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  1. Greetings! This challenge is all about you creating a character for this setting. This is one of the settings out of my folder of plots, and I would LOVE to see what kind of characters everyone would design. There is NO time limit on this challenge. You can even do this challenge more than once! And maybe if I do ever run this plot, you might be kidnapped to play! >:3

    You are creating a Knight of The Seven using the setting and world information provided below.

    The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it's founder, a man part of the Previous King's bloodline. As years went on if one was lost, they were quickly replaced by another. Someone that was chosen as their successor, or chosen by the Head. Only Seven, Always Seven. Never more, never less.

    Remember that the Seven are SECRET. No one has ever known of their existence except blood heir royalty. Each of the Seven have a number they "inherited" from their predecessor, this number they use to identify themselves to other Seven members. (1 - 7) Usually they will have a Tattoo or an Special Item that has the number in code. Most of the Seven have never met each other. They keep in contact through their current Leader.

    Several years ago the Imperial King Stephane Oelamir passed away leaving his second wife, the Queen Amethyst as acting ruler until his heir Princess Gwendolyn comes to age. The King was a beloved man as was his first wife. His second wife is an enchanting, beautiful woman, but harsh and feared. The Princess is a mystery. No one outside of the palace has seen her since she was a child. There are suspicions that the Queen is either trying to groom the Princess as a puppet, or have her "removed" in order to keep the crown. The Princess is the last blood heir of the Oelamir line.

    In it's current era, Vykendria still holds on to old world traditions even as advanced technology has become and every day thing. Castles, quaint villages, horse carriages, fashion and other traditions are blended in with high tech weapons, machines, and power structures. Though magic has been a part of the world since the dawn of time, it has become old fashioned in favor for the less draining machines of today. There IS magic, just remember that it's "old fashioned" and not as common as high tech sci-fi weaponry. Imagine a world that looks a lot like the time of King Arthur, with the castles, the knights, the forests and villages... but there's a lot of new tech mixed in. Laser guns, light sabers, machines. Vykendria's old world traditions are blending with new school tech. This world also contains different races, like elves, fae, dragons, etc. It has NOT reached the point of space travel or meeting alien races.



    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Age:[/b] 25+ A Seven must be old enough to have skill and experience.
    [b]Occupation:[/b] What do they do outside of being one of the Seven. Because being one of the Seven is a secret, they have a different face to the world.


    [b]General Appearance:[/b] Please give a written description. Additional picture is optional!
    [b]Strengths:[/b] Physically, what things are they really really good at.
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b] Physically, what are they weak at or can't do.
    [b]Weapons And/Or Powers:[/b] What is their preferred weapons of choice.
    [b]Mark of the Seven:[/b] What is the tattoo, scar, mark, etc that identifies them as a Seven. This is something they chose themselves when they were appointed and has a secret message or symbol that only the Seven know.


    [b]Talents:[/b] Things they are good at that requires mental skill or practice.
    [b]Inabilities:[/b] Stuff they really suck at.
    [b]Fears:[/b] BONUS CHALLENGE: Bonus love if you have fears that are something besides "Failing the mission.", "Loosing a loved one." or "Being alone."
    [b]General Personality:[/b] The personality that they show to the world.
    [b]Inner Personality:[/b] Their true thoughts, feelings, etc. Their inner self.
    [b]Secret:[/b] BONUS CHALLENGE: What is a secret they don't want anyone to know?

    [u][b]HISTORIC BACKGROUND[/u][/b]

    [b]Background:[/b] Where did they come from and grow up. Their life prior to becoming one of the Seven.

    [b]Their Appointment:[/b] How and why were they chosen to replace their predecessor? Were they chosen by the Leader? By the one they replaced? What makes them qualified for this position and how did it happen. This can be recent or something that happened years ago.

    [b]Present Life:[/b] What is their life like right now?
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    Character Name: Orion Alamoor
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Lycan
    Age: 30
    Occupation: He maintains a local Inn/Bar


    General Appearance: A tall man that stands at six feet even and weighs almost 153 pounds. Looking at his face, he has high cheek bones and a well sculpted jaw, as if he was born from royalty or of an elvish origin. His eyes are the most disturbing factor of his face and is the first thing that anyone notices. His irises are of the purest white, people almost mistake him for being blind, until they try to leave without paying their tab. His chest is finely detailed and he keeps as limber as possible, if one were to run their hand over it you could almost feel every strand of muscle in them. His stomach is not as detailed, you cannot see a single ab on it, as if he spent most of his time just swinging his arms, yet if you were to punch his stomach, one would find it rather hard. His over all appearance, with clothes on, would cause someone to think that he was weak, but this assumption is far from the reality. His skin tone is truly more of an olive, yet his pale, pinked face says that he is sort of sickly. His long hair reaches to his mid-back and is the color of a silken black, this is always worn in a low ponytail. His everyday outfit consists of a form fitting white shirt and a large dark brown duster, with the sleeves cut off at the seams on his shoulder. He wears a pair of black cargo pants and a pair of combat boots, except these aren't just regular combat boots. These boots are of his own design, the soles of his boots are metal and wires run up the side of them, though his pants cover those. Wearing a belt, there is a small black box that is attached to it on his left hip, it consists of nothing more than an on/off switch. His right arm is covered in bandages and underneath these bandages are wires that lead to a malleable metal plate (Use is explained later). (Sadly I could not find a good picture of this exact person.)
    Strengths: He is a naturally skilled swordsman, though there is still quite a bit for him to learn. Acrobatics is another one of his great strengths and it helps him navigate the city at a faster pace than normal, especially when it comes to pursuing someone.
    Weaknesses: Though he is an excellent swordsman, that is all he has trained in, so when it comes to another weapon such as a staff, he is completely useless.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: He keeps with him at all times, a custom lightsaber. When he wields it, the blade looks as if it was made of water and a sort of, for the lack of a better word, "steam" emanates off the blade. His other weapon is a rifle built for a sniper (Both Links Listed Below). His one and only power is the manipulation of electricity, he can control it and bend it to his will yet he can't conjure it out of nowhere.
    Mark of the Seven: Orion carries on him a tattoo of a raven on his right shoulder, which represents the name he gave himself, Rayven. In the talons of the raven there is three snakes, the total amount of snakes represent his number. The overall meaning of the medallion means "Death takes even the most fearsome."


    Talents: His marksmanship is not as impeccable as he wishes it to be, but he is still a great shot. Other things such as lock-picking, hacking, and being able to read the smaller facial movements to understand the mood of a per, or to simply tell if they are lying, are things he was trained in as he was on his way to becoming one of the Seven.
    Inabilities: Now here is a bit of a contradiction, he isn't very good at math, despite the fact of his ability to hack. It's mainly things like sales tax and the cost of food, drinks, and things of that nature. Patience may be a virtue, but he barely has any, mainly when it comes to a bunch of idiots.
    Fears: Now as much as Orion hates failing a mission, it isn't one of his fears as he has come to terms there will always be a few missions that he fails, or can't complete. He doesn't fear losing loved ones as he constantly see's death on a daily basis. He doesn't fear Fear itself, but he fears himself, as he does not know what he is truly capable of doing. Another thing that he is afraid of is the unknown, such as what is in the dark when the night comes.
    General Personality: He comes off as an out-going fun guy to talk to, and always in a happy mood. Not speaking badly about, or treating women badly, he is a true gentleman. He cares about his friends and when they are down he tries his best to cheer them up, using the hurtful things from his past to do so.
    Inner Personality: On the inside he has a "Fuck the world and my life" type of attitude, though he hides it behind a fake smile. He hates the world, his life, his job, and practically everything. He is constantly depressed and blaming every little thing that goes wrong in his life on himself. So he mentally beats himself up every day. There is no one that Orion cares about enough to let them get close and see this side of him.
    Secret: Orion is a complete basket case, he doesn't have a split-personality and he isn't bi-polar, like some people think, but he does have a phantasm. A phantasm is practically a figment of ones imagination that was created willingly by the brain to bring one's true feelings to light. His phantasm is of a creature mostly based off of the March Hare from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, yet this hare is twisted due to it being created from his anger, hatred, sadness, and depression. The hare looks as if he is in a zombie-like state, flesh missing in certain regions of it's body, the top hat it wears is all ragged and old. His shirt and overcoat are all dirty with patches in a few areas and is missing one eye. Another secret that he hides is the fact that he has a device that creates a small spark of electricity that he can then willingly use as he wishes, without this device, he is practically useless.


    Background: Orion came from a fantastic family, they always showered him in love and his parents did their best to raise him the way that he should be. He had many friends and was liked by everyone. By the age of five Orion lost his father, which was really tough for him for his father was his best friend and they did many things together. One thing his father was doing at that time was teaching him how to control the beast inside. With his father's death though, he became a bit of a recluse, withdrawing into himself and forgetting about the outside world. He went through school day to day just barely doing enough work to pass each grade. His group of friends grew smaller and smaller each year, as more people started making fun of him. Up till his 16 birthday he was in a zombie-like state and didn't care about what anyone said about him. Around the month of November he met a girl and she had changed him. He came out of his shell, yet he was still shy whenever he told her how he felt about her. Luckily she felt the same way and on the spur of the moment he had asked her out the following day, it seemed like a good idea to him. Only a few months later he was crushed, she had dumped him. The first girl ever to be in his life that said she loved him, and she was gone just like that. He had given that girl everything, he gave her his heart and soul just so she could throw them away just a couple months later. Like an idiot she said that she still loved him and so he took her back in June, only to have her do the same thing as before, by this time Orion had enough. He tried 5 separate times to kill himself and each time he woke up in the hospital to the doctor telling his mom that he was lucky to still be alive. Seeing the tears on his mothers face was what hurt him the most, to know that he had did more harm than good. The night that he finally got out of the hospital he wrote his mother a note saying "Mom I am sorry for all of the pain that I have put you through, please do not be worried about me or this note. I am not going to try and kill myself again, I see that it was a big mistake and I am sorry for everything I ever did wrong. I am going out on my own and I am going to try and make things better for us. Your Loving Son Orion" and with that he left.

    Their Appointment: Orion was chosen to by the person that he replaced. Orion speculates that the person he replaced felt pity towards him, as he unknowingly met the third knight and told him his story. Orion is a protector of sorts, as he wants to help out everyone and doesn't want anyone to go through what he has went through. He mainly helps out the children and teenagers that are sad and depressed, for he knows that they are that city's future. He has also helped others through the years, escorting people places so they are safe and doing random acts of kindness for the less fortunate.

