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  1. It wasn't the first time she has done this task. No, in fact it wouldn't be the last time ethier....getting rid of the "trash". Or, more like getting rid of 2 lives now lost in a horrible manner. Both little girl one had been around 4 years old now beaten to the point of not even looking human...filthy, hair dirty to the point of just being black and knotted well....what was left of the hair which had been cut in a odd manner almost to the scalp. The other was another female of a similar age which fared a touch better than the other child had. Both had duct tape around thier wrists, legs, and covering thier noses and mouths.

    Sighing and stopping the slightly rusty, green older model Explorer the woman slides out wearing a long hooded rain coat with the hood pulled up. Being in a dark , out of the way alley way in the rain was always easy to do these tasks. Opening the trunk she pulls out a large garbage bag she hefts/drags it to the dumpster that was over flowing. Grumbling she at least tries to put the bag on the top. Once finished she gets back in the car and drives off not seeing the bag fall and split open on the asphalt below.

    Garcia sighs seeing the new case she had to give to the BAU team. Children...why did it have to be was always worse when it was them. Shaking her head she sure didn't want to see the images again and wouldn't...she would face her team while giving this presentation...Sighing she texts the rest of the team to say they had a new case. Running a hand threw her blond hair...gathering up the last of her things and her lap top before heading off towards the conference room blue heels clicking along on the floor.
    Spencer had been at work for a long time; constantly making quick trips between the coffee and his desk, he was finishing off paper work, playing online chess and engaging in multiple other activities while he waited for the case to be called. Morgan, Prentiss and Rossi went about their normal work gossip and debates about politics; Spencer read some Nietzsche quotes and was debating nihilism in his head when JJ called the team for a meeting.

    Spencer was the first into the conference room. He sat beside Garcia, who had a sombre look on her face. Spencer could tell this case would be a difficult one.
  3. Garcia looks from her laptop to Reid when he takes a seat next to her. Yes, very much looking very somber indeed and not wanting to look at the images again thats for sure. She looks over as the rest of her team comes into the room and settle into thier seats before starting. Keeping her eyes focused not on her screen, her laptop screen, any place but those horrible images....childern's deaths even worse than adult ones it felt like.

    "Oliva Snow age 4 and Tammy Wood age 5. Both found dead this morning by local trash collectors in VA Beach VA. " All the while she was looking forward at her team and not at the horrific images of both dead children on the screen behind her. Sicking, sad images....

    "Both children had been reported missing almost 2 years ago. These are not the only two that have been found murdered.", she flips threw more images of dead children. Most very young...some not so much. Each time telling her team names, where they where from, ages, and if they had been missing or not.
  4. Spencer kept his eyes affixed on the images. Terrible, terrible things had happened to these girls, and his stomach turned itself over with disgust. How could someone do such a horrible act to a child.

    "So the UnSub likes to keep them from a long time," said Spencer. "Any signs of sexual abuse?"
  5. Garcia nods grimily, "Yes, some of those children have been missing for years. I am not sure about all of them yet until we get all the names. IF they are all related." She nods grimily and goes into detail. All abused horribly in tons of manners possible. Some worse than others but none sexual in nature at least. Still...horrible and twisted.

    Rossi and Hotch where both listening and looking over thier files. Both disgusted as well and totally understanding why Garcia has not looked back at those photos before them all. "Alright, lets get ready to go in 30 if we can.", Hotch states after she had finished. The faster the better...before this got any worse.
  6. When the team was on the plane, Spencer sat beside Morgan, waiting for the team to begin discussing the case. It was awful. Why would anyone mess with kids? What psychosis did they have that made them so so sick? Spencer felt ill himself thinking about it. He only prayed they could catch the UnSub and save his current victims as soon as possible.
  7. Rossi was sitting waiting as well though not much to be said. None really WANTED to talk about it. Any death is horrible but makes it worse when its children and a lot of them. Even worse for those being a parent themselves.

