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  1. Not a clue what to put here lol!
  2. It wasn't the first time she has done this task. No, in fact it wouldn't be the last time ethier....getting rid of the "trash". Or, more like getting rid of 2 lives now lost in a horrible manner. Both little girl one had been around 4 years old now beaten to the point of not even looking human...filthy, hair dirty to the point of just being black and knotted well....what was left of the hair which had been cut in a odd manner almost to the scalp. The other was another female of a similar age which fared a touch better than the other child had. Both had duct tape around thier wrists, legs, and covering thier noses and mouths.

    Sighing and stopping the slightly rusty, green older model Explorer the woman slides out wearing a long hooded rain coat with the hood pulled up. Being in a dark , out of the way alley way in the rain was always easy to do these tasks. Opening the trunk she pulls out a large garbage bag she hefts/drags it to the dumpster that was over flowing. Grumbling she at least tries to put the bag on the top. Once finished she gets back in the car and drives off not seeing the bag fall and split open on the asphalt below.

    Garcia sighs seeing the new case she had to give to the BAU team. Children...why did it have to be was always worse when it was them. Shaking her head she sure didn't want to see the images again and wouldn't...she would face her team while giving this presentation...Sighing she texts the rest of the team to say they had a new case. Running a hand threw her blond hair...gathering up the last of her things and her lap top before heading off towards the conference room blue heels clicking along on the floor.
    He had his arm shoved up the vending machine trying to get ahold of the stuck granola bar when his phone went off. He had to twist himself to get a hand to his pocket to fish it out and check the message. It became pretty clear he was going to have to abandon his small investment. But hey, a job was a job.

    He gave one, twice, a third tug before freeing himself.

    A mournful glance with his granola before heading to the conference room.
    She smiled down at at Michael as she held him low enough for Henry to properly see his brother. She was laughing softly at Henry's scrunched up face, as he tried to make her youngest laugh. She was glad that Henry took to Michael so quickly, at first she had been a little worried. In the end, however, it turned out to be irrational fear of a hormonal woman.

    She glanced across the room startled, as her work phone went off from it's spot on the side table she had set it down on. Standing she moved Michael carefully into his crib before crossing the room to check her phone. Her expression dropped slightly before she shot a quick message back confirming she would be in soon, which anyone else in the group text would receive.

    Turning to Henry she smoothed his hair and told him to tell daddy that she had to head out while she went to go change into work clothes.
    Derek paused mid stroke of his pen from where he stared blurry eye'd at his paper work, he didn't both to read the message on his work phone. Instead he happily snapped the file closed and stood. Before scooping up the pile and dropping it onto Reid's desk. He was almost completely sure he wouldn't mind, ...much maybe. He had a conference room to get too.​
  4. ((Feh! I was supposed to be alerted ! *waves arms at site* lol! Also, now I want a granola bar))

    Rossi sighs softly and hated filling out paperwork. it was boring. Of course it had to be done...but he rather be home at the moment making something yummy to eat. Actually, half of this was steaming from being hungry. He looks at the clock on his phone just as it goes off to tell them about a new case. "Here we go.", he slaps the file shut and gets up heading off to the conference room. Though, on the way was said vending machine with the granola bar Reid had just left in the machine. Eyeing it he bangs on the machine a few times until the bar drops down. Grabbing it he heads into the conference room opening the bar up as he goes.

    Hotch was in his office doing paperwork as well. Mostly going over the paperwork of his fellow team member about thier last case they worked on together. Well, the ones that had been finished already. Which was fine by him since it hadn't been to much of a long time in between. Looking at his phone as it goes off he gets up heading to the conference room as well to meet his team. What happened this time and who had lost thier life now? How many lives lost this time until they could stop the one doing it?

    Garcia was already setting up everything in the conference room. Setting up the slide shows of the victims, information and everything that had been needed. Of course she wouldn't be looking at those photos again if she could help it. No, she would have to look at photos of kittens, pandas, puppies...anything to drive those images from her mind once more. Already knowing her team was on their way.

