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  1. ((Your free to expand a bit if you like :)! Once we get to my girl anyway its a bit different lol. There is no right or wrong for this one. :) Murder is murder lots of it lol! Besides Unsubs can change bwhahahaha! hell, could be 2 unsubs. Now I want a sub.....mmmmm sub.))
    Hotch was looking over his file thinking similar things to what Morgan had just muttered. Glad he hadn't eaten himself. He looks up at the team, "Alright everyone get your things together and hurry back." He didn't have to say anymore knowing they knew what to do. getting up from his chair to head to get everything together he needed to. "Be back in a half hour.", he calls to them all. Plenty of time he would ask faster but..maybe its best to hug thier loved ones a bit tighter before they left.
    Rossi was differently not thrilled he ate that bar now. It was making him a tad queasy thats for sure as he gets up from his chair to go and get himself ready. muttering about who the hell would do this to that many kids? To many had parents? Why did he get a bad feeling about this? Something was more wrong than normal.

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    The three had split going their own ways to pack things and say good byes. The one who found themselves done the quickest was Reid. Had he really paid attention to it he might have felt bad- might being the key word. But he had so much less to do, and to him that was a blessing. He could get in and out, packed, quicker then the others. That meant he could get on the case faster, help them faster. At the moment that was all that mattered to him.
    He didn't have long to wait for the others to join him on the jet, and for that he was grateful. They would fine him flipping quickly through the files a second time.

    Reid's fellow team meanwhile didn't take that long to pack ethier. Well, maybe Hotch had staying with his son just a touch longer. Not a lot longer since he knew the faster they got to the case...the faster they could put a stop to the murders. Or so he had hoped. Staying mostly quite on the flight while flipping threw the files himself. Lost in his own thoughts about this case. Knowing the others would be thinking about it as well and if they thought of something it would be said.

    Rossi was pretty quite too thinking about what kinda sick person or persons would do this to made him angry and they had to be stopped....FAST. morgan was thinking something similar flipping trew his files. Hotch was up the minute the plane landed wantign a word with that Police chief and NOW.


    She didn't have to be smart to know this was going to be the end....she already knew...she had tried to escape but had failed and payed the price ten fold already. Beaten up to the point of not being fully awake which to be fair to her was fine....she didn't want to know what was coming...nor could she see what was coming was pitch always was.

    Dark, smelled of waste, trash, gosh only knows what else...mixed with human fear. She could faintly hear a few of the others faintly crying or moving in thier cages. Why cry? It was pointless and if she heard...well...punishment...

    Forcing her eyes open at the sound of creaking of the door opening knowing it was coming. The others hush thier crying. Never seeing what was coming nor able move out of the way (in a dog like crate tied up and neck weighed down with a chain very much like a dog).

    The girl couldn't see it coming but she could feel it thats for sure. Being ripped out of the cage by her neck and the last beating of her life begins. Worse than any other she has ever had in her life time...which was how long? How long has she been there? No clue for the poor little girl....

    Only thing she knew was she was happy when the pain fades away. Not feeling her hair being hacked off, duct tape around her wrists,, feet, and across her mouth and nose. Nor the feeling of being being moved to a car with a few other children. more like 2 others that had to be disposed of as well. 1 alone in a dark, dead in alleyway that stunk to high heaves with a over flowing dumpster (not that she felt being thrown on the hard pavement still alive some how...bairly....but alive...). The other 2 in thier own alleyway.
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