One Night- A Fatal Meeting

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    It was dark outside, around 10:30 on a Thursday night. The wind was crisp and chilly, but soft and comforting. You could hear muffled horns in the distance, as well as bustling people and city life. Back in the alley of a club, stood Madeline.

    Mads was a well behaved teen girl, but wasn't scared to be bold and enjoy her youth experience, which was why she was out at a club with a fake ID.

    She had a little too many tonight, and got more drunk than she'd plan to. She could barely think straight, and walk straight too, come to think about it. Mads looked for her friends that she seemed to loose in the dancing crowd. Maybe they left her.

    She turned on her heels towards the door, unsteadily of course. The back door to get in opened just in time, as she tripped over her own feet and fell forward, onto... someone.

    Her arms wrapped around the random victim as she fell, trying to hold herself up as her legs weren't working apparently.
    "Sorry..." she slurred with closed eyes. She realized she was just standing there, holding on to this person, but she was too drunk to care. She let her head fall onto their chest, and smiled a little at nothing; there was probably something going on in her head.
  2. The warmth of the girl's body against his took Jonathan aback slightly as she wrapped herself around him and smiled to herself while apologizing quietly. Without hesitation he put his hand on her back and her head and pushed her slightly away from his body and looked down into her eyes.

    "Well you look a little too young to be as drunk as you are honey. Why don't you let me help you get home huh?" He wrapped his arm under her leg and scooped her up into a bridal style carrying position His mind as racing that such a young girl was in such a bad position in the dark and that she was now laughing and wrapping herself around him. She didn't resist his touch and he didn't resist her tight grip around his neck. He knew she wasn't truly aware of what she was doing and therefore was unable to consent to what he was doing. He figured however it was better to take her home and let her sleep safely on his bed than to leave her here for something horrible to happen to her.
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  3. Maddy leaned into the nice man as tight as she could, enjoying the free ride. It felt like she was flying, but also on a rollercoaster that was making her nauseous.

    They had to walk back through the club to exit, it being a bit shorter but safer than the back way. Mads shut her eyes tightly, the music that was once making her feel lively, now making her heart skips beats and boom through her body. However she held out through until they reached the fresh and crisp air and night skies. Now that they could actually see, it's sure the helpful guy probably saw what a mess her hair was, how her face looked a bit pale and her cheeks a light pink, and her breath probably reeking of alcohol.
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  4. After the short walk through the crowded club of sweating human bodies Jonathan carefully placed the drooling girl in his passenger seat of his 1985 corvette, (inherited from his late grandfather), and fastened her seat belt. Quietly closing the door he slid into the drivers seat and turned the key in the ignition, the loud roar of the engine causing Mads to jolt but she stayed calm, mostly. She looked frantically around her for a moment as if she had forgotten she had entered the car with him. After a few moments she calmed down and her eyes rolled back into her head as the now soft growl of the engine vibrated her chair and the dash causing a lullaby like sound to resonate from the radio speakers. Jonathan casually placed his hand on her shoulder and smiled, brushing the hair out of her face as he pulled onto the freeway, almost like a ghost town with the absence of any other cars. It was about three in the morning by the time they arrived at a small flat located in the center of downtown Chicago and Jonathan carried Mads up to his bedroom. Once the lights were on and she was safely on his bed he went to the kitchen and started a pot of hot tea, that always seemed to help his own hangovers for the day after so he figured it would probably help hers too.
  5. Mads didn't even move once, deep in a recovering sleep until morning. She woke up around 8AM, fairly early, giving her five hours of sleep. She usually would wake up earlier, with an alarm, for school.

    "Mmm..." Madeline groaned as she woke. Upon waking, she immediately felt drained, heavy, and sick to her stomach with a headache. Maybe she'd stay home from school today... school!

    Maddy quickly remembered she had school, and her eyes flew open as she sat up quickly. Then she realized, it wasn't her room.
    Without gaining any knowledge of where she was, her heart started to race as she tried to piece things together.
    'Okay, okay, what'd you do last night? Oh my gosh, think! God I probably blacked out!' She thought.
    Her adrenaline began to rush, and her vomit started to threaten to come out.
  6. Hearing the frightened girl gasping for air in the next room Jonathan came rushing into the room holding a bowl and a towel, shirtless. He had slept on the couch close enough to the room to make sure he could hear if she had vomited during the night to make sure she didn't drown herself.