    ((sorry if crummy typed it up fast between baking :)))
  5. On the way to the conference room Derek managed to catch up with a drown trodden looking Reid. He pondered his expression and quickly cam to the realization he's seen this expression before: early that day when he had accidentally kicked an over excited Clooney. The dog had gotten over excited, weaving back and forth in between Derek's legs. When he had accidentally gotten kicked as a result the dog had frozen like Derek had betrayed him. He wondered who had 'betrayed' Reid. ...Wouldn't he just love it to find out it was a snack machine. The only indication he got of what really happened was when Reid froze in the door way of the conference room.


    As Reid ambled along to the Conference room, head hung, Derek joined him. If he had started speaking then Reid would have never heard the sound of heart breaking coming up behind them as they got to the room- the sound of crunching granola. Freezing in the door way as Derek moved on without him, he turned back to identify the sound. His expression could only be described as mute horror as Rossi came strolling but, eating the exact brand of bar, and passed him to enter the room.

    Heart broke Reid whispered in the direction of Rossi's treat, just under his breath, "...My Granola."

    J.J came up behind Spencer, and patted him on the shoulder as she entered the room. Mute comfort for his lost snack. Dejected the tall brunette followed her in.​
  6. Rossi sees the moping Reid and arches an eyebrow slowly. He had NO idea that the bar he was happily munching on was what Reid was moping over like a small child. "Hey kid you alright? You look like you just lost your best friend or something." He takes his seat in the Conference room once he gets in there fully of course. Finishing up the granola bar and shoving the empty wrapper in his pocket to throw it away later.

    He looks over at Morgan quirking an eyebrow slowly as a silent question forms, 'What's wrong with the kid this time?' He looks to the the rest of the team as they come in and greats them before looking back to Reid only once than to the screen and the waiting Garcia.

    Hotch walks into the room last though does notice the mopey Ried. it wasn't to hard to NOT notice, "Did you loose at chess or something?" He takes his seat as well and waits for thier briefing. Though, he just HAD to ask...

    Garcia looks up from her laptop seeing her team was now gathered and getting settled. She tilts her head at Reid and was going to ask but Rossi and Hotch had asked first. So, she waits for a reply if they where going to get one that is. So instead she starts once they all get settled into the chairs, "Oliva Snow age 4 and Tammy Wood age 5. Both found dead this morning by local trash collectors in VA Beach VA. " All the while she was looking forward at her team and not at the horrific images of both dead children on the screen behind her. Sicking, sad images....

    "Both children had been reported missing almost 2 years ago. These are not the only two that have been found murdered.", she flips threw more images of dead children. Most very young...some not so much. Each time telling her team names, where they where from, ages, and if they had been missing or not.

    Hotch listens intently the whole time. Well, it was even worse al being children killed. Not one had been an adult. Why had they waited so long to bring the BAU in. To many...way to many lives lost and who knows how many others that where not counted....
  7. Morgan shrugged, answerless, in Rossi's direction. Who know what the kid was pouting about. Maybe an inconsistency in a book he was reading? Either way it didn't matter it was time to get serious. He lowered himself into a chair and kicked out the other one to assist Reid's blind flop into it. Reid- who had much more pressing things on his mind- eye'd Rossi and mumbled a soft, "I think I did," before dragging himself sadly to the bored room table where he sunk into the chair and listened the the briefing.

    His once comical bad mood turning into a far more serious one as he listened to the list of children. Far to long- far to many. He glanced at his team to see the blank, if not mildly disturbed, faces. As it turned out, J.J. was the first to make a comment, "Is there any trends in M.O.? Something to cause the local enforcement to link this together? Other then the disappearance dates?"
  8. Hotch arches an eyebrow slowly. Reid was a odd duck thats for sure ands it this time? He looks to where Reid was looking at Rossi? OK what was bar he was eating? REALLY? Was that the issue REALLY?! He was thinking all this as he takes a seat in his chair. Listening in on the briefing as well. Horrible, far to many many children's lives where lost. Being a father that was even worse for Hotch.