    Present Life: As of right now Orion is rather happy with the lifestyle that he leads and having the honor to be one of the seven is something that he never even knew was possible. Though he is rather busy with maintaining an Inn/Bar, he makes enough time to go on his missions whenever he is called out for one. He is also still actively seeking someone for a long-term relationship, even though it has kind of fell to the wayside with the recent event of his mother dying. He attended her funeral and found that there were more people there than he had originally thought. What was amazing was to find that all of his childhood, the ones that were always by his side, were there and recognized him right away. This small groups of friends has been stopping by his place of work everyday and they all have been conversing. These friends have become his new family and this is one thing that he will never give up on.
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    Character Name: Kain Strait
    Age:25(Immortal age: 200)


    General Appearance:His eyes are golden and he has short black hair. He is seven-five and weights one-forty. He wears black leather boots, black jeans, and a white tee shirt with a leather coat over him.
    Strengths: Archary, marksman, hunting, able to sneak quietly
    Weapons And/Or Powers:Mind control, flying, flickering(as to mean he can disappear in one spot and appear in other in a blink of an eye), able to use fire. Uses hidden knifes and his dual blades with a saying, "Truths Are Lies. Lies Are Truths. Both Are The Same."

    Mark of the Seven: His tattoo is a cresent of the moon colored silver and with a bat flying through it with the number seven as a crater in the moon.


    Talents:Hand to hand combat, sword fighting, dirty fighting

    Fears:He is afraid of not protecting other. He is determined to protect his Knights with honor and diginity.
    General Personality:He is quiet to everyone but kindhearted. He will help anyone in need, but will kill someone if they betary him.
    The personality that they show to the world.
    Inner Personality:Alone, pain, hatred, sorrow,
    Secret: To know his true form. BONUS CHALLENGE: What is a secret they don't want anyone to know?


    Background: Kain was merely a boy working for his father that was in the Seven. He wished he would be like his father. But, one day, Kain seen someone that was unknown walking around their house. Kain just thought it was a wander and looking for money and food. Kain ran inside the house and got his father and told him about the unknown person wandering on their land. His father went outside and the unknown figure wasn't there. Kain looked at his father in disbelief and his father smiled at him and said "There is no one here, Kain." He walked back in to his mother and made her laugh and smile. When he was eighteen, his father taught him hand to hand combat, hunting, and how to shoot a bow. He was the most endurance teenager in the village. He fought some of the Seven and did lose, but they helped him to show right way to defend and attack. After, he left his parents house around age twenty-five. He knew he could join the Seven. But, that night he was getting ready. He heard something outside, and he went outside. He looked around the place. It was too dark to see anything, but he seen red eyes. He looked at them, wondering who it is. He said, "Who goes there!?" There was a sinisterly laugh, it said, "Oh Kain. I been watching you. I been watching you fight everyday and practice. You have potential. I should..." He was in fear. He took his sword out and wield it, saying, "Get off the property or I'll kill you!" He yells at it when fear but angry. It laughed so dark evil sinister as it could be, "Don't you even dare to kill me. You'll never touch me." He ran to the figure and swung at it. The figure disappear and when Kain looked behind him. The figure was standing there. It grabbed his sword and forcefully took it out of his hand, giving Kain, pain in his arm. The figure said, "Now, this is what I been waiting for" The figure bite his neck and Kain felt his body crippling down to the ground. It was taking it's blood. He was getting sleeping and started to see black... Where did they come from and grow up. Their life prior to becoming one of the Seven.

    Their Appointment: His father died because of the figure that killed him. Yes, because his father was in the Seven and Kain was the next to come in. How and why were they chosen to replace their predecessor? Were they chosen by the Leader? By the one they replaced? What makes them qualified for this position and how did it happen. This can be recent or something that happened years ago.

    Present Life: Kain is in the Seven and is a vampire. But, he learn how to control his blood lust. He is the best at hand combat then anyone in the Seven. What is their life like right now?
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    Character Name: Bjorn Helmcleave of the Northern Vale
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: Fifty-four
    Occupation: Local blacksmith


    General Appearance: A beastly man with a heavy-set frame mired in taut muscle. He is roughly six and four feet in height, and over two hundred pounds in weight. His posture is rigid, bearing broad shoulders with a pride in his heritage. The Northern Vale has given his pale skin an almost ethereal blue tint to it, his hair a frosty raven black, splotched with streaks of silver, kept long and free as his spirit, pulled into a ponytail only when he works the forge. He usually remains clean-shaven when fresh water and a razor are present. Smouldering grey eyes are set deep in his chiseled face, which look as if they could alight from rage.

    He typically dons himself in simple clothes with neutral tones, such as woolen tunics and slacks. As he works the forge, he dons a thick fire-resistant apron and heavy leather gloves to protect his hands from the intense heat. When not dressed for battle in the armor of the Seven, he goes around barefoot as he did in the Vale.
    Strengths: He has incredible amounts of pain tolerance, stamina, and physical power.
    Weaknesses: Due to his age, he isn't as quick as others.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: His belief in the old ways speaks not only in his craft, but in his choice of weapon. He wields a two-handed broadsword that is married with the latest technology, enhancing its edges with vibranium, a unique anti-metal substance that cuts clean through the most basic of armor and weapons, and severely damaging to others, but otherwise gives it no superiority against flesh. His ancestry with the barbarian tribes in the Northern Vale mountains allows him control over wind, conjuring up great gusts and the like.
    Mark of the Seven: Using the forge at his workshop, he crafted a piece of metal that held the shape of a ring. It was notched in four places so that when he branded his left hand, it marked the cardinal directions, symbolizing unity of the winds and his place in the order, as well as his commitment to the royal bloodline.


    Talents: Swordsmanship, general weapons play, artistic flair with painting, forging and jewel cutting, leadership and tactics.
    Inabilities: Reading & writing (only the most basic of sentences. Fancy wordplay on paper means nothing but gibberish to him), technologically inept (he can only apply it to his work, not use it on a day-to-day basis)
    Fears: Bjorn harbors a deep mistrust of the night, believing it is host to harmful spirits that walk when the stars align. Superstitions being a large part of his barbarian heritage, he avoids walking the barrows of the dead, especially in halls of those that are not his people, believing it an insult to do so. He also despises when he is mocked for his lack of a formal education, his inability to read or write well being a sore point in conversation that may involuntarily draw his ire. He also secretly fears that he will dishonor the name of his predecessor, or bring shame to his village by appearing weak at any point in time.
    General Personality: He carries a grim demeanor, with no humorous edge. He speaks when he must, and when his input is critical. He prefers not to show that he is as human as anyone else, with worries and such. He is known for his anti-technological viewpoints, but it does not interfere with his work.
    Inner Personality: His mind is as unpredictable as the winds; What words he withholds by biting his tongue, he thinks. And he often daydreams of his next project with painting, inspired by the natural beauty of the outside world.
    Secret: Bjorn had an unwed relationship with his predecessor who bore a child, who does not know of his existence.


    Background: Bjorn hails from the Northern Vale, a set of mountain ranges far to the north of the kingdom. Its icy peaks had been his home for several years, mired in the belief that the winds carried spirits to the afterlife and other such mythical tales. His people were warriors, hunters, gatherers, and tradesmen. He was apprenticed to his father, the village blacksmith, where he learned how to craft weapons and armor in a society that scraped by without the gifts of civilized technology, which fueled his stance on technology to this day.

    When he was not training as an apprentice, his father taught him the art of battle, which he continued to hone throughout his life to the present day, making him a dangerous adversary when it came to conventional and guerrilla warfare.

    As the years passed and his father and mother went with the winds, Bjorn took up the mantle as chief blacksmith of the village. However, as all young men were wont to do, wanderlust grew in his heart. He took up an apprentice of his own and taught him everything he knew up to that point before packing his belongings and making his way out of the Vale.

    He found himself in the kingdom after many years of traveling, and the winds spoke to him. It told him that this was his new home, and this is where he settled, etching out his existence using the skills he had acquired during his youth. It was not long before he had established a relationship with Four of Seven. and they carried out their desires in secret.

    Over time she would confide in him about the Order and her duties, and that she trusted no one else but he to act as her heir, writing out a testament that would serve as his appointment when she retired. However, before all this could come to pass, she became pregnant with their child. She gave birth to the healthy baby girl, but complications arose which took the woman's life.

    Believing himself unworthy of such a child, he gave her up to the peoples of his village, and trekked back to the kingdom. With the letter in hand, he sought out the leader of the Seven.

    Their Appointment: Bjorn's secret relationship, and his myriad of useful skills and traits, including his ability to make and wield great weapons and armor, enabled him to be appointed the heir to his predecessor, Four of Seven.

    Present Life: Bjorn carries his duties out to the throne with unwavering conviction when he is called to uphold them. However, he continues to live in solitude and grief as one of the kingdom's many highly skilled blacksmiths, capable of weaving martial technology with science. Occasionally, he also creates jewelry and other fine arts. He spends his free time sightseeing and painting in the loft above his workshop.
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  5. GENERAL CHARACTER STATISTICS (wip because Diana showed me this shit too goddamn late)

    Character Name: Haleficia Briggs
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 73
    Occupation: Haleficia serves as a tenured professor at the local alchemic university teaching Divinatory Writing 115: Chanting & Comprehension, History of Vykendrian Magical Praxis & Politics 506, and Theoretical Demonology.


    General Appearance: Haleficia looks exactly as her age would suggest to them who are young enough to fear the years under her belt. Her hair has grayed and mottled, her skin has sagged and crinkled growing rosy in all the places where it now hangs thinly, and her stature has diminished a couple of inches from the height of her youth. It is there, however, that Haleficia ceases to embody the markers of wizened age, the old woman has found it best to wear your badges throughout the years rather than have them wear you. Therefore, Ms. Briggs wears her wrinkles like extra smiles, her silvered hair cut into a modest yet entirely chic bob. She has never been seen with anything less than five bangles, two bracelets and four rings. Her thinning lips are never without a good application of lipstick in all manner of available hues, her favorites being a neon purple, wine red, shimmering pink and 11:15am sky blue. Her reddened nose occasionally sports a ring right in its septum and on days or outfits that call for it, a spectacular bespoke hat sits jauntily on her head much to the delight of the local and unashamedly flamboyant milliner. Haleficia has grown accustomed to wearing clothes that leave little of her skin bared, rightly so as that even until now she continues to visit the local tattoo parlor. Her body is very literally covered in tattoos from very intricate swirling, charm marks, warding sigils, birds, flowers and a grocery list. As the university frowns upon encouraging the students to visually rebel, the dean has forbade Haleficia from exposing any of her tattooed flesh which is all well and good since her face and hands are the only pieces of skin left un-inked.

    Haleficia Briggs Visual Shorthand (open)
    via http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/2013/05/if-you-want-to-dress-like-advanced.html

    Strengths: Haleficia Briggs remains agile and light on her feet due to her ballroom waltzing classes twice a week. Because of the technological advancements available in the kingdom, Briggs' eyesight also remains at 20/20 due to the corrective surgery she had at 61 to head off her weakening eyesight.

