one more try xD

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  1. Hello!
    Giving it one more go, because.. yolo?

    Pregnant teen x teen
    Outcast x popular
    Vampire x human

    (That's all for now, but am open for pairing suggestions)

    [rainbow]WHAT I WANT.. EXPECT.. NEED!?[/rainbow]
    Be active, please.. be active.. did I mention, BE ACTIVE. I reply alot, please try to do the same?
    1-2 paragraphs, I'm aware that sometimes there isn't much to say, but absolutely no one liners.
    I prefer using realistic pictures, I don't hate anime.. I just don't use it.
    I also prefer rping in PM.
    I'm not a bad guy, you need me to change anything in our rp, don't be afraid to hit me up and tell me :)

    That is all, my fellow writers. That is all.
  2. I'll do the Pregnant teen x teen if you want :)
  3. Still looking for a partner? I think that the outcast/popular or vampire/human would be lovely.
  4. Ill do the Vampire x human one with you ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.