    Garcia shakes her head sadly and turns the horrible images off handing her team members the files to each slowly, "Not that I know of." Rossi takes his file and starts to flip threw slowly looking it over. Right now it looked like no true contections to be made. Or maybe there was and he couldn't see them yet. Mostly because this was hell of a disturbing thing to see so many children dead.
  9. Reid was definitely glad Rossi had eaten it now, he's not sure he'd want to be viewing these with a full stomach. He glanced to his left where J.J. was sighing through her nose. It was days like these she was glad she was a liaison not a profiler. She rose silently to inform the local enforcement the team was coming. After all, she could already hear Hotch telling them to grab their to go bags in her head.

    Morgan mumbled something about sick sons of a bitches under his breath.

    ((i was gonna add some detail about the photos but realized i didn't know what you had planned! So i avoid undermining your plot bunnies :3))
  10. ((Your free to expand a bit if you like :)! Once we get to my girl anyway its a bit different lol. There is no right or wrong for this one. :) Murder is murder lots of it lol! Besides Unsubs can change bwhahahaha! hell, could be 2 unsubs. Now I want a sub.....mmmmm sub.))

    Hotch was looking over his file thinking similar things to what Morgan had just muttered. Glad he hadn't eaten himself. He looks up at the team, "Alright everyone get your things together and hurry back." He didn't have to say anymore knowing they knew what to do. getting up from his chair to head to get everything together he needed to. "Be back in a half hour.", he calls to them all. Plenty of time he would ask faster but..maybe its best to hug thier loved ones a bit tighter before they left.

    Rossi was differently not thrilled he ate that bar now. It was making him a tad queasy thats for sure as he gets up from his chair to go and get himself ready. muttering about who the hell would do this to that many kids? To many had parents? Why did he get a bad feeling about this? Something was more wrong than normal.

    ((You can skip to when they leave if you like :).))
  11. The three had split going their own ways to pack things and say good byes. The one who found themselves done the quickest was Reid. Had he really paid attention to it he might have felt bad- might being the key word. But he had so much less to do, and to him that was a blessing. He could get in and out, packed, quicker then the others. That meant he could get on the case faster, help them faster. At the moment that was all that mattered to him.

    He didn't have long to wait for the others to join him on the jet, and for that he was grateful. They would fine him flipping quickly through the files a second time.
  12. Reid's fellow team meanwhile didn't take that long to pack ethier. Well, maybe Hotch had staying with his son just a touch longer. Not a lot longer since he knew the faster they got to the case...the faster they could put a stop to the murders. Or so he had hoped. Staying mostly quite on the flight while flipping threw the files himself. Lost in his own thoughts about this case. Knowing the others would be thinking about it as well and if they thought of something it would be said.

    Rossi was pretty quite too thinking about what kinda sick person or persons would do this to made him angry and they had to be stopped....FAST. morgan was thinking something similar flipping trew his files. Hotch was up the minute the plane landed wantign a word with that Police chief and NOW.

    She didn't have to be smart to know this was going to be the end....she already knew...she had tried to escape but had failed and payed the price ten fold already. Beaten up to the point of not being fully awake which to be fair to her was fine....she didn't want to know what was coming...nor could she see what was coming was pitch always was.

    Dark, smelled of waste, trash, gosh only knows what else...mixed with human fear. She could faintly hear a few of the others faintly crying or moving in thier cages. Why cry? It was pointless and if she heard...well...punishment...

    Forcing her eyes open at the sound of creaking of the door opening knowing it was coming. The others hush thier crying. Never seeing what was coming nor able move out of the way (in a dog like crate tied up and neck weighed down with a chain very much like a dog).

    The girl couldn't see it coming but she could feel it thats for sure. Being ripped out of the cage by her neck and the last beating of her life begins. Worse than any other she has ever had in her life time...which was how long? How long has she been there? No clue for the poor little girl....

    Only thing she knew was she was happy when the pain fades away. Not feeling her hair being hacked off, duct tape around her wrists,, feet, and across her mouth and nose. Nor the feeling of being being moved to a car with a few other children. more like 2 others that had to be disposed of as well. 1 alone in a dark, dead in alleyway that stunk to high heaves with a over flowing dumpster (not that she felt being thrown on the hard pavement still alive some how...bairly....but alive...). The other 2 in thier own alleyway.
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