    Weaknesses: Haleficia never had that much upper body strength to begin with, hauling a sack of cake flour past one flight of stairs is a herculean task for her even when in her 20s. She has a strong aversion to the cold, finding that she feels not unlike a pet lizard deprived of its rock and heating lamp in winter and autumn.

    Weapons And/Or Powers: Haleficia Briggs while a professor at the alchemic university is also an archdame* of the Deasil Sistren coven and motorcycle club. As an archdame witch, Haleficia has a high level proficiency in the four witchery disciplines, Spellwork, Divination, Invocation, and Transmutation. As a knight of Seven, Haleficia uses her specialties in Invocation and Spellwork to animate her knight's armor. The suit of armor itself was a reworked suit from a former One, made for a very large, muscular man. For Haleficia, wearing the suit is akin to wearing her mother's clothes as an infant. Through her witchcraft however, Haleficia manages to animate and command the suit by imbuing the metal with a spirit she had contracted in Balgalla, final resting place of warriors past, present and future. Clever circumventing of particular sigils and spells, Haleficia also managed to enchant a knight's arsenal to follow her into battle, but as battles goes once the weapon has been broken or damaged beyond repair the enchantment retracts and so she must repeat the process once the battle is over.

    Mark of the Seven: Haleficia has a collar brooch with a singular, raw black tourmaline gem suspended between an intricate network of filigree and chainlink, when viewed directly the tourmaline's seemingly uncut plane has the number one etched subtly into it.


    Talents: In Charm School** Haleficia excelled in her AP Inter-planar Analytics class and

    Inabilities: Stuff they really suck at.

    Fears: BONUS CHALLENGE: Bonus love if you have fears that are something besides "Failing the mission.", "Loosing a loved one." or "Being alone."

    General Personality: The personality that they show to the world.

    Inner Personality: Their true thoughts, feelings, etc. Their inner self.

    Secret: BONUS CHALLENGE: What is a secret they don't want anyone to know?


    Background: Where did they come from and grow up. Their life prior to becoming one of the Seven.

    Their Appointment: How and why were they chosen to replace their predecessor? Were they chosen by the Leader? By the one they replaced? What makes them qualified for this position and how did it happen. This can be recent or something that happened years ago.

    Present Life: What is their life like right now?


    *Diana, I approached your "magic is old-fashioned" the same way the catholic church is viewed as old-fashioned minus the homophobia, misogyny and imperialistic tendencies.

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    Character Name: Eirwyn Rhys
    Alias: Eihlar Bowen (current name)
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 48
    Occupation: Hunter


    General Appearance:
    In his youth
    Much like his name, Eirwyn was born with fair features. His white-gold hair often gleams under the sun. Paired with a strong jawline and eyes of emerald green, one would say that he was the fairest of all knights in Vykendria (he believes he is, being the proud, haughty person he was back then). Though he was fair, he did not look feeble. In fact, he was far from it. Eirwyn's love for battle and swordplay (particularly wielding the heavy ones) honed his muscles to match the stress he puts on himself when wielding such weapons. As such, he was both equal in fairness and strength; "the perfect man for the perfect job" as he once put it.

    This picture acts as a similar representation of how he would look.

    Current time
    For a man of fair features, one would expect him to age with grace. Yet, life has its moments, and those moments can last for eternity to those who still cling to the past but with no hope to ever return to such times. Years passed and Eirwyn grew rugged and unkempt; his shoulders slumped, his body adorned with scars, his bright eyes glazed of shame and defeat, and his demeanor seemed that of a man who has given up. One would find it hard to believe that this man was once one of the finest knights of Vykendria.

    This picture acts as a similar representation of how he would look now.

    Strengths: (all are arranged in order of their expertise, from expert to basic)
    In his youth

    Precision (by that, I meant in being accurate about hits and whatnot)

    Current time

    Weaknesses: (similar arrangement to above, but reversed)
    In his youth


    Current time
    Endurance (he is still suffering from an old leg injury)

    Weapons And/Or Powers:
    In his youth
    (he normally goes for a more crowd-control-berserk weapons)

    Current time
    Recurve Hunting Bow
    Hunting Crossbow
    Hunting Knife (comes with a serrated side)
    (Eirwyn prefers the silent weapons now. Makes it easier for hunting.)

    Mark of the Seven:
    He carries a ceremonial dagger of blue and gold with him at all times. It was never once used in combat, only serving as a reminder of what he truly is. There was no need for any number or symbol to indicate his position. Eirwyn knew from the very beginning;

    He was the fifth.


    In his youth
    Flirting (Haha...ha)
    (I can't really think of another one at the moment. Perhaps I might edit this part later)

    Current time
    Negotiation (in trade deals)

    In his youth
    Manners (Unless they're REALLY necessary, then he'll make an effort)

    Current time
    Social skills (He's pretty much a hermit-Amish now)

    His own/lack of capabilities. He generally distrusts himself in doing anything beyond what he is doing now.
    (Will put more here when I'm more awake)

    General Personality:
    In his youth
    Eirwyn has always been a country boy at heart; simple, brash, blunt, mannerisms-out-of-the-window, but downright honest. If there was something he was not happy with, or someone that rubs him the wrong way, he will always deal with it upfront. He was never the type to sneak up and surprise, always preferring to settle it with a duel or, if he was outside of the king's court, fistfights.

    He was a hothead, but a hothead so full of passion that it affects those around him, be it positively or negatively.

    Current time
    His previous personality is pretty much a distant memory in the far corners of his mind. That man was someone else altogether. The current Eirwyn, or Eihlar, is a brooding, moody man. Bitter, defeated and guilt are pretty much the best words to describe how he is now.

    Inner Personality:
    In his youth
    If there were two words one would use to describe Eirwyn, it would probably be "big <insert noun here>". Anything about him is big, bombastic and obnoxiously loud. That also includes him having a big heart, big enough to fit Stephane, his family, and the people of Vykendria.

    Current time
    He still retains that "big" part of him, though it grew less and less each time. But something inside him still wants to burst through and not give up on it. Yet, it will only burst forth if a "miracle" happens, whatever that may be. Until then, he would wait.

    His true identity, of course. The people believed him dead.


    Background (pre-appointment):
    Eirwyn grew up in the farms, and for the longest time, he thought he would never leave that place. He knew, deep down inside, that there was more to life than just milking cows and tending to the fields; he knew there was something more beyond those fences that surround his home.

    His chance came in the form of Oelamir's knight, accompanied by four soldiers, who patrolled the borders of the kingdom. They were not looking to recruit anyone in that village, but it sparked an idea within this young man. He ran away from the farms when he had the chance and signed up as a soldier.

    While most seemed to regret choosing the life of a soldier, Eirwyn saw it as an opportunity to rise and become the very knight that passed by his farm that one day. Lacking the patience of precision in hits, Eirwyn grew very attached to large, heavy swords. The days he spent in the farm, hoeing and carrying heavy stacks of hays, prepared him for this, he once thought.

    Year after year, he proved his prowess in battles and skirmishes. Eventually, he caught the attention of an envious young man, who later ascends as the Imperial King Stephane Oelamir. The two maintained a healthy rivalry (often through duels, fistfights, gambling, woma-; no no, I didn't say that. He didn't say that. WE didn't say that. Ignore that. Haha), and later, a strong bond of friendship. This bond lasted even after that young man was crowned to be the ruler of Vykendria.

    In fact, it grew even stronger when Eirwyn was later appointed as the fifth.

    His Appointment:
    It was the night of the king's wedding, and Eirwyn was pissed drunk between the bosoms of a serving girl. It was, after all, a wedding. And such grand weddings end with much "grandness", or so he thought it should. Either way, everyone had a good time that night, and they all pretty much drank themselves to sleep.

    But he was aroused by his best friend, the king himself, and was invited for a walk down the quiet streets of the city. (It was quite a sight, you see. If you can imagine a sober man walking side by side with a drunken man who trips every few second, then you'll know why.) They got to the hill that overlooked the whole city and the lands beyond the city; basically, almost the entirety of Vykendria.

    Witty, drunken conversations between the two eventually sobered up to more serious matters...

    "I'm a king now, Eir, and later," the king paused for a moment before continuing, "A father,"

    Eirwyn stared at him. Sleepy with his wits being neither here nor there, he still struggled to understand what Stephane was trying to say. "You'd be a great man, Stephane," as if trying to liven up the mood, Eirwyn added with a chuckle, "Hell, you won this time. Fetched yourself a lovely lady, and for good!"

    He chuckled and turned to his half-drunken friend, "I'm counting on you, old friend," the king reached inside his robes and pulled out an ornate dagger, "I'm counting on you for the things I can no longer do with you."

    At that, Eirwyn had to sober up; "What do you mean?" his eyes went to the the dagger in Stephane's hand.

    "Things can't be as they were before, Eir, now that I am king," he turned to the horizon, "But I wish to honour what we have, for all the things we've been through together. Hence, the dagger,"

    The now sober Eirwyn picked up the dagger and stared at it in wonder. He was about to say something in reply, but then paused; he knew what the king meant.

    "That was an heirloom from the Fifth. Traditionally, it should be passed on to those of his lineage," Stephane chuckled softly, "Father would have something to say about this, but he's not here now. I may be king, but you know I'm never one to follow tradition so strictly,"

    "I can see that," he grinned for a bit before turning back to the king, "But, why me?"

    "You're my rival, my friend, and the brother I never had. I trust you, more than I could ever trust myself," Eir watched as the king strode forward, his eyes full of determination...and fatigue. Stephane continued: "Eir, I entrust you with my life and the lives of my family,"

    Of course he accepted it. And boy was he proud.

    Background (post-appointment):
    Despite being appointed as the Fifth out of the Seven, he was still stationed close to the king's family, and even closer to the king. Ever since that day, Eirwyn never left his quarters without the ornate dagger kept safe within his hidden pouch. Every day, it reminded him of his duty and loyalty to the king and his family.

    Every day, it reminded him of the day when he first vowed into the order of the Knight of the Seven.

    The death of the first queen devastated Stephane in a way Eirwyn was unable to help, for he too was in grief. Eventually, when the king took a second wife, he was slightly better than before. However, Eirwyn suspects the second queen, Amethyst, was up to something. He never trusted her, and never truly considered her as part of the royal family he was sworn to protect.

    When Stephane finally passed on, Princess Gwendolyn suddenly disappeared and Queen Amethyst took charge of the throne. Eirwyn suspected this as Amethyst's plan all along; to take on the throne of Vykendria and to hide the true heir away somewhere. It happened too quickly for him to react when it did.

    Angered and vengeful towards the sudden change in governance, Eirwyn revolted against Queen Amethyst, gathering a number of troops who still swore fealty to the late king (ala "47 Ronins"). But no matter how hard he tried, she was always one step ahead of him. This lasted for several years until he was eventually caught and tried for treason against the crown.

