really like to do if you dont mind ill send it to you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.