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    Sofia had been in the city for all of a few days, just wandering around, seeing things she had never seen before. 'This is much more loud and noisy than my town...' she thought in her head as she carefully maneuvered around the dozens of people walking the same sidewalk as her. She was in New York, the place everyone had talked about, but it wasn't as great as they made it to be. The streets were dirty and smelly, the roads were crowded and angry, and the people seemed like living zombies, all rushing to get to where they needed to go. Sofia liked her small town Canadian life better, but she wasn't about to go back there.

    "Move it lady." someone had said as they pushed pasted her, causing their hands to touch for the briefest of seconds.

    'I have to get there. I need my fix. I'll kill him if he doesn't fucking have it.'

    Sofia took a moment to settle her mind down, the familiar sharp pain ceasing as the man's thoughts left hers. She looked at him, her purple eyes watching him as he turned a corner into the alleyway. She stopped walking, not sure if she really wanted to continue that way any longer. The young girl looked around, seeing a quaint coffee shop on the corner of the street. There seemed like a good place to rest for a moment. She walked over, entering the building and taking a seat, ordering a coffee when the waiter came to greet her. She sat quietly, staring out the window as she waited for her coffee, little did she know that she was being watched.

    A man had entered the building almost immediately after her, taking a seat a few meters away. His dark suit and tie had made him blend in with the rest of the busy crowd on he street. He watched the young girl, waiting for the perfect time to approach her. As he waited, she looked over, and he caught sight of the strangeness of her eyes. 'This is definitely the one.' he thought, lowering his head so she wouldn't notice him looking at her. Sofia looked at the cup of coffee the waiter had placed in front of her, thanking him kindly before taking a sip. It was nice to get something warm in her. Once she had finished her drink, she got up, deciding she had better get a move on if she wanted to find somewhere to stay. The man got up too as she left the cafe, keeping a close eye on her as she left. He contacted his co-workers, telling them to wait at the end of the street. If his boss wanted this girl, he was going to get her, he just hoped that she would cooperate...

    As Sofia neared the end of the street, waiting for the sign to let her walk, she felt someone approach her from behind, a nervous shiver went up her spine. Soon a black car pulled up in front of her, and the man behind her pushed her inside. She was shoved in and soon the men inside the vehicle explained everything, though Sofia felt as if their way of going about things was a bit unorthodox, she wondered if this would be a good idea; a facility to help her develop her gifts and use them to help others out. She had a natural caring attitude, often caring for animals when she was younger.

    A few days later, Sofia was brought to the facility called N.A.B. Her deep purple eyes studied the large white building as they approached it, a woman and man giving her a tour of the place. She felt a strange feeling come across her, this place seemed....well she couldn't quite place the word, but she had an uneasy feeling.

    "So Miss Johnson, this will be your department." the woman had said, holding her arm out in front of her to let Sofia go in first. "This is where you will be staying for the duration of the training." she added.

    Sofia looked around, there were quite a few other people around, she had no idea that there were so many like her. They others were of all ages, but she had noticed there didn't seem to have anyone over the age of 30. She wondered about this, but her thoughts were soon interrupted when she caught sight of a man. She tilted her head slightly at him, blinking her intriguing eyes at him before looking over at the two giving her the tour. The led her to her room and she figured she would be able to find that man sometime later.

    "Here is your jumpsuit. You will be needing to wear this everyday, another one will be available once we get everything settled." the woman said, her stern voice causing the unease to rise up in her again. "Have a nice night."

    They left her alone in her room, and she could just barely hear the man talk into his cellphone "Subject A07 B53 is in place." Sofia then began to wonder if this was such a good idea at all.

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  2. Markos awakened at 6 AM, just as he did everyday. He showered, shaved, and put on his clothes: blue jeans, white socks, white tennis shoes, a blue shirt, and then his lab coat. Pushing his glasses up on his nose correctly, Markos headed out, his ID card around his neck and his mind focused. Another day in a place he knew he should not work. In a place none should work. But here was a chance for him to do good. To help. To make a difference. He would learn what he could, and when the time was right, do what needed to be done. Do the right thing. He had to do the right thing. He wanted to. He desired to.

    "Mornin' Markos," said one of the guards as he drove into the parking lot of the facility. "Sleep well?"

