One on one anyone? Over fifty to choose from!

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  1. Hello all! I am Lewi, and i'm sure you've seen a few of my threads as of late. I've been coming up a bit dry, and i'm in need of some more partners. Below are my requirements and my information. You will also find one of the longest lists of genres and pairings you've ever seen in your life lol. Please take a look.

    1. I play female. MXF pairings only.

    2. I will rp over thread, email, pm, or yahoo messenger. (please ask me over email or pm about messenger)

    3. I have no limits, but because I will be turning 18 soon, I am posting threads in the one on one section, therefore if anything rped out is going to be unrated, we can move to pms temporarily.

    4. Romance is a REQUIREMENT.

    Here's the list:

    Medieval Fantasy (I prefer an idea for this one as i'm not very good at medieval but a good one will always capture my heart)
    Modern Fantasy
    Futuristic Fantasy (needs a good idea. Not big on fururistic come up with a good idea though and im all in)
    Vampire x Vampire (usually don't play a vampire, but with a good idea I may)
    Vampire x Werewolf (I prefer to play the werewolf)
    Cop X Criminal (needs an idea)
    Famous Person x Normal Person (would like an idea)
    Police Officer x (insert other character here) (prefers not to be the officer)
    Assassin x Target's Daughter
    Farmhand x Farmer's Daughter
    Master x Maid (had a couple of these and enjoyed them)
    Butler x Mistress (had a couple of these and enjoyed them as well.)
    Assassin x Trainee (maybe)
    Opposing Soldier x Commander's Daughter
    Commoner x Knight
    commoner x Prince
    mortal x wizard (or mage, or any variation of a sorceror there)
    Crime Boss x Undercover Agent (prefer to be the undercover)
    Hero x mortal (prefer to be the mortal)
    Mob Boss' daughter x opposing side member
    Hero x Villan's henchman (prefer to be the henchman)
    Butler x Maid (perhaps something about a mean boss involved? these have went pretty good for me.)
    Model x photographer (usually throw something in here about an undercover)
    Butler x Master's Daughter
    Rebel x princess
    Mercenary x princess
    Assassin x target
    Explorer x native american indian maiden
    Pirate x mermaid
    demi god x human
    Steampunk (new to it but love it give me ideas)
    Soldier x his commander's daughter
    soldier x civilian of opposing side (prefer civilian)
    soldier x soldier of opposing side
    (insert magical creature here) x Human
    half demon x human (prefer half demon. HAVE A PLOT)
    half demon x full blood (refer to plot idea listed above)
    fallen Angel x Human
    fallen angel x demon
    angel x demon
    Mistress x butler
    Knight x princess
    knight x princess of opposing side
    Boss x Employee (idea please)
    Jock x quiet girl
    football player x dancer
    Native American indian x Soldier
    Native American indian x Outlaw
    Shapeshifter x human (shapeshifter means shifts into ANYTHING)
    dancer x instructor
    dancer x producer
    ninja x regular person

    Here are my fandoms/animes for any of these I will only rp oc x oc or oc x canon:

    Naruto (any except next gen. or alt. universe)
    ATLA (avatar: the last airbender)

  2. I could try an Avatar roleplay with you. I also have an idea for it as well. Shoot me a PM so we can hash out details please.
  3. These are the ideas I'm interested in:

    Assassin x Target's Daughter
    Mob Boss' daughter x opposing side member (Would the 'opposing side' be like the son of like the DA?)
    Butler x Maid
    Rebel x princess
    Mercenary x princess
    Assassin x target
    half demon x full blood
    knight x princess of opposing side (Would this be like the knight's side takes the city the princess lives in and takes over control of the city?)
  4. Out of those I would be most interested in mercenary x princess and I love your gif. XD
  5. Okay ^^ If you will, please PM me any details of where you want the plot to go, and anything else you think I should know. Oh, and thank you xD
  6. If you are still looking for roleplays I'm interested in vampire x werewolf and half demon x human.