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  1. Anime_Guy.jpg Todd was finally finished with his projects and labs. He leaned back in his chair and pushed off from his desk, the rolling chair carrying to the other side of the room. He sighed in relief as he felt a weight lift off of his shoulders. He got up from his chair and walked around his room. He finally didn't have to worry about his professors or any of their deadlines, at least for a while. Now was a good a time as any to celebrate.

    He opened the door to out of his room and went into the living room. He and his sister pooled enough money to rent out an apartment and live together during their college years. He walked down with a happy face, walking into the open kitchen and pulling out a can of coke. He flopped down on the couch and watched some TV.

    "Ah. Finally finished."
  2. It was finally time to celebrate. All assignments, essays, projects, and anything else that had been shoveled onto the woman’s plate was finally all done and turned in. She wouldn’t have to worry for a couple more days, until her crazy professors decided that the students needed another workload the size of a small house shoveled onto them. Being in college had its ups and downs, and this was certainly a down. The homework was much more intense than she had imagined or hoped for, and especially with taking so many classes. But she needed to take all these classes if she hoped to get her degree in psychology.

    Having been at the library finishing her work, Shay quickly packed up her books, notebooks, and anything else she had to bring from her home in order to get everything done. Slinging her bag strap over her head and onto her shoulder, the female picked up her jacket and headed for the double doors at the end of the library. She was going to go back to her apartment, which she shared with her dear twin, and get the celebrating started. It was a little bit after six o’clock, and she found that perfect time to relax and have fun.

    Luckily the two chose an apartment that wasn’t far from campus, which she enjoyed since she could walk to and from school. Once outside, the girl shivered as she realized just how cold it was outside. Pulling her jacket on, Shay zipped it up and shoved her hands into the pockets of her jacket. Moving down the street, she quickened her pace to the apartment. Some people thought it strange that the two chose the same college, and that they had chosen to share an apartment rather than living in the dorms or having friends as roommates. But the two were very close, and figured it was a better bet.

    Reaching the apartment complex in a decent amount of time, Shay entered and made her way up to their shared apartment. Unlocking the door, she moved inside to find her dear brother sitting on the couch watching TV, “Hey now, this isn’t celebrating. Let’s go!” She was rather excited for her break that she was about to have, and was going to make this an amazing night.

    Plopping down next to her brother, Shay ran a hand through her shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair, eyes fixing on the TV as she tried to figure out what he was watching. Getting rather bored of it quickly, the girl grinned as she looked over at her twin, “So, who should we invite over?”
  3. As he relaxed, his twin came in through the door. She had a happy look on her face. She must've had the same feeling he had. They were both done with all their work. He smiled in response. She seemed like she really needed to celebrate. She kept trying to coax him out.

    "Hey now, this isn't celebrating. Let's go!"

    "Alright alright. Fine, where do you want to go, my dear sis? I feel like splurging right now, so fancy some wine and fine dining?" He put his arm around her and pulled her in close. He saved up a bit of money for this kind of occasion and he decided that this was a good a time as any.

    "I take it we're not going alone. Or should we just go alone?" He ruffled her hair a bit. This was a night to have fun and be crazy.

    He switched off the TV and got up from his seat. "Let me just go and get dressed okay?"

    He hurried off into his room, getting some fancy clothing on for the night. A dress shirt, slacks, and a matching fedora. Getting dressed took a good chunk of his time, about 10 minutes, but it paid off. He looked fancy and ready to go.
  4. Wrinkling her nose at the mention of fine wine and dining, Shay laughed softly as she allowed him to pull her closer to him, “I was thinking more of a bar with loud music and lots of opportunities to have fun.” The girl wasn’t much of a partier, per se, but when the occasion rose, she liked to actually have some fun and not just sit around sipping wine. She pushed at his side as he started to ruffle her hair, something that usually got her huffed up since she spent a lot of time on her hair, “Stop that. And I don’t care, I just need to get out and have some fun.”

    Rolling her eyes when Todd jumped up to go get ready, Shay figured she might as well change into something a bit more fun as well. Skipping into her bedroom, she moved over to her closet to shuffle through the clothes that hung there. Finally just settling on a navy blue dress that came down to just above her knees, Shay smirked and grabbed her black heels. Yes, she knew it was cold outside and would only get more cold, but she was going to have all the fun she could have. Plucking a gray jacket from her closet as well, Shay pulled it on over her dress and headed back out to the living room, “So, alone or invite others?”
  5. Todd came out into the living to see his twin dressed in a nice blue dress. "Hey Shay. You look nice." He smirked "I was joking about the fine dining and shit. There's a club nearby that you might want to go with. There'll be dancing... and drinks... sounds like fun, doesn't it?" He approached his twin and put his arm around her tightly.