    "Oh god you're awake! Oh okay calm down and just breathe I uh-" he stopped and quickly threw the bowl under her mouth as she vomited fully and forcefully into it. "Well I'm Jonathan and you're going to be okay. You were so loopy last night and no one seemed to know you or where you were from so I just thought you'd be safer here than out on the streets you know?" he laughed nervously as he handed her the towel and dumped the vomit into the toilet in the bathroom. Washing his hands and the bowl he walked back into the room and remembered he wasn't wearing a shirt.

    "Oh shit I'm sorry!" He raced into the living room and pulled his shirt on inside out without noticing although she had already seen his nearly perfectly muscles torso and chest.
  7. She wiped her mouth softly, her eyes pleading, as she had a natural pout to her face after naps and such. Maddy waited, thinking while he came back up. It made her head hurt more to think, so she stopped.

    Her puppy dog looking eyes eyed his shirt. Inside out. She wondered if she should say something. Or even if she should say something at all. This guy could be a killer, and a hot one at that.

    A subtle smile played on the corners of Madeline's lips as she recalled him saying she was "loopy."
    "Did I do anything stupid?" She asked softly, her voice full of sleepiness and a bit of pain.
  8. Blushing slightly and trying to hide the smile creeping across his face he simply shrugged.

    "Well I guess drooling all over my nice button up and the seat of my corvette may be counted as stupid to some people but to others its a helpless adorableness..." his voice trailed off slightly as he watched her small smile and bright eyes. even hungover she was beautiful.

    "So school huh? You gonna miss it or do you need a ride?" His insides begged her to say the first option in hopes he could get to know her better, to rope her in per say, but the panic that seeped back into her eyes suggested she would say option number two.
  9. She smiled as he answered her question, Mads blushing in response as well. He seemed nice. Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all, she thought to herself. He doesn't seem he can do any harm.

    Her thoughts were cut short by, "Jonathan," bringing up the subject of school. Ugh. She really didn't feel up to going; she felt terrible, already late, and it was Friday. She didn't reeeaally need to go. But it's safer than staying in this random stranger's house.

    She sighed and laid back, crossing her arms over her forehead, causing her tank top to ride up just a tad. "I don't know..." she mumbled, her head hurting more at the thought of getting ready.
    "I guess not." She was going to explain more, but she really just felt like throwing up, crying, and going back to sleep.
    'God, is this what getting drunk does to you?'
  10. Laughing heartily at her current condition he smiled and said, "Only when you drink hardcore like that but yes, in a nutshell this is what drinking does to you." Tugging on his gym shorts when he saw her shirt ride up and the peek of her porcelain skin. He tried not to think about it and left the room calling over his shoulder, "Want some breakfast?"
  11. "No." She called while wincing at her throbbing headache. Her stomach was empty, but she thought if she ate, she was sure to throw up some more.

    Upon hearing his leave, she went ahead and made herself comfortable, taking off her wedges and sleeveless jean jacket. She combed her hair with her fingers, and finally pulled back the covers and got under, then turned onto her stomach and cuddled with his pillows.
    She fell asleep quickly, unsurprisingly. She was back to the start, sleeping undisturbed.
  12. "Okay well I guess we could ju-" he quickly shut his mouth as he entered the bedroom again and saw her less clothed and more comfortably sleeping in his bed. Sighing and smiling he took note of how gently and softly her hair fell against her face and down her shoulders. Like a brunette waterfall he wished nothing more than to drown in. Shaking the thought from his head he tip toed to his dresser and got some fresh clothes, a black tee shirt and a new pair of boxers, and slipped quietly into the bathroom careful to close the door gently behind him.

    Turning on the shower he let the steam fill the room before undressing and stepping into the hot cascade of water, sliding down his skin and releasing all the stress from his pores and mind. He reached for the soap and scrubbed down, only t realize that Mads would probably want to shower as well. Shaking his hair dry he shut off the shower and stepped out only to find he had forgotten a towel in the other room.