    Eirwyn escaped, of course. But his escape led him into the farthest reaches of Vykendria, to the forest that borders between Stephane's kingdom and its neighbour. And it was there he remained.

    Present Life:
    Eirwyn, now under an alias, "Eihlar", lives his life as a hunter in a small cabin, still in that same forest he retreated to years ago. The game he catches serves as his day-to-day meal, and the pelts that come with the game were sold to a nearby village.

    The ceremonial dagger now sits in his cabin, hidden under the wooden floors.

    Away from sight.

    Away from the past.

    - - - - -
    I spent almost two days making this character profile, only to leave it here without seeing it in action.

    Sigh. Either way, I hope it is to your liking.​
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    Character Name: Quintas Duran
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Centaur
    Age: 32
    Occupation: BlacksmithPHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Strong build with his upper half that of a man and his lower half that of a horse like all the others of his kind. He stands nearly 6’11 tall almost seven and weighs close to 500pounds. He has yet to really check. It depends on if he has armor on or not. He has muscle mass but tries real hard not to unnecessary bulk or fat, just muscle.

    General Appearance: Long brown hair. Worn pulled back out of his eyes. Muscular build. When he works in his shop his top is a cream color peasant top with a brown leather vest. He requires no other clothing. If he needs to ware his armor then he has a chest plate with leather straps that connect over his shoulders and around his sides.

    He has armor that covers his flank and wraps over his sides and buckles in two places at his hips. It’s all custom metal plating he has made himself with padding on the underside to protect his back and sides. Along his flank is much the same, some armor but not a lot as it would slow him down to much in battle. He only puts on full battle gear if heading into intense fighting. Thankfully that has only been once.

    Strengths: Physically, Quintus is a very good swordsman and loves working with metal. It’s something he learned from his father and a fine craft that he takes great pride in. Making axes, swards, knives, shields and armor prove to be a great source of income and have also won him a great reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Local farmers found his skill to be useful in everyday items as well and thought he was fair and honest with his prices. Offering meals, goods or labor when payment was rather high. Quintas was always found to be the most gentle and honest of all the smiths in the area. That won him high praise and many came to him for repairs. He was able to fix most items and return them better than they were before. If unable to repair the item he offered new ones at fair prices. Trusted and fair carried well in the village. Word traveled and many sought him out for craftsmanship and deals.

    Weaknesses: The one thing that drives Quintus totally mad over is the fact that he couldn’t hold a bow or shot an arrow to any solid effect. Unlike his father and many friends. He wasn’t born with the gift of archery. He hates this about himself and keeps it a secret to the best of his ability.

    Weapons And/Or Powers: Preferred weapons of choice sward and ax

    Mark of the Seven: Once Quintas found out that he was the fifth one of the seven he didn’t want to believe it. It had to just be something that happened with his name right? He really was part of something far greater than he ever could have imagined. It took a great amount time for Quintas to come to terms with the fact that he the fifth member. Taking a branding iron one day to himself he set the hot metal a blaze and branded himself . Not on his flank as one might think. No he took the hot glowing metal into his palm and let is sear into his flesh the number five. Screaming nearly fainting from the pain Quintas dropped the branding iron with his hand forever carrying the mark. His flesh melted and burnt. Bleeding and raw for weeks after. He worked and covered it up. There after working with a glove. He wore some most of the time anyway, he took the mark and carried his number in secret. One that could pass as an error if ever questioned due to his trade.


    Talents: Spending hours a day when he finds the time, and Quintas is sure to make the time he loves to practice with his swards and ax for battle. His movements are seamless and flow one into the other. For his mass and bulk his moves are proven to be very effective and carried out with procession and little effort. Something he has to really focus on or he will lose his footing and trip when in close combat.
    Inabilities: It hasn’t been something that is required of Quintas daily but once in a while he tries to braid his hair of that of girl that he has taken a liking too and it’s a horrific failure. It usually ends with knots and the girl or woman crying. He gave up on his own and only ties it back out of his eyes to ease the frustration.
    Fears: One fear that creeps up into his nightmares is that one day he might lose his skill at being a blacksmith. He took after his father and therefore his shop. He doesn’t want to lose either one. He makes everything by hand and everything he has learned was from his father. He prays he will never forget.

    General Personality: Strong and wise is how Quintas comes off to most folks. He is understanding and level headed. He comes off as better than others of his kind and not like most that others have known. He has a good reputation and works hard to disprove the reputation about his kind.

    Inner Personality: Deep down when depressed or alone for long periods of time Quintas fears that he might turn on himself and become the abusive, drunkard that his kind have been known to be. Could be wild and savage. Could he or would he rape a human or other female of any kind? His mind runs away with thoughts that test his calm nature and he fights to keep himself from giving into fear and ignorance. He knows he is better than all that, or is he? He doubts himself.

    Secret: He wishes for son but refuses to mate for fear of raping the female or killing her. He has never been close enough to any female to say he has known love. Never letting anyone know this. All assume he has known many and even the females assume this, but it’s not true. Fear, a deep set fear forces him into solitude like no other.

    HISTORIC BACKGROUNDBackground: Quintas and his father were part of a small nomadic clan of Centaurs that came into the region to find work and females. The region where they have been before was war torn and many of the women were either too young or killed. His father thought it best to move on and find a place where peace was abound and his son would stand a better chance of finding not only work but a mate. They had lost his mother and brothers in battle they needed some joy in their lives now it that was possible.

    Taking up his father’s trade from a young age Quintas was found to be very valuable to the Lords of the land and he and his father were given many mares to mate and breed as they wished. His father had the most fun but Quintas was not interested and feared foul behavior as he saw before that spawned wars. As time passed his father passed away from wounds of the war that were internal and never known to be there. At his father’s funeral an unknown person came to Quintas and presented him with something very unique. Chosen to be part of something very important and very different, it was because of his choices and his views that Quintas thought this had come to be but in truth he didn’t understand that magnitude of what had just come to be. Yes he was strong enough but now he was alone with none to serve what duty or calling would he serve? He was never one to do for the needs of him-self. That was wrong. Basic needs yes, but worldly, never. The seven could it be true? To be part of something else, something new? Quintas agreed and never looked back.

    Their Appointment: Quintas was chosen by the Leader to be the fifth member and this was only revealed to him after his father’s passing. His views and rightfulness made stand out from the rest. He was unlike any other. No other Centaur was like nor could be exactly like or even close. That is what made him the one they wanted. It was also a test. Could he stand the true test of time and overcome his fears and weakness and remain true to his calling? Would he be the one that they could see deep within him even if he questioned himself? That balance was something that he had to fight with every day and that battle is what made him so much stronger than he ever understood. Holding true to him-self would always win. That made him worthy. Since the time of coming near the elders and them watching his interactions with the women of the village, his work with his father and all his other deeds, they knew the truth. Therefore he was chosen.

    The timing was right, and Quintas was ready when he lost his father. As sad as it was, it was the perfect time to reveal to him a new reason to challenge himself and continue the life he was already leading. One of value and honesty. One that carried more worth then others knew. Something Quintas understood but would not flaunt or ever speak about. He knew better, far better.

    The night he learned of his appointment Quintas asked the leader before he left.

    “And my name?”

    “What of it?” The leader turned from the door. He paused for a moment then smiled his eyes picking up on something there.

    “My mother told me it means five.”

    “Well that’s just lucky isn’t it.” The leader chuckled and slipped out into the night.

    Shaking his head at his luck as it were Quintas thought from then on it best for him to go by Quin, just to be safe. If that was possible. Would someone make the connection? Would they ever think that someone like him could be one of the seven? He laughed at himself and went to bed. He even had his doubts. Everyone else would too. No one would believe him.

    Present Life: Daily life is just like most in the village for Quintas. He works in his shop filling orders and crafting new items when he gets an order for a Lord or special request. He enjoys his time working in the shop since it gives him a chance to work with his hands and with his father’s tools. It’s a trade he loves and takes great pride in. He can see his works of art and even if it’s a simple spade or horse shoes he knows that his work will stand the test of time.

    When he closes his shop he is still there working on his own tools and perfecting them so he will always be ready for battle. In a secret location within his shop he keeps a stock pile of swards and axes. Sharpening them and keeping all of them at the ready in case he is called upon or the men of the village he is ready. Full of duty and pride he is always ready to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

    Quintas takes time away from the shop and runs in the hills and along the river for exercise and to just get out for a while. Always with his with sward or ax he never leaves without it. He is always seen alone. He lives behind the shop in a simple cottage. It suits him, simple and well made. It’s all he requires. Just a simple life since the rest could become very complicated if anyone ever knew who he was or why.
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    Character Name:
    Eovaine Vyrmenar






    General Appearance:
    Eovaine stands at six feet and four inches with a lithe body and an angular face with a handsomeness befitting that of the elves. He has thick, shiny golden hair that reaches just beyond his shoulder blades and his eyes are a deep, rich golden colour that are filled with visible patterns that look as though honey were dripped therein. Although his body is lithe, his upbringing has given him a good bulk of muscle, albeit nothing compared to those of the humans.


    Being Born into a martial family would no doubt bring its fair share of advantages, one being his excellent skill with a number of close ranged weapons, such as long swords, rapiers, laser swords, daggers, short swords, and many more. However, due to his lack of physical strength when it comes to his human counterparts, he focuses more on lightweight weapons to take advantage of his speed and agility.

    As an elf, he lacks in physical strength and prowess to a high degree. Where other knights and guards wear heavy armour, he is left wearing custom made leather and chain for fear of breaking his body within the heavy weights of plate armour.

    Weapons And/Or Powers:

    Eovaine's preferred weapon is the laser sword for it's very light weight and extreme deadliness

    Mark of the Seven:
    On the right side of his neck, about four inches below his ear is a tattoo of a fire-gold phoenix shaped as the number six that reaches the centre of his neck


    The foremost talents Eoviane possesses and cares for deeply is his powerful mind. As the only thing he considers that an enemy cannot touch or harm, he exploits it fully in and out of combat, making up strategies as he goes within split seconds, or even contemplating a number of possible outcomes for stressful situations and coming up with solutions near instantaneously.


    Eovaine, despite his strong mind is often susceptible to impatience when things do not go as he had initially planned, or if one thing or another is taking far too long to reach a desired point. The impatience of the elf isn't shown outwardly with visible anger or frustration, but rather an internal seething strong enough to melt iron.


    His biggest fear, if not his only fear, is losing his powerful mind and becoming inferior to the other races intellectually, although he knows this could never happen out of the blue unless a disease struck him, he constantly trains his mind to keep it sharper than a dagger and as healthy as possible.

    General Personality:
    To the outside world, Eovaine is as comely a healer as they get. His bedside manners are among the best, he always smiles when checking up on a patient and always makes takes the extra mile to make small talk to break any ice or tension that may be between him and his patient and takes a personal interest in their well being and the well being of their immediate family. His intelligence of the humanoid anatomy and physiology of numerous races far exceeds that of most, and to those around him it seems as though this knowledge does nothing but humble the elf, as some would describe him soft spoken and bashful when praised.