    "And if we really don't want to go alone, we can call over Jack and Elena. They're fun to hang around with."

    He ruffled her hair once more and let her go. Satisfied, he went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. This would be a night to remember, even though the occasion really isn't. The occasion is really an excuse to party after finishing all their work. He really just wanted to spend time with his dear sister and maybe a few friends.

    But something unusual has been going on. They've been together for all their lives, so it's natural that they've developed a bond after all the years, but he's started seeing her in his dreams. And not a familial setting, but more in a romantic setting. It's really... weird.

    He brushed it off though, digging further into the fridge and retrieving a couple beer cans for the road. "You want one?"
  6. Seeing Todd coming back into the living room, Shay grinned widely as he complimented her on the dress, “Why thank you.” Laughing as he explained about a club not far from here that would suit her just fine, Shay let her brother put an arm around her, “That sounds amazing. I’ve been needing drinks and dancing for a long time now.”

    Shooting her twin a sharp glare, Shay smoothed down her hair, putting it back into a suitable look that she liked, before moving to sit on the couch. She honestly didn’t care if people came with them or not, she was going to have fun that night regardless. Looking over the breakfast bar, Shay watched Todd grabbing some beers out of the fridge.

    Most people found it weird how close the two were, doing almost everything together, but Shay thought it was amazing. They were the only children in their family, and Shay liked the fact that they were as close as they were. Sometimes though, weird thoughts enter her mind, and she never knows what to do with them. Or what to think of them. She’s even had some very weird dreams that involve her twin, each morning she wakes up being more confused about what was happening to her.

    “No thanks. I’m going to save myself for the bar.” The female smirked as she focused back on Todd, pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind as she stood up again, “Lets go. I want to get this night started.”
  7. Todd set the extra can back inside the fridge. "Suit yourself then." He popped open the can and took a sip out of it. First beer of the night. He was as ready as he'll ever be. He extended his arms and helped Shay up from her seat.

    "Alright then, let's go. It's literally just around the corner." He held her hand tightly and took her out of their apartment, down the stairs, and onto the sidewalk. The sun was starting to set and the nightlife begun. Some neon signs started to spark to life and the music of the club could be heard from a distance. He perked up and started to quicken his pace with Shay in tow.

    There was some people already pooling at the front door. "Well, looks like we're gonna have to wait for a little while"
  8. Letting Todd take her hand, Shay smiled as she followed after her brother, getting more and more excited about getting to spend the night dancing and drinking. It had been awhile since this had happened, and now Shay couldn’t even contain her excitement. Whenever they went out, they usually had quite a great time. Whether it be getting drunk, or just dancing the night away.

    As they approached the club, Shay frowned when she noticed the line, “Well, this isn’t good. I don’t want to wait.” She muttered as they got in line, she was ready to dance and drink, to have fun with her brother and maybe meet some new, exciting people. Looking down the line, she wondered how long they would have to wait, wondering how many people were already inside.
  9. Todd didn't mind much. It was a short line and he doubt it would get in the way too much considering how much partying he would be doing. He estimated that about 5-10 minutes later they would already be in. He stood there, arm wrapped around Shay's neck. It was partly to keep her warm, she seemed cold wearing a short dress, and to keep her close.

    "C'mon Shay, you can't be that impatient. And besides by the time this night's over you'll probably even won't remember this."


    Sure enough, about 5 or so minutes later, they were already in the club ready to party, drink, and dance to their heart's content. The music was pounding and the lights flashing. The party was in full swing with people on the dance floor and the bar occupied with quite a bit of people.

    "So dear sister of mine, where shall we head first?"
  10. Leaning into Todd, Shay chuckled as she looked again down the line, “I know, but it’s boring waiting in line.” Laughing again, she shifted on her feet as she stood next to her brother, wondering how this night was going to go. She wasn’t going to hope the night went well, because she knew the night was going to be amazing. As the line started to dwindle down, it was obvious that they would be inside very soon.

    Soon enough, the two were showing their IDs and getting into the club with no issue. Grinning as she noticed the people swaying on the dance floor, the people at the bar, and hearing the music bumping, Shay knew this was going to be a great night. Looking back over at her brother, the girl chuckled, “Lets go get a drink, and then hit the dance floor.” Grabbing her brother’s hand, she made her way over to the bar, slipping her jacket off as she waited for the bartender.
  11. "Alright then. Let's hit the bar" Before he could even go, Shay grabbed his hand heading to the bar with him in tow. He smiled as the night seemed to be getting off on a good start. Shay was lucky enough to find two open seats at the bar. He awed at the selection of alcohol ranging from simple beer to hard whiskey. There was a rather large selection even for a nightclub bar. He waited with Shay for the bartender, who seemed busy with the other customers. It gave him time to think of what to order. He didn't frequent the bars much so he didn't know exactly what to see or he risks looking like a fool.