    "Shit..." he sighed and opened the bathroom door, peeking his head down at her, she seemed sound asleep and oblivious to the world around her so he thought he'd risk it. Quick as a flash he dashed across the white carpet in all his nakedness and promptly banged himself right into the dresser after slipping on the small patch of tile in front of it. The noise jolted Mads awake and there he was, soaked, naked, and in pain on the floor before her and he could only dream of how frightening this situation must be for her.
  13. It took Maddy a few moments to collect decent thoughts and for her eyes to focus. When they did, she still couldn't believe what she saw.

    Still being hesitant towards this stranger, she didn't go straight to him. She was actually quite alarmed more than she was concerned. She quickly shuffled off the bed and ran to the door, peeking in for a moment with wide eyes to see what was going on.

    After a minute, she was slightly calmer, but still a bit frantic as she went through the shelves he was trying to go to. "Where's your towels?" She asked, panicked while she quickly opened drawers.
  14. He was shouting something inaudible over the sound of his own heartbeat, well it was inaudible to him. She was standing nearly on top of him slamming open drawers and searching frantically for the towels to try and cover him up while his split knee was spewing blood all over the white tile and carpet. With his naked body sweating now he slipped and slid all over the tile in an attempt to stand however failing to do so and knocking her legs from beneath her leaving them both tangled in a pile on the floor now covered in a towel which she had found seconds before.

    "Oh shit oh my god I'm so sorry!" he was whimpering as he pushed her carefully up off of him and covered himself in the towel, his knee continuing to spit blood and his lack of noticing caused her to freak out a little. The blood seeped down his shin and onto the floor even more than it had before and only then did he look down and see the wound.

    "AHHHH!" Screeching he limped to the bathroom again and wadded up a white hand towel that had been hanging near the inside of the door. "I uh- I need to go to the hospital I think..." his face twisted in pain as he applied pressure to the wound and watched the blood soak the towel very quickly. "You think you could drive?" his voice was shaky but sincere. Throwing on a shirt and some gym shorts, (very carefully over his knee), he didn't wait for her to answer, just threw her the keys and limped towards the front door.

    Wow! very effing classy way to impress a girl! Bust your ass and then your knee and have her drive you to the hospital, how rich!
  15. As he laid on the floor, and knocked her down as well, Mads got a bit of blood on her leg. It was already overwhelming seeing him pour blood everywhere, and now it was on her? Her face quickly became pale and her body weak, threatening to either faint or vomit any second. However, she took deep breaths, trying to distract herself from the overflow of blood.

    "You think you could drive?" Mads caught the keys, and looked at him weakly, surprised, while she fumbled the keys in her hands. She was fifteen; she only had a learner's permit at present, and was still learning. She still felt faint and like crap from last night, and would have to speed so Jonathan wouldn't pass out from losing too much blood.
    This was going to be a scary ride.

    "I-I guess..." she replied weakly before following after him.

    Soon, they were fastened in the car- if this were any normal occasion, she would take notice of it's retro kind of style and compliment it, but that wasn't the case. She placed the key in the ignition before turning the key, and couldn't help but quickly glance over at Jon in her peripheral vision, seeing only red.
    A whimpered moan escaped her lips as she tried to collect herself, not wanting to pass out on the road. Soon after, they were off, her backing out of the driveway a sketchy one, as the car jerked with the brake and gas pedals alternating.
  16. Being jolted around in the car he tried to ignore the scraping sounds coming from his engine as she slammed from brake to gas pedal. His face was red with pain and he was trying not to grunt with it but it was hard. He placed his hand on the window and tried to think about anything else than the current situation.

    "It's a left up here..." he mumbled and his head hit the window hard as she jerked the car to the right and then swerved hard to the left and pulled shakily into the hospital parking lot, sideways in the space. "At least we made it here in one piece.." he whimpered as he stepped out of the car and tried not to see the large paint scrapes on the side.
  17. It was a difficult task to supress her laughter at him hitting his head on the window. "Gggg...."
    Laughs seeped through her lips, but she was able to hold it until they got out the car.

    Even though it was a serious situation, she doubled over in front of the open car door, laughing heartily.

    "Hahahaha oh my GOD! Are you okay?" She could barely spit out the words.
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