    "I rarely sleep well," Markos said to the guard. "How's Lisa and the kids?"

    "Ah, they are doing very well," said the guardsman. "Go on through, buddy!" The guard smiled and waved on Markos, and Markos returned the smile.

    Parking in the front, Markos locked his car and walked briskly into the facility. He was the head of Department AB. All subjects with the first letter A and second letter B were under his supervision. Markos was extremely kind and patient with all the subjects, and knew that the other department heads were cruel and disgusting to their subjects. Markos reviled them for their immoral, mean manner. These subjects were people too, and deserved to be treated like so. His superiors often yelled at him for not getting 'the results' they wanted, but they kept Markos because he was a genius in the field of genetics. A prodigy.

    As he walked to his office, he spotted the newest subject. Subject A07 B53. He read the report on her. A 19 year old girl who could read the minds of others. He glanced at her for a moment, memorizing her body and face. He went back to his administrative duties for awhile, and then, after an hour of doing so, headed towards the new subjects room. He made a habit of introducing himself to all his subjects and making them feel as comfortable as possible.

    Now standing in front of the cell, Markos pushed his glasses up on his nose once more with his index finger. Tapping a keycode into the door, it opened and allowed him inside. He stood in front of the new subject and smiled at her in a pleasant manner. Nothing was false about him.

    "Miss Johnson, I take it?" He said, holding out his right hand for her to shake. "I am Markos Trayl. You can call me Mr. Trayl, Mark, or Markos, or even geek, squint, and nerd. I do not mind any of them." He laughed at his self deprecation and then nodded once. "As you know Miss Johnson, you are here to enhance your psychic abilities. I am in charge of this department, so if anyone treats you wrongly, you simply push that button over there beside your bed, and I will hear it and come to you. Forgive the odd cells. We are on limited space. You wiill be treated fairly here, Miss Johnson." With that, he gave a small, chivalrous bow. He was a charmer, that much was for sure. But what made him different is he was genuine. Pure and true.
  3. Sofia had looked around her room, it was small and very bare. The walls were the same bright white color as the halls, and rooms of the rest of the building, and there were two beds in the room, so Sofia had assumed that she had a roommate. There was one desk in the corner of the room, Sofia wandered over to it to see what was there. Scattered around on the desk were pieces of paper, all written on and strange formulas scribbled randomly on them. Her violet eyes narrowed slightly as she studied them, trying to make sense of the shaky writing. She decided she would try to find that man she saw before, walking over to the door and placing her hand on the handle. She tried to push it down, but it wouldn't budge, She took her hand from the door, looking at if before she sighed, moving back to the bed and sitting on it as she looked at her jumpsuit.

    She blinked at it, wondering what exact training she was going to have to do. She felt something outside the room change, looking over at the door to see it open, and the man she saw before standing behind it. She frowned slightly, wondering why he was able to come in, and she couldn't get out. She watched him as he moved closer to her, introducing herself and holding out his hand. She looked at it, frowning apologetically and moving her hands closer.

    "Sorry..." she answered quietly, looking up at him once again. As he went on speaking, she wondered why he was emphasizing that she wouldn't be harmed. She raised an eyebrow at him, "What do you mean....Mr. Trayl? This is just a training facility...right? That's what the lady, Mrs. Dawson said." Sofia said, shaking her head slightly at him. "When does the training start?" she asked.
  4. He noticed that she felt uneasy, and his warm smile became a look of sincerity and care. Markos rested a hand on her left shoulder. "Please, Miss Johnson, call me, Markos. And yes, this is a training facility. Here, you can use your powers and hone them as much as you desire. You will be cared for and tended to, this I can assure you."

    As he spoke the words "this is a training facility," he thought: 'Not simply a training facility. I hate lying to her. I hate lying to everyone. But everyone here will be better off soon. I'll be damned if I sit here and do nothing...' Immediately, it hit him. He had momentarily forgotten that she could read his mind. Markos prayed silently that she had not taken the liberty to search his thoughts at that moment. He did not wish to see her worry and definitely did not want her to panic. It would not be too long before he had enough evidence...