    Inner Personality:

    Internally, however, Eovaine has an exceedingly high amount of arrogance and haughtiness even to the standards of the elves. Everything that isn't him or superior to him is immediately inferior and nothing more than trash. He couldn't care less for his patients, and would rather in fact enjoy watching them suffer and die painfully than healing them, but does heal them to keep his secret identity as far away from his public one as possible, and to keep the guards from knocking down his doors.


    The only secret he wants no one to find out is his sadistic nature and his inclination towards and love of murder.


    Being born to a noble family, Eovaine grew up in the capitol of the kingdom with several other siblings, his father being among the seven - although he didn't find out about this until later in his life - and his mother having a close relationship to the great grandmother of the crown princess. His father, although he truly never realized this until much later, began training him to become one of the Seven, every morning before the sun rose, Eoviane would wake and run to the outskirts of the capitol until he reached the forests and make it back by noon. His father would hire sword masters of the finest calibre to train him rigorously and without mercy to build speed and endurance within the young elf.

    Although combat was a major point in his training, his father did not focus only on it solely, he infact hired tutors and scholars to teach his son the sciences of the world and of the bodies of the various humanoid species that inhabited their kingdom. By the age of twenty Eovaine was far more knowledgeable than some of the scholars within the various universities inside the capitol and more experienced with the sword than a number of seasoned warriors.

    Howbeit, his father wasn't through with him yet, he enrolled him in a university where he would continue his studies of medical knowledge for ten more years before becoming a recognized healer within the kingdom, coming up with and helping various scholars with all sorts of medical advancements.

    Their Appointment:
    It was Eoviane's father who chose him to take his place after his retirement from the Seven after he recognized Eovaine's skill with various weapons and his knowledge of the "outside world" that would be able to help him keep his identity a secret.

    Present Life:
    Eovaine's life is a struggle of keeping his anger within himself and keeping his inner personality from showing to those around him of the royal family and trying to keep his murderous fantasies under control when dealing with his patients. Besides these minor problems, Eovaine leads a prosperous life within the castle walls and within his own inherited estate.
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    Character Name: Yunia Ma'enrule
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Elf
    Age: 87
    Occupation: Yunia works as a jewelery maker.


    General Appearance: Not among the tallest elves Yunia stands close to 5'6", her slender build and fair features however, identifies her as an elf. Her chestnut hair is waist long and part of it is pulled back into a braid, her eyes are a steely grey and her skin is as tanned as her light skin allows. Her ears are pointed and her frail build a sign of her race, her hands are delicate and nimble giving her perfect control over a weapon or a piece of jewelery. Whether she dresses in flowing skirts and tight tops or pants and long-sleeved shirts that makes her more effective during a mission Yunia prefers earth hues, brown, beige, green, red and with other colours acting as accents to liven up her attire. Wearing a lot of her own creations Yunia only removes her jewelery when on a job for the royal family.
    Strengths: She is nimble and enduring, with great balance and reflexes and is able to support her own weight when climbing.
    Weaknesses: She has little physical strength and while she can support her own weight Yunia is small and slender so she still wouldn't be able to wildly swing large swords or carry heavy burdens. Her left wrist is weaker than the right one after breaking it as a child.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: Skilled with a bow it is Yunia's main weapon when far from the enemy, in close quarters she wears two long knives and she is also proficient in using elemental magic, more specifically water.
    Mark of the Seven: Yunia has a few tattoos and the one on her upper arm is her mark, hiding in the tribal pattern is the number three in elvish, similar to a C with two lines, one short and one long, going through it.


    Talents: Patience is one of her greatest strengths, whether it is for creating a delicate necklace or waiting for the best moment of attack she can wait as long as need be.
    Inabilities: Being underground terrifies her and is something she can't handle for long.
    Fears: She is very scared of snakes, just seeing one in a picture makes her uncomfortable and .
    General Personality: Cool, collected and on the arrogant side Yunia appears to not care much for people or things other than herself or for her own purpose, she is very meticulous in all that she does and had a strict work ethic, never quitting or giving up before a mission or jewelery is finished. Rarely does her temper flare, if her fury is unleashed it usually smolders on the inside and she keeps grudges easily, and if she feels wronged she often finds a way to pay back. However she is polite and always available to help people in her shop even if she carries an air of superiority.
    Inner Personality: Still a quite calm and laid back woman Yunia does care more for people than she shows, at least people she knows and trusts, and her loyalty to the royal family is unfaltering. All her emotions both good and bad are kept on the inside and here they can boil to large proportions until they can't be contained anymore, and when she is working on an appointment she releases her anger and/or pain on her enemies showing that she has a cruel and fierce side to her.
    Secret: She is secretly afraid that the thrill she gets from fighting and the times when she lets loose all her bottled up feelings on her enemies will escalate into her loosing herself and her believes.


    Background: Yunia was born to Taya and Raezu and led a quite ordinary life, doing things all children do, but when she was only five her parents died in an accident leaving Yunia to live with her grandmother Atikikaya. Raising her grandchild gave Atikikaya an even better cover than her work as a librarian, who would think that an old librarian struggling to raise her only grandchild would be a member of a secret order answering to the royal family. As Yunia grew older her grandmother saw promise in her and slowly started to train her quickly establishing that Yunia had inherited much from her father's side of the family.

    Whenever Atikikaya had to leave on missions Yunia was taken care of by a friend of the family and initially Yunia, of course, had no idea who her grandmother really was. Molded into the person she is today Yunia was trained in weapon use, magic, stealth and many other things her grandmother believed would help later in life. Yunia was also sent to school and later to a university, her grandmother always claiming that knowledge was just as important as battle skills. Yunia may not have been the star pupil but when graduated she had earned quite a deal of knowledge and her longer lifespan allowed her to pick up and perfect skills that would have taken humans a large part of their lifespan.

    Their Appointment: Yunia was chosen by her predecessor, her grandmother, the previous Third Knight. When Atikikaya grew older and started planning to retire from the knights she introduced Yunia to the secret and trusted in her skill, knowledge and that Yunia was well raised to inherit the title of the Third Knight.

    Present Life: Yunia has moved to the capital and has opened a jewelery shop after studying how to make handcrafted jewelery. Living in a simple yet comfortable apartment on the second floor of her shop she lives her normal everyday life, cares for her shop and work hard to create jewelery and also on taking care of special orders. When she is called in for duty she relishes in the break of her normal monotone life.
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    Character Name: Morgan Orleons Saintclaire IV Lord of the Weathermarch
    Strangers call him Lord StClaire,
    Friends may drop the title and simply call him StClaire
    Members of the seven call him by his number
    Those of the Royal Bloodline know him simply as Morgan
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: High Elf
    Age: Unknown, but historical accounts mentioning StClaire date back at least 600 years. It is disputed if the one documented is the same as present day. (True age is 726)
    He looks like a very fit and eerily good looking 50 or 60 something.
    Occupation: As the Lord of Weathermarch he lives in a small keep outside the city and keeps to his estate mostly, no one knows what goes on there (secret research facility for the royal family). His role as one of the nobility keeps in in constant contact with the Royal Bloodline and is often their guest.


    General Appearance: He is tall, about 6'7" and lean. His features are somewhat effeminate and he is fond of wearing women's clothing which has led some to question his sexuality. He has coal black hair that runs the length of his back. He is usually seen wearing a long black dress with blue ribbons and black lace. He wears geta on his feet. His skin is pale and has very faint blue ink runes and sigils tattooed all over his body. From a distance it just looks like pale blue-grey skin. At his side he has his vibroblade saber in its scabbard which is sible black leather with silver fittings. The blade's edge glows blue with the plasma cutting edge and is covered in similar runes to it's master. The elf's eyes are usually silver but glow and iridescent blue when he weaves spells. He usually wears gothic makeup to match his outfit, always themed blue and black.
    Strengths: Nimble and surprisingly strong, though not exceptionally so, he is an incredibly experienced swordsman. His real skill comes from being a practitioner of the old ways of magic. He studied runic magic and has spent the majority of his life laying down enchantments on himself, his sword, and anywhere the Royal Bloodline may need.
    Weaknesses: Even for an elf, he is getting old. He may be able to take most would be threats but in a toe to toe fight on even turf with anyone of the Seven's strength he would be forced to retreat. His runic magic provides wards for many spells, but they are not all powerful and casting new wards takes time. A lot of time. He is not an evoker, though given time and the right circumstances he can bluff you into believing he is.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: His enchanted vibroblade saber and runic magic which which he has covered himself. His primary role is support and tactical.
    Mark of the Seven: In the center of his back is the ancient elvish rune for One, he is the original One and (one of?) the only still living members of the Seven.


    Talents: Tactical genious and ability to weave complex magics whose remaining practitioners died out years ago.
    Inabilities: Social etiquette, he's been around too long to be polite and he also hails from a much older much more formal time, your polite is down right rude to him. He also has not quite caught up with technology, his vibroblade is about as nuanced as he's allowed himself to get. Ask him to work a computer and he'll probably inscribe a power rune on it and blow it up.
    Fears: BONUS CHALLENGE: His worst fear is that the Empire will last forever, his only wish is to see it fall.
    General Personality: Cold as ice, firm and resolute in his principles, unyielding in their execution. To the public he is an an eccentric noble who comes to parties yet talks to no one but the queen and her personal guests, very little is known of him otherwise. To those who know him in his true role, he is a perfect tool. He serves the bloodline and the bloodline alone. Everyone is absolutely certain that if he were asked to take his own life for their amusement, he would not hesitate. But this is a double edged sword as he does not care what happens as a result of his actions.
    Inner Personality: His inner self is utter chaos, in stark opposition to his steely outward appearance. Anger, hate, and loss fuel his magic and give him power while a strong sense of duty and principles give him the framework to wield them.
    Secret: BONUS CHALLENGE: That he hates the royal family with every fiber of his being.


    Background: He was a young noble in the lands of the elves back in the time of the great wars between men and elves. Mankind won in the end, but he was a general during the last stand. He was never defeated, rather his family was captured along with most of his men. He surrendered and eventually made a pact with the king, swearing an oath that was magically binding to always serve his household and in return he would provide a place for the elves in his kingdom. History of course was rewritten many times and this event was considered myth by most.

    Their Appointment: He was the original. Six others were chosen at the same time as him and they came and went as history passed by.

    Present Life: Right now he oversees magical research at the secret underground laboratory at Weathermarch Keep and keeps his cover as a lesser noble who is an obscure friend of the royal family.

