One Night- A Fatal Meeting

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  1. So this idea just popped in my head. I might actually make this a story on my Wattpad. I'm already thinking so much ahead! Lol it'll be famous like "After We Collided." ANYWAYS-

    This is sort of, I guess, mixed with the movie coming out, "The Perfect Guy," and my imagination, and some twists and turns that I'm thinking ahead about taken from books I've read in my time.

    The "main" character, mine, is a high school student and is out one night, at a bar with some friends, with the help of a fake ID of course. She gets a little too tipsy and ends up staying the night with a man (this can be a mature or clean scene). This can either be a random guy, or one of her teachers, it's up to you! However, I will say, I want them to be older, but not too old. Still kind of young- maybe 24-29?
    After breaking to him she isn't planning on seeing him again, but thanking him for taking care of her, he begins to take things too far. Stalking comes into place, and eventually kidnapping, murder, etc., if the plot goes in that direction. Then I guess the tag of this would be a crime drama because they'd be on the run! Lol
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    APPEARANCE (description or picture): [​IMG]

    NAME: Madeline "Maddy" "Mads" Sears

    AGE: 15

    ROLE: Student- "main char"

    LIKES: Flowers, chocolate, swimming, sitting by fires, cuddling, math, rings, cool people, being happy

    DISLIKES: Party-poopers, pain, scary movies, touchy people, being ignored or oppressed, more tba

    BACK INFO or REGULAR INFO: Madeline is like any other teenager. She started school early, so she's a year ahead her actual grade, being a junior, making her a bit smarter than others her age. She's not the girly type, though not a tomboy either. Mads is a cool girl, even though she might come off as snippy or emotionless to new acquaintances. She's loves to be happy, but you can't really see her happiness through her facial expressions, which is why some people find her hard to read. Of course, she's a good kid, but she also likes to have fun, meaning she'll experiment with activities and other things she finds interesting. Other than her fun loving self, she a mature, understanding, and responsible teen, someone you can depend on or count on to be your best friend when no one else will.









  3. [​IMG]
    NAME: Jonathan Alexander Winters

    AGE: 25

    ROLE: The potential "Soul-mate" who has a much darker side than he lets on...

    LIKES: Long walks, drinking, the rain, a good book of poetry, smiling, and entertaining others.

    DISLIKES: Oysters, a movie with a sad ending, people that ask too many questions

    BACK INFO or REGULAR INFO: Jonathan was never really the "normal" kid growing up. He was always found away from the other groups of kids and was seemingly always in another world in his mind. When he was around the age of 14 he graduated high school due to his advanced mental status but remained a loner until he moved out of his parents house at the age of 17 to attend community college. There he met some friends and ended up falling in with a different sort of crowd, the drinking kind. His drinking caused him to start to spiral down and lose most of his friends and his close family relationships. Jonathan can now be seen, at the age of 25, around most bars in town nightly as well as hitting up a few clubs to prey on younger woman. he has a knack for seeming like the perfect man until his darker side emerges. By then it's far too late for them to escape.....

    ANY EXTRA INFO: His hobbies include watching TV late into the night and hockey.
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