    "Training shall begin tomorrow morning for you, Miss Johnson. Now, are you thirsty or hungry at all? Name what you want, and I will have one of my associates go and get it for you." Markos was sweet in words and mannerisms. He had to be. Everyone who came here was nervous, and he needed to settle them down. He wanted to settle them down.
  5. The young girl watched him with curious eyes, but her eyes followed his hand as it made its way to her shoulder. She felt the familiar twinge of pain rush to her brain as it tried to figure out which thoughts were hers and which were his as he spoke.


    'lying,lying to everyone.'

    'will be better.'

    Sofia cursed softly in her head, the pain getting to be a little too much, she moved away from his hand, but made it seem like she was just adjusting herself. The cooling sensation of her mind calming down was the best feeling she could ever imagine. She took a deep breath, focusing on the words he was saying once more. She was a bit hungry, but she felt a little bad making others get her food for her.

    "Um...well a sandwich would be good...but can't I just go get it myself?" her soft voice asked, sounding a little weary from unwillingly using her gift. She brushed her hair behind one of her ears, blinking as she waited for an answer.
  6. Markos looked at her with soft eyes for a long moment, thinking of whether or not he should allow this. Eventually, he came to a conclusion.

    "Yes, yes you can," he told her. "I shall escort you to the kitchen in this facility so you do not get lost. Please, take my hand," he said, holding out a masculine hand for her to take. "Also, this facility is not safe unless you have an escort. Many things are going on here, and sometimes things can get a bit careless," he explained.

    He tapped a few buttons on the numberlock to the door with his other hand, opening it.
  7. She felt a rush of relief wash through her as he said she would be able to do it, but a lingering sense of uncertainty fell back down as he told her to take his hand. She frowned at it slightly, feeling confused as to why he wanted to hold hands.

    "Um... Mr. Trayl, would it be alright if we... didn't hold hands?" she asked as she looked back at him as he pushed a code into a numberlock she had over looked before. 'Oh.' she thought looking at the thing door open, "I... I just mean that...well my...gift is activated by touch...and honestly...I don't really know you..." she added quietly as she felt a strange blush creep on her cheeks. She cursed herself for acting to awkwardly.

    She got up to follow him, but waited for his answer before she moved. This whole situation was beginning to seem a bit weird, what with him talking about her being safe here and how they needed an escort to be safe....she wasn't quite sure how to handle this at all.
  8. Markos smiled at her and lowered his hand. "Yes. Yes, of course, I am very sorry. I will never force you to do anything you do not wish to do. But, please, follow me and keep close." He stepped out of the room and held his hand out, gesturing that she walk beside him.

    The benevolent geneticist then began walked eastward towards the kitchen, pushing away others that got in his way gently and occasionally giving orders to those workers that sat idly by. Markos once gave a cold, hard glare at one scientist, though the scientist was doing nothing at the time but writing on a clipboard.

    After three minutes of walking, Markos opened the door to the kitchen: a room with soda and drink machines and snack machines on the left and right walls, while in the middle was a very large table. Behind the counter was a refridgerator and freezer, and beside the two food storage units were counters with condiments and silverware. Chairs and stools surrounded the massive table in the center.

    "Choose anything you like. The machines on the sides require no currency. Simply push the corresponding letter and number and you get what you want."
  9. "Thanks." she replied with a small smile after he spoke, walking out of the room and following beside him, closely like he had said. She looked around the facility, paying close attention to her surroundings and making sure no one had touched her, but it didn't seem like that would have been a problem because the majority of the people in the halls were wearing what Mr. Trayl was wearing; a white lab coat and most with gloves. Sofia watched him for a moment, looking at his facial expressions and when he glared at someone, she looked over to who that person was. Confused as to why he had glared, she looked back, then around at all the others in the hall. Markos had been giving some of them orders, so she expected that he was an important person in the facility. This made her feel a bit better, knowing that he had come to see her and was allowing her to follow him.

    Once they arrived at the kitchen, she looked around at the huge kitchen, taking in the sight as she hadn't been in one like this for a very long time. A smile appeared on the girls face as she looked over to Markos again as he spoke. "Okay. Would you like something as well?" she asked as she made her way over to the counter, and began looking for bread, mayo, lettuce, and other sandwich ingredients.