    He is a bit OP for a roleplay and I took a lot of liberties with the history here not knowing the setting, but much of that can be edited while the core of the character remains. Also, yes, this is very much inspired by Sebastian of Black Butler. I claim no originality in that respect, this is a character I have always wanted to play. The kind of misleading deceit that ruins nations over centuries by simply giving them what they want.
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    Character Name: Stefan Vogel [Public Name: Nadaniel the Hermit]
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 50
    Occupation: Conspiracy theorist, doomsayer, general nut.


    General Appearance:
    In public, his appearance is very dirty and unkempt. His graying, brown hair messy and greasy, drooping over his face. His beard his long and dirty as well. His eyes are bloodshot and his eyes are brown due to his contacts. He speaks with a raspy voice, in a gruff, vulgar fashion. He wears multiple robes to hide his well-built body, giving him the appearance of a fat, old man. He carries bottles of wine, which have been filled with water. He would not partake in alcohol in the chance that he would lose his edge. He carries a staff with him, pretending to use it as support for his legs.

    In the Seven, however, he takes on another, completely different appearance. He stands straight, reaching a height of 6"5. His hair is swept back, his beard trimmed and cleaned. His eyes are green without his contacts. His voice clear and powerful. His armor shined and his cape his washed. In general, you couldn't tell the difference thanks to the appearance-altering machine he had designed for him.

    Public Appearance (open)

    Seven Appearance (open)

    Strengths: Nearing his age, not much. He can still hold his own in a fight and is no pansy either. He's also very proficient with a staff.
    Weaknesses: Most other physical activities. The sword's made of light metal and not very useful, and is mostly for show. He's got poor stamina and his punch isn't as strong as it was, but he's still tough.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: Staff. [Can be shortened.]
    Mark of the Seven: Staff. He taps on the ground in a specific way with it to reveal himself to other Seven, and retracts it to it's shorter form afterwards.


    Talents: Persuasion, speech-making, acting, lying, inciting chaos.
    Inabilities: Trusting, low tolerance, closed-minded.
    Fears: True discord (one that isn't planned by him), lack of control, becoming uncertain.
    General Personality: A mad loony who hates the government. A drunk, a gambler, and very vulgar and rude. Very closed off and unsociable. He comes off as a rude grandpa, unpleasant but very hard to get rid off.
    Inner Personality: He is very stoic and keeps to himself. A very practical man, he only does what is most probable and logical within his moral boundaries. He spends most of his time locked up in his room, planning his next moves and which conspiracies to plant within the mind of the public.
    Secret: His past - as a terrorist and anti-government assassin. The most hated foe of the royal family unknown to the kingdom.


    Background: He doesn't know who he was born as. The first memories of his childhood was in the shanty of Downport, an outlying port that bordered outside the kingdom. Officially, they were part of the kingdom, but no one really cared for them. They weren't taxed, they didn't vote, but no one protected them. That was all fine till the Duke of a nearby kingdom attempted to seize control and build his own empire. Downport was his first victim. They raided Downport, demanding obedience and servitude.

    Stefan escaped, hiding in the gutters stealing food where he went. He survived for a while, till they caught him. They threw him into the Pit, a makeshift jail for lesser convicts. They weren't fed daily; a truckload of food would be poured into the pit once a month, and they had to fight over the food and make it last. The first time it happened, Stefan expected a frenzy of hungry men. Instead, they lined up before the food while it was assorted by some of the other convicts.

    Curious, Stefan asked the man handing out food as he reached his turn in line. He replied to Stefan, teaching him that the Duke wanted to break their will by appearing as ruthless and cruel, forcing men to fight for food. They wanted to stick it to him, living in an organized manner. They distributed food according to the needs of the inmates; more for the children and elderly, and more for those who were sick or tired after returning from the mines. They didn't mind. Under the rule of the Prisoner, their leader, they had enough food for everyone.

    Life was good for a while. Whenever his time was up, he would get caught on purpose to get in jail. He had a higher chance of surviving there. After a while, though, the authorities had caught up on what they were doing. Determined to make the inmates suffer, they had changed it so that they wouldn't give them food until next year, as they had determined "they have enough supplies". Stefan had thought of a plan to get back at them. On escaping, he stole some explosives and oil. He hid it within himself, as the guards had gotten so used to catching him that they hardly cared for searching him.

    When the last caravan arrived and the food was being delivered, he sneaked in to the caravan as it left. He doused it in oil, then as it neared the castle door of the Duke he lit the bombs and leaped out, throwing the bombs inside and watching the caravan explode. Laughing, he ran, forgetting that these were not the cops from Downport. They shot him with their rifles and Stefan fell on the floor. The next thing he remembered was being held out in front of the Pit, facing all his friends and inmates. He couldn't hear properly, but he heard the words "example" and "punishment". The Pit was set ablaze. The inmates that had called it home called it their grave. Tears fell from his face. He screamed but he couldn't discern his own from those who were burning.

    They sent him to another prison. He stayed there for nearly 8 years, until news came that the Duke had been defeated. All his prisoners were released, no matter what crime. He couldn't return home, fearing the ghosts from the Pit. He spent his life terrorizing the Kingdom for ruining his home. He couldn't have revenge on the Duke, so he would have revenge on his family. Blowing up houses, collapsing villages, causing riots. He named himself the Escaped Prisoner, in honor of the Prisoner who had made the Pit a paradise. His reign of terror continued, until the royal family had finally found him and kidnapped him. All his actions were explained on the news as failed experiments. They completely disavowed any trace that the Prisoner existed. Anyone who thought so otherwise were killed, as was all of Stefan's underlings.

    Their Appointment: His predecessor had died indirectly thanks to Stefan. An explosion he had caused injured him, breaking his arm. He was placed in the hospital and was due to leave soon. However, Stefan had also targeted that hospital, causing it's partial collapse. The hospital was looted by desperate people who needed medicine and supplies while the Guards were still confused and dizzy. The predecessor was killed by a looter who wanted his sword. Weakened and tired, he couldn't fend off the looters. He died after being stabbed in the chest.

    The Head of the Seven thought this to be the way to end Stefan's reign of terror as well as replacing the old Seven. They abducted him, forcing him to work for them. If he became the new Seven, he would be exempt from all past crimes. No one would have to know of the murderer before him. Not even the other Seven. His story was that he was there during the Hospital Incident and valiantly protected the old Seven that he had come to make friends with. After he died, he went on a quest to avenge him, killing Stefan Vogel. The final reward of becoming the Seven was that he could run the city how he wanted. Spreading propaganda and conspiracy to lead the masses astray and towards his own goals. He would finally make the Kingdom a paradise like the Pit.

    Present Life: One filled with strife and past anger. He lives everyday reminding himself of all those who died in the Pit due to his stupid actions. How innocents died to his unbridled anger and thirst for self-justification. He endures, however, in the hope that he will eventually fix the Kingdom and make it his own Pit.
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  12. I actually wrote most of this character within days of this challenge being posted, but didn't finish the background and then never got back to it for months. Oops.


    Character Name: Duncan Miltiades
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Artisan weaponsmith (in this day and age, essentially an engineer) and jewelcrafter.


    General Appearance: Pale grey eyes, an aquiline nose, and long, dark hair with a widow's peak that he usually ties back in a ponytail or braids. There are a few streaks where he's going prematurely grey, although it requires close scrutiny to see them. His chin is covered by a close-trimmed beard and mustache, just a shade or two lighter in color than the hair on his head. There is a large burn scar on the inside of his left forearm. His frame is broad and muscular and leaning toward stocky with a barrel chest, wide shoulders, huge calloused hands, and legs like young tree trunks. He stands just shy of 6'5". Even without his ever-present scowl, he has an intimidating presence.
    Strengths: He's ridiculously strong and an experienced brawler. His fingers are surprisingly dexterous and nimble considering their size, and he's good with his hands, even for very delicate and intricate work. His left hand is dominant, but he's practiced with using his right enough that it makes only a slight difference. He has an iron stomach; booze barely affects him and he'll be the last to succumb to food poisoning.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes the scar tissue on his left arm tightens up so that it's painful to use that arm, and he's forced to use only the right instead. While his hands might be considered graceful, his feet are not. He has two left feet for anything requiring precise steps and has difficulty moving silently. His large build makes it hard for him to conceal himself or blend in.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: If he doesn't shoot it, he punches it; he's old-fashioned that way. He carries a plasma rifle and wears a pair of shock gauntlets that- when charged- deliver an electric current to the target on contact. If he gets his hands on an axe or hammer, he's well-versed with either.
    Mark of the Seven: Two seven-pointed stars are branded into his chest, just over his heart.


    Talents: Crafting and creating things that are both beautiful and useful is his forte; he's something of an artistic genius. He's got a good head for numbers, details, and complicated problems. He never forgets a face.
    Inabilities: His social skills are atrocious; etiquette and graces don't come easily to him. He's often rude inadvertently- his clumsiness with words doing him in- or because he can't help himself from speaking his mind. He tends to make snap judgements about people and have difficulty shaking off those impressions. His patience is very thin and his temper runs hot. His handwriting is completely illegible.
    Fears: Small, confined, and especially enclosed/dark spaces. He tries to fight it, but panic always flares up, interfering with his breathing and leaving him agitated at best. He also doesn't like being touched without warning or in overly familiar ways.
    General Personality: "Gruff" is putting it nicely. On a good day, he's surly and ill-humored; on a bad day, he can be callous and even cruel. He keeps everyone at arm's length and trusts no one. Sometimes it seems like he's looking for something to disagree with. He's fairly close-mouthed about himself and doesn't actually speak much in general unless spoken to or if he's present for an important conversation.
    Inner Personality: He's a very lonely man and frequently frustrated with himself. Dealing with people is hard for him and he doesn't mean half of what he says. He's also afraid of letting anyone get too close lest they don't like what they find; better that they dislike him on his own terms. He's very introspective and often finds himself analyzing his behavior or the world around him. He has no idea how to talk to women and is easily flustered by female attention. Unfortunately, his knee-jerk reaction to feeling awkward is to either clam up or lash out.
    Secret: The first time that he slept with a girl, when he was a young teenager, he accidentally hurt her. The girl cried for hours and never spoke to him again. Since then he can't bring himself to touch anyone and dislikes being touched unless it's in the context of a fight or other impersonal reasons. He's convinced that he's a brute and will damage anyone he gets close to because he can't control himself. Other minor incidents over the years as well as how people tend to react to him given his appearance and temperament have reinforced this belief.


    Background: The Miltiades family was once a respected noble line of Vykendria.

    That was before Duncan's father gambled away a large part of the family fortune, leaving the family in near poverty and with little choice but to deal in trade. Their once grand estate was reduced to the paltry grounds of Castle Miltiades and the small tenant town of Brea where Duncan was born and raised.

    Barach Miltiades was a hard and bitter man. Prone to drunken rages, he often lashed out at his wife and their only son. Despite Duncan's resemblance to the Miltiades line, his father vocally accused Duncan of being a bastard for his "grotesque" size and the physical and social awkwardness that Barach perceived as stupidity. Duncan's mother, a frail woman, passed away when Duncan was only seven years old; though it was attributed to the chill she took after a fall, Duncan knew and many suspected that the fall had not been an accident but rather another of Barach's bouts of temper. After her passing, the treatment of the young Miltiades heir worsened.