    After a while the bartender came up to them asking for their order. He pretended to know what to say.

    "Vodka and Gin please. And what would you like Shay?" He had somewhat of an idea of what he ordered, but it wouldn't be too bad he though.
  12. Turning her back to the bar while they waited, Shay let her gaze wander over the many bodies moving on the dance floor. Everyone looked like they were having fun, and she couldn’t wait to join them. Once the warmth of liquor was running through her system, she would have no problem moving it on the dance floor. Chuckling softly, Shay turned back to face the bar, watching as the bartender made his way over to them.

    Looking over at Todd as he ordered his drink, Shay wrinkled her nose at the odd mixture and then shrugged, “I’ll take a Starburst, please.” Grinning like a fool, she turned back to watch the people dancing once again. Tonight was going to be all sorts of fun, she could feel it.
  13. Todd swiveled his chair around to see the happenings in the club. The music was pounding and the people dancing. It felt alive. Even some bottles of water were vibrating from the heavy music. He tapped Shay's shoulder. "If you couldn't tell, I don't drink a lot. Is it really obvious that I don't, though? Anyway, what is a Starburst?" He tried to start up an idle conversation. At least until they'd get out and do some dancing and drinking. He just waited for the party to start.

    "Anyway, you ready to hit the dance floor in a bit?"
  14. Looking over at Todd, she raised her brow curiously and then chuckled, “It’s very obvious, but it’s alright. And a Starburst is a fruity drink. Has strawberry Schnapps, 7-Up, orange juice, and grenadine.” As the drinks finally came, Shay took a sip of hers and smiled warmly. She knew that a few more of these and she’d be feeling warm and cozy inside. Looking at her brother, Shay took another sip and then nodded her head, “Lets do it.”

    Turning back to the dance floor, Shay waited for Todd to grab his drink and then she headed out towards the crowd dancing and moving on the floor. Laughing as she listened to the music, the female moved from side to side, letting the music work its way into her body as she danced.
  15. The drinks arrived and he looked at Shay. She quickly took sips of her own drink. He followed suit and took a drink of his own drink. As the alcohol went down his throat he felt warm inside. The weird mixed wasn't that bad though, and he downed the last of his drink. He got up from his seat and walked after Shay out onto the dance floor.

    He watched as she danced rhythmically, almost hypnotically. He joined in on the dancing, swaying and bobbing to each pound of the bass. He threw in his arms and stayed in tune with the beat as he danced next to his sister. After a while, he felt the need for more drinks. He felt a bit awkward as he danced and was sure that some alcohol would wash that fear away.

    "Shay, I'm gonna get some more drinks, you want anything?"
  16. By now, Shay was having a great amount of fun, laughing as she moved around on the dance floor, letting the music take hold of her. At this point, she didn’t care if anyone was staring, or if she was making a fool of herself. She was having fun and that’s all she cared about. A few times she felt hands on her hips, and when she noticed they were random strangers, Shay shook her head and moved out of their grasp. She wasn’t drunk enough for that, especially not at some club she’s never been to.

    Moving back towards Todd, she danced a bit more before hearing him talk about more drinks, “Yeah, can you get me an AMF? Thanks.” Laughing again, Shay threw her hands into the air as she continued to dance. This was definitely a good night to celebrate. She would be carefree for another week or so, doing simple assignments until her next big ones, which would then call for more celebration nights.
  17. He smiled widely at her. She was obviously having fun, swaying and moving as the music played on. Admittedly, she looked a bit dopey and off beat, but it doesn't matter since it was a night to celebrate. It was no time to worry about other people. Nothing would bring the night down.

    "Right... an AMF." He turned on his heels back to the bar. The sudden change of direction slightly disoriented him with the strobe lights and the people dancing about. He got his bearings and headed straight to the bar. He found an open spot and took that seat and flagged down the bartender. The bar was less populated now, the majority of people leaving for the dance floor or to hang around elsewhere around the bar. It meant faster service for him.

    The bartender nodded at him with acknowledgement. Soon, he travelled down the bar and met his.

    "What can I get for you now, good sir?"

    "Right. Can I get a shot of whiskey and and AMF?"

    The bartender gave him a smile and reached for the drinks. He proceeded to serve the drinks with style. While he did that, he turned around to witness his twin dancing and flailing about. He chuckled as she danced without a care in the world.
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