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  1. So, I've been thinking that I'd try running a roleplay now that I'm settled back into Iwaku. It would give me something to work on and cherish while I sit around being pregnant and sick all the time. >>; Plus, I've been in the mood to write creepy stuff.

    I was either stoned or sleeping when I thought of this, maybe both. But anyway. The idea I had in mind is something similar to Freaky Friday if anyone's seen it. Two misunderstood people switch bodies and have to stay that way until they learn to respect one another, accept who they are, blah blah. Except, this won't be quite as lame. I want to do this with creatures instead of humans. I really wanted to give this a try.


    The way I'd go about this is, there are 3 sides at war with each other: land, sea, and sky. They aren't going to be anything generic like werewolves, vampires, elves, etc. I think I'm going to make up the races, in fact. There will be two sea characters, two land characters and two sky characters. They cannot get along because each thinks themselves more superior than the others. (And don't worry, I'll do my best to add enough information so that there are a variety of traits you can pick from to build your warrior.)

    The sky creatures want the water so they can fish, but the sea creatures put up a fight to protect their precious ecosystem. This forces the sky creatures to hunt on land, which infuriates the land creatures. They attack the sea out of rage and pretty soon, no side can live at peace with another. Rules have had to be laid down, or else trespassers will be attacked.

    The Gods of each tribe notes that the balance is being upset. Every tribe is meant to share with one another, help one another. So, the leader of each tribe is asked to send two of each of their strongest members to the shrines. At these shrines, there's scolding and such and then the magic is worked to make the selected few switch bodies in order to learn a lesson in getting along. As well, their Gods test them by sending them on a mission to defeat a dark force that will destroy everything they loved if it isn't stopped. It's a test that cannot be failed. These 6 characters will be responsible for uniting everyone in order to repair broken bonds, and save their homes. You'll have a chance to do more peaceful things, too. There shall be scenes of you trying to fit in with your enemy race in the new body you're in.

    I'll develop this some more, of course. If I get enough bites for this, I'll be able to put all of the details in an OOC thread. The creatures will all be humanoid with some kind of beastly characteristic to each. Still contemplating if I want magic involved. But for sure, each side fights with what they were born with and whatever technology I decide they have. Body switching will be based on what race you are, not gender. So if I end up getting like 4 guys and 2 girls in this game, that's just how it'll be. As much of a fan as I am of romance, that isn't the main genre of this. >__>

    I hope that I can get some participants. This would be a fun challenge I reckon, too. Like if you're not a person who normally plays men, this could be your first chance at trying, hehe. ;)

    Looking for FIVE people to join. I'll keep track of those interested by using a lame list. I'll be using the boring default names since I have no fancy names yet. Maybe this could be your chance to discuss with someone what you'd like in the body you're switching with, too. With enough communication, you could end up with exactly what you want.

    Sea Me, Fluffy!
    Sea Mooglegirl
    Sky Lee-lee

    Swaps will be the following:

    Sea --> Land
    Land --> Sky
    Sky--> Sea

    I know this is sloppy and you probably have questions. v__v; I'll do my best to make this not-confusing...
  2. Sounds neat! :3

    If I might make a suggestion, I have these made-up races that each use their own unique kind of magic. Like, the felins (cat-people) rely heavily on alchemy and use a lot of salves, potions, and poisons, while most of the dragons rely on the natural power of the elements, and store energy in gemstones. Maybe you could do something like that?
  3. I also want so wanna be Sky!
  4. Oh, Sea please. :3
  5. Yay, Ili wants to play! :3 And I'd be glad to have you aboard too, Moogle.

    Thank you for the suggestion on magic. After I read it, I've been considering a pool of ideas I have for that now. All of them can be magically gifted in some way and have their own traditional methods of using it!
  6. Yay! Glad I could help. ^_^