    So too did the state of living conditions worsen as Barach took disastrously to merchant affairs. In desperation, then thirteen-year-old Duncan persuaded the smithy in Brea to take him on as an apprentice, where he learned the art of the forge. His father was furious both with his heir resorting to common labor and doing so without prior consent, but although Duncan was punished, his father did not turn away the opportunity for extra coin. All of Duncan's earnings went to his father's pockets.

    The people of Brea did not warm to Duncan. He had a mean look about him, and his father's meaner reputation preceded him. He was freakishly large for a boy his age, his features hard and unrefined, and he was by rumor proclaimed a bastard. What's more, he was a noble working in a smithy as if he were one of them (although everyone knew he might as well be or else he wouldn't have to work, and in fact some of the shopkeepers in town had more to their name, didn't they?). At best, he received wary courtesy. At worst, the more daring of the older local boys ganged up on him to teach him a lesson... which soon stopped when they found that once provoked, Duncan's size and strength more than made up for being outnumbered, and it was his attackers who were left to nurse broken bones and brutalized skin.

    When Duncan's father died in a tavern brawl, he was only just seventeen. Choosing to sell Castle Miltiades, he moved to the capital and found a new apprenticeship at one of the smithies that supplied the Imperial Guard. The journeyman who oversaw Duncan's work noted the youth's surprisingly nimble fingers for detailing and wiring, and soon set Duncan to the task of learning the artisan side of the craft. Over the years, Duncan aptly forged a name for himself as one of the most brilliant artisans in Vykendria.

    Their Appointment: As fate would have it, Duncan's father was not wrong in accusing Duncan of being another man's child, despite never suspecting the full truth. Though it was not until after his father's death that Duncan discovered the secret in a hidden journal of his mother's, Duncan was truly the son of Malcolm Miltiades, Barach's older brother and a renowned warrior of Vykendria. Duncan's mother had been Malcolm's affianced, before he fell in battle and she was wed to Barach in his stead. No one ever knew that she and Malcolm had preempted their vows.

    Nor did anyone know that Malcolm was a member of the Seven, and that he had died in the defense of the royal family... save for Duncan's mother.

    Within the pages that held this revelation was tucked a letter, written by Malcolm before his passing, with instructions for their unborn child to contact the leader of the Seven if Malcolm should not return from his mission, for that child would be the next to bear the mark. It was this discovery that cemented Duncan's decision to leave Castle Miltiades and to head to the capital of Vykendria, in search of his purpose...

    Present Life: Duncan lives alone above his shop in the heart of the capital city, where he takes commissions for one-of-a-kind pieces from wealthy clients. He is often invited to society gatherings, being a person of repute as well as of noble birth, but his unsociable demeanor and his obvious lack of interest in politics or the Miltiades name tarnishes his reputation. His refusal to imbibe in alcohol and his apparent disdain for women have also marked him as an outsider. Duncan has few friends to his name, but those who number amongst them are those he would die for.
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  13. Character Name: Johnathan Kunanagi
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Soul Reaper/Shinigami
    Age: 315 years old but looks young due to being a spiritual being.
    Occupation: Along with the standard work of a soul reaper (killing hollows/demonic creatures and passing on regular souls to Soul Society), he travels the world and occasionally takes on odd jobs from many different clients.


    General Appearance: Trane.jpg - in his soul form, he wears a black kimono with a white obi, a pair of white socks and straw sandals and a sheathed sword on his left hip
    Strengths: Stealth, Sealing (Will be explained within the mental talents part), katana/zanpaktou skills
    Weaknesses: Controlling his rather chaotic powers in some cases, Unarmed combat, Endurance
    Weapons And/Or Powers: Katana/Zanpaktou - named Chidori (allows him to manipulate electricity almost instinctively which can help and hinder him at the same time), Shinigami Kido and stealth techniques
    Mark of the Seven: He wears a fingerless glove on his right hand (regardless of form) covering the mark of the seven (a four pointed star he would show others who are of the seven) on his palm.


    Talents: Seals - he created his brand of seals when he was still serving Soul Society, follows the hand sign system in Naruto and the Nine Syllable hand seals -, Strategy, fighting dirty/underhanded tactics, politics
    Inabilities: He tends to keep his weaknesses a closely guarded secret
    Fears: BONUS CHALLENGE: Also a closely secret
    General Personality: He's usually very kind to others that has earned his trust and generally mellow
    Inner Personality: Mildly sarcastic, calm to a fault, and a bit of a jokester
    Secret: Those are some things that Johnathan will not tell, member of the seven or not.


    Background: In his early days, he was a serving Soul Society's Covert Ops - a division that was authorized to be created by the Soul King's Royal Guard and the Central 46 (the main judicial body) and is to be under their direct control as a secret squad that takes missions/assignments that normal Soul Reapers can't handle. For a long time, he served as a unranked officer for a while until he started to fly through the ranks after 100 years, going from unranked to 3rd Seat until he took over as Captain by killing the previous Captain in a squad-wide war. For another 100 years, the squad was slowly becoming more 'humane' in terms of mindset rather than 'Mission above all else'.

    Sadly, one member didn't like that and arranged for him to be arrested for harming a human soul (Which is as bad as transferring soul reaper powers to a human) while Johnathan himself was on a mission to the world of the living. While imprisoned, Johnathan arranged a set of plans to get the squad out of soul society in case he was arrested for a crime that he would never commit. When he was falsely tried and sentenced to be executed, Johnathan enacted his plan called 'Broken Arrow' which members of the squad created a diversion while his Lieutenant - who was a friend of his during their times at the Spirit Arts Academy - rescued him and enacted the escape plan. 90% of the squad didn't make it but he and 5 others made it to the living world successfully.

    Their escape didn't really work as planned, for the Central 46 had created their own 'Bounty Hunter' division to hunt them down. Over time, said hunters were reduced to only 6 members. Eventually, Johnathan decided with a heavy heart that their group should split up and finish off the hunters. Johnathan and two others defeated their opponents while the remaining 3 defeated their opponents at the cost of their own lives.

    Their Appointment: During his travels on his lonesome, Johnathan meet the previous holder of the Four Pointed Star. They talked and hung out for a while until he issued a challenge to Johnathan - No lethal techniques, fight until you can't go on. Their fight was rather even and lasted for a while but it ended with Johnathan's loss. After the challenge, the star's holder decided to teach Johnathan everything he knew. The training lasted for about 50 years until the star's holder took Johnathan to officially seen as his apprentice. After learning of the eventual role he would have to take from his master, Johnathan swore to keep the existence of the seven a secret from his former co-workers. Another 6 years went by and Johnathan was official appointed a member of the seven upon his master's death in which he took an oath to the Vykendria Royal Family: "Upon my honor as a Soul Reaper.....no, upon my dignity and my former master, I will serve the Vykendria Family."

    Present Life: Now-a-days, Johnathan travels the living world and does odd jobs like before. The only difference is that he gathers valuable intel to pass to other members of the seven whenever he meets one.

    Authors note: I gotta say, this challenge is rather cool. Due to this, I was able to expand quite a bit on my soul reaper character. So thanks Diana! :)
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    Character Name: Leon "Wolf" Corvinus
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Leonin
    Age: unknown. Lives nine times longer than the average human.

    Occupation: bounty hunter


    General Appearance:
    Leon looks like a humanoid lion with tan fur covering every inch of his body and a dark brown mane encircling his neck. His eyes are almost a dark shade of gold and his fangs are as white as freshly fallen snow. He has one scar over his left eye from a fight with a wanted criminal taking a swipe at him with a curved dagger. He often wears a pair of black pants, boots made specifically for his kind that have the toes open at the end so he can use his claws, but still have a steel plate as well. He also wears a black sleeveless muscle shirt, a pair of half-finger S.A.P gloves large enough to fit his rather large hands a black leather long coat, a tactical gun belt (which holds his weapon's sheath along with whatever else he needs to bring a criminal to justice), and an eye patch that has three small telescopic lenses set in a triangle on the exterior side of the eye patch and a screen large enough to cover his eye on the interior side of the eye patch over his left eye (the knife cut his eye lid and the area above and below his left eye, so he isn't blind in that eye.)
    Strengths: hunting, fighting at any range with any weapon,
    Weaknesses: he has no sweat glands, so he can't deal with extreme heat without a mechanical suit
    Weapons And/Or Powers: the Fang of Fenrir. A multi-form, multi-role weapon that can be classified as both magical and high tech. This weapon starts off as a dagger when sheathed and will transform into a masamune katana in a steady glow of blood red light as it's drawn from its sheath and will transform upon verbal command in a bright flash of blood red light. When the fang of Fenrir transforms into a weapon that uses a type of ammunition it will fire an energy version of that ammo type. He has a natural eye shine just like a lion and is five times as strong as a human. He also has the natural weapons of a lion
    Mark of the Seven: his weapon is one of a kind and the way this weapon was created is shrouded in mystery even to its master. His weapon is the only one in existence, so his number is the same. One. And just as he serves one master, so does his weapon.


    Talents: hunting, tracking, remaining undetected when he doesn't want to be found.noticing when he is being followed, combat at any range (took a while to get accustomed to switching from weapon to weapon on the fly, escape artist.
    Inabilities: talking his way out of trouble, knowing his own strength, dealing with extreme temperatures and sudden changes in the temperature.
    Fears: BONUS CHALLENGE: Failing the mission and heights even though he always lands on his feet, and he is extremely superstitious.
    General Personality: calm, collected and cold
    Inner Personality: Leon is always ready for the hunt. Sometimes he will vanish for days on end and still complete the mission during his absence somehow. He is also extremely loyal and expects the same from those under him.
    Secret: BONUS CHALLENGE: he was an assassin at one point, but gave it up once he met the heir to the throne who was his target at the time.


    Background: Leon was born on the central plains and grew up in peace until his entire pride was hunted down and enslaved. Those who resisted were given a public execution after being brutally tortured. Leon was fortunate enough to escape unnoticed and he began his life as a manslayer, because the ones who hunted down his pride were all humans.

    Their Appointment: when Leon was an assassin, he was going to kill the heir to the throne, but gave up on that life. It was on his way out that he had no other choice but to kill his predecessor and take up the mantle of number one. The person who held the station he now has wouldn't let him go and challenged him to a one on one fight to the death. He was alone and the only one who knew what he did for a living, so Leon fought and won.