    Hotch looks at his team from the file, "We stop them as fast as we can. No matter what...." He had no ideas yet why the Unsub was doing this. But it was NOTHING good thats for sure...."Whatever this person is thinking. Keeps changing. Each child has been killed in different manners. Maybe they are experimenting....Some have lost thier hair as well. Maybe that means as thier reward at the end."
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  8. Spencer listened silently. The disturbing images filled his head, and he wanted nothing more than to catch the monster harming these children, and to make him pay.
  9. The minute the jet lands (it wasn't a long flight thankfully) Hotch takes his team to the local Police station to get them all set up. Time was of the essence....time so may not have on thier side victim wise. The Police chief fills the BAU in with anything else that had on the cases. Which sadly wasn't as much more as Garcia had given them to start with.


    She didn't have to be smart to know this was going to be the end....she already knew...she had tried to escape but had failed and payed the price ten fold already. Beaten up to the point of not being fully awake which to be fair to her was fine....she didn't want to know what was coming...nor could she see what was coming was pitch always was.

    Dark, smelled of waste, trash, gosh only knows what else...mixed with human fear. She could faintly hear a few of the others faintly crying or moving in thier cages. Why cry? It was pointless and if she heard...well...punishment...

    Forcing her eyes open at the sound of creaking of the door opening knowing it was coming. The others hush thier crying. Never seeing what was coming nor able move out of the way (in a dog like crate tied up and neck weighed down with a chain very much like a dog).

    The girl couldn't see it coming but she could feel it thats for sure. Being ripped out of the cage by her neck and the last beating of her life begins. Worse than any other she has ever had in her life time...which was how long? How long has she been there? No clue for the poor little girl....

    Only thing she knew was she was happy when the pain fades away. Not feeling her hair being hacked off, duct tape around her wrists,, feet, and across her mouth and nose. Nor the feeling of being being moved to a car with a few other children. more like 2 others that had to be disposed of as well. 1 alone in a dark, dead in alleyway that stunk to high heaves with a over flowing dumpster (not that she felt being thrown on the hard pavement still alive some how...bairly....but alive...). The other 2 in thier own alleyway.
  10. A police officer barged into the room. "More victims have been found," he announced.

    Hotch kicked into business mode. "Reid and Morgan, you two go to the new crime scenes," he ordered. "Rossi and Prentiss, morgue."
  11. Morgan nods, "Come on Reid." He hurries off to grab a car to go with a group of other officers. Having no idea that they may actually find one of the children actually alive. Thankfully Morgan was on the way first to the single girl in the allay. Finding it odd she was alone and not with others like the others children had been. He hurries over to the first crime scene with Reid getting out of the car once parked crinkling his nose at both the smell and the sight in front of him.

    The girl was very small for her age that for sure (hard to even tell her age). Looking more like a rag heap than a girl thats for sure (skinny, battered and just not even looking human). Almost no hair left on her head (not that you could even tell the color). Face down on the pavement currently.
  12. Reid hurried after Morgan. "Dumped," he said bluntly. "Just dumped. Like they're nothing."

    He studied the crime scene.
  13. Morgan sighs grimily, "Indeed...." He mummers and shakes his head grimily doing the same as Reid. "She is also alone...the others ones aren't."
  14. "What's so special about her?" asked Reid, crouching beside the girl. "Is there anything different?"
  15. Morgan looked at the girl sadly still standing up, "Not that I can see....Unless its something we cannot see......of course." He frowns and tilts his head to the side, "Is it me or she not a dead color? Well, you know what I mean and I cannot tell."
  16. Reid snapped on gloves and felt the girl's pulse. "She's still alive." Spencer's jaw dropped.
  17. Morgan blinks surprised and calls for an ambulance. He moves to help Reid putting gloves on as well, "Not for much longer. Gotta get the duct tape off." Half was to himself half was to Reid. Semi shockedas as anything she was alive.
  18. Reid removed the duct tape. The little girl gasped. "Hey, hey, it's okay, you're safe now."
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    The girl didn't answer him but at least she was still gasping for air glad to have it again. Her mind had her in darkness, inky blissful darkness trying to keep her away from the pain she was feeling nyway now. Least a little bit...some place in her mind she heard Reid talking though. Not something she was used to thats for sure...what was safe anyway?

    Morgan was talking to thier team and shifts to get up hearing the ambulance coming now in the distance. He looks back at Reid and the girl, "You go with her." He moves a bit as the amulence does indeed pull up , park as the emts come out to take the girl to the hospital.
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