    Present Life: ever since he first started working as one of the seven (the day he killed their leader and took up the title) He has almost never left his master's side when summoned as the leader of the seven. He does go out on man hunts for the law and often goes hunting for his next meal. He is still looking for the other members of his shattered family, his pride to this day.
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    Character Name: Silvania Kuusi
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Faerie
    Age: 53
    Occupation: Herbologist


    General Appearance: Silvania stands at a meek 4'11", with a slender, almost waifish body. Upon closer inspection, her entire body is toned muscle, though she often hides it under her clothes. Her hair is a nutmeg brown, woven with silver highlights, usually in a french fishtail braid off to the side, falling over her shoulder and down to the bottom of her ribcage. Shorter, wavy tendrils of hair frame her face, and her eyes are a luminous emerald green. Long, thick lashes provide a dark frame for her wide, innocent eyes, and her soft cheekbones are often dimpled with a smile. Her unblemished skin almost glows with a healthy tan, and her cheeks are naturally flushed with pink. From her face, she looks like she could be in her young twenties. Forest green dragonfly wings sprout from her shoulder blades, marbled with silver veins, always gently fluttering even when she's standing firmly on the ground. Normally she tends to dress on the simple side. Barefoot with woven grass bands on her right ankle, flower chains in her hair, and a very thin silver chain around her neck makes up Silvania's typical accessories, and she has an assortment of simple dresses that flow down to her knees, some sleeveless and some with billowing sleeves, mostly solid colour but with an interesting sheen to them. Silvania carries herself as you would expect, light on her feet and carefree, though with the tension of a doe, ready to flee at any sign of danger.
    Strengths: Silvania is extremely agile and flexible. Her small size and aerodynamic wings make it easy for her to dart around. She also has a great deal of stamina, but only when it comes to running or walking. She has great muscle and body control.
    Weaknesses: It's plain to see that Silvania doesn't have a great deal of upper body strength. Truthfully, she barely has any brute strength. Ask her to run five miles, fine. Ask her to put on a suit of armour, she'll probably fall over. Her wings are great for minimal flying, and they allow her to be very fast, however, they are not strong enough to carry her long distances.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: For a faerie, Silvania actually has very weak powers. She has minimal control over nature, as in assisting plants with growing, and she can also purify very small quantities of water. She can also cast a semi-substantial glamour, though if you look hard enough, it's easy enough to see through. She is, however, extremely good with a pair of tanto daggers, which have the added bonus of being slightly radioactive.
    Mark of the Seven: On the small of her back, a unicursal hexagram subtly glows a dim green, a symbol of her status as Six as well as the acceptance of her life away from the faeries.


    Talents: Silvania is naturally gifted at riddles and puzzles, and she also has the capacity to retain large quantities of information in her short-term memory. Whether these things stick is typically 50/50. She has gotten very good at acrobatics (only somewhat assisted by her wings), and she is a ridiculously good cook. She can tell you almost anything about almost any plant, and her voice is as close to hypnotizing as it gets without actually being hypnotizing.
    Inabilities: Since Silvania has spent so much time away from the forests of her home, her sense of direction has gotten depressing, to say the least. She also has some brain-eye-hand coordination issues when it comes to drawing anything, including and especially maps (though she can instinctively always find water). Silvania also suffers with all of this new technology. She knows all about it, but her touch seems to break things that she's trying to learn to use. She also has a hard time with confrontation (of the verbal kind), and will often tear up when facing aggression.
    Fears: Her biggest fear at the moment is completely losing her ability to fly (which seems inevitable at the moment), though she also is quite terrified of large predatory animals and fire.
    General Personality: Sweet and friendly, Silvania has become a beloved part of her village. Kind to everyone she meets with a surprisingly sassy sense of humour, together with her fear of confrontation, Silvania gets along with mostly everyone. However, everyone knows not to tell her any secrets they really want hidden, because she has a tendency to blurt them out without thinking. Silvania also has a small taste for little bits of mischief. She enjoys a little prank every now and then, though only with the people she knows will take it well. Her mood shows blatantly on her face, no matter what emotion she's feeling. Her temper isn't something seen very often at all, as she tends to get sad before she gets angry. On the very rare occasion she does become angry, however, she deals with it by retreating. She tends to be quite talkative and can make conversation with just about anyone, though she never really lets people get too close to her.
    Inner Personality: Truth be told, Silvania doesn’t want anyone to be too close. She makes it seem as though she can’t keep a secret so that people won’t suspect her secrets. She doesn’t want people to get to know her too well and start asking questions. An enormously private person, she tries to keep to herself. She is quite pleasant and friendly most of the time, and she does shy away from confrontation, but this is because it’s easier for her to avoid fighting rather than fake being a damsel in distress. Extremely intelligent and analytical, though Silvania will sometimes go it on instinct, mostly she tends to think things through before acting. Most things must have a plan. She is capable of hiding her emotions, which comes in handy when she smiles through her anger and frustration, but she does love to talk to people because there’s always something new to learn. Her curiosity and well-meaning personality are genuine, and she does prefer avoiding the truth as opposed to lying.
    Secret: No one living knows that she has radiation poisoning, or that this will someday strip her of her powers and her flight, or even that she will be hazardous to be around when eventually her powers no longer work.


    Background: Silvania was born to a community of fae in the forest. Always curious, she often wandered away from home, exploring the forest. Since it was a forest occupied by the fae, this was something fairly normal and not worrisome for the others. At the young fae age of 18, still looking like a young child but fairly independent, Silvania came across some discarded technology. It was old, even for the time, an early plasma rifle, powered by a nuclear core. Trying to figure out how it worked, she caused a misfire. Pressure built up in the weapon, and within a minute it exploded, badly burning her hands and embedding bits of radioactive shrapnel in her body. Horrified and in pain, Silvania used her magic to try and heal. Her hands were restored almost immediately, but by mistake she healed herself over some of the shrapnel, trapping them in her skin.

    Upon returning to her glenn, the other fae were horrified, regarding her as disfigured and hazardous. They refused to allow her back into the community, and she was cast out. Broken-hearted and alone, slowly dying, she wandered without purpose until she collapsed at the edge of the forest. She laid there for perhaps half a day before a traveller rode by, who scooped her up and took her home. He happened to be a doctor and a scientist. He did what he could for her, extracting the shrapnel and making sure she was fed and hydrated, but she was despondent. She could feel the magic being leached from her, and her wings were growing ever weaker. Silver streaked her hair and mottled her wings. The man felt sorry for her, and tried to help her. He showed her that strength was not only in magic and flying, and that she could still do more than she ever dreamed with what she had. He trained her, as he would a daughter, in science and in strength. He showed her that though her size restricted her strength, it gave her speed and agility.

    This truly did open a new world for her. Silvania took to the training with new life, soaking in his knowledge. She became a terror in a fight, and she distracted herself from her loss by learning all she could about modern science.

    Their Appointment: The man that took in Silvania was, of course, the Sixth Knight. He was getting on in years and childless. Though he had assumed that upon his passing the Leader would choose his successor, the rate at which Silvania learned impressed him greatly. He trained her harder and harder, and she thrived. Twenty years after he first took her in, he chose Silvania as his successor. He placed the tattoo on her back and gave her the pair of tanto she still wields. Soon after, he died peacefully in his sleep.

    Present Life: Silvania works as an herbologist, travelling between the palace and the village that she calls home, selling various herbs, acting as a holistic healer, and teaching villagers the ways to best grow plants. Her house is small and near the center of the village, though she also has a small house in the capital city. She's made a quaint little life for herself while awaiting word from the Leader for whatever next mission there is. Because of the unpredictability, she tends to make her trips back and forth quite sporadic, so no one will really notice when she must depart for longer periods of time.

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    Character Name: Onnin Bey
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Nasskwill
    Age: 37
    Occupation: Dancer/Perfomer


    General Appearance: Nasskwill are a wingless dragonoid race. Bey is long, lean, athletically trimmed without being over-muscled. His muzzle is short yet sleek, his eyes bright amber. Mane and tail's tuft a dark chesnut brown, his smooth hide now a near-perfect match, ever since he'd taken a mate. Upright standing height is around 6.5 feet, weight pushing close to three hundred pounds now, due to the hormonal effects of his first mating. Change in skin coloration, increased muscle density. All normal for males of his kind at this point in their life-cycle. As for clothing? When in the general public, a simple poncho is all he usually wears, anything he needs to carry carried in a simple backpack.
    Strengths: Very quick and nimble, flexible and able to slip through tight spaces. Able swimmer. Fast runner. High physical endurance, able to carry heavy loads long distances. Though normally bipedal, able to move about on all fours in a pinch.
    Weaknesses: Can't stand hot, dry conditions for very long. Needs food and drink regularly to keep up his strength. Especially drink... clean water, preferably.
    Weapons And/Or Powers: bo staff, also fond of knives. As for "powers," a minor ability to control water.
    Mark of the Seven: A stylized water droplet on his right hip, done in blood red - not highly visible against his dark hide, but notable up close.


    Talents: A highly skilled dancer and acrobat, which helps him in the handling of his prefered weapons. Very focused and precise in his actions.
    Inabilities: Has a great deal of difficulty understanding politics, an awkwardness with diplomacy and dishonesty. Has learned to understand but cannot make lies to save his life. Has no desire to kill any living thing he can talk to, and only kills what he needs to eat.
    Fears: Terrified of worms/maggots. Also not terribly "fond" of the Undead.
    General Personality: Easy-going and curious, open yet cautious, but not at all shy.
    Inner Personality: Bit of a dreamer, mind always active and ready to learn new things.
    Secret: Given his open honesty, he really has no secrets, nothing to hide, nothing he wishes to hide. Heh... when he dances, more often than not, he wears nothing.


    Background: Bey comes from a land rich in rivers, mountains, valleys and waterfalls, his kind's prefered environment. Cool, moist, filled with other living things, both plant and animal. His kind build their homes around waterfalls, if at all possible. Said waterfall used to provide both power, bathing and plumbing facilities for their homes. Bey grew up in such a landscape, with his father, his mother and two side-mothers. A modest home, filled with his four siblings and five half-siblings as playmates. Yet, like all males of his kind, when puberty struck, he left home to establish his own future, became a dancer, due to his love of movement, the feel of the air slipping over his sensative hide one of his greatest pleasures, next to the touch of water. It took him a number of years to establish his "Homestead"... only then did he pursue a mate. Only one, at present, three years past. Her name is Kelltis Pah. And Bey is soon to be a father.

    Their Appointment: Onnin Bey came upon his appointment only days after bonding with Pah. A total surprise to him, unexpected and at first... well, he did not feel sure. But it turned out the Seventh of the Seven had seen him perform. And had returned many times after, to watch him dance, no matter where he performed. In "Seven's" opinion, Bey's dancing skills were "like seeing an angel in the midst of battle"... and so Bey inherited Seven's slot when Seven "passed on."

    Present Life: He still dances, his name well-known across the lands, all the while waiting for the birth of his first child in excited expectation. His Appointment as the new "Seven" now just a part of his "inner" life, his dreaming. He has yet to be called.
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