One More Step

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  1. The loud thunder of the cars going over the bridge behind Jamie made the concrete tremble beneath her feet, but she ignored it. Her back was to the busy highway, facing instead the river that flowed below her. Her dark curls were tossed a bit in the gentle wind, just enough to muse her hair. Her eyes were dead and lifeless as she took another step. Her bare toes were on the edge of the bridge. She looked down at the fast moving river. One more step, and it would all be over. Everything would be done and she'd be able to forget.

    She touched the tiny silver locket around her neck as the tears started again. The never ending tears, it felt like she'd done nothing but cry for the last six months. She was tired of crying. She was tired of feeling sad. She was just tired. She took a deep breath and lifted her head a bit. "One more step." She whispered to herself. She could remember saying that to Marcie one day. "come on Marice, just one more step! I promise, the surprise is worth it!" This time though, there was no surprise at the end, no waiting birthday present. Just peace. After just one more step.
  2. At the same time a Boy was graving over his lost of his Sister. He would never believe that she would do such a thing if he had not seen it for his own eyes. That step. that one step. he could never get over it. His Sister. His only thing to live. He didnt know what to do anymore. why should he be here. anymore. he left his house to see no one out. he didnt need anyone any ways. "why" he asked himself. he could remaber that day like it was just yesterday.

    he had been given a latter from a boy who said it was from his sister. it read;

    dear brother
    by the time you read this i will be dead. Please dont cry for me I want this. It my time. even though I am young it is my time.
    see you brother
    love, Maria

    he new the only plece that someone would.
  3. [OCC:is there any story line to follow in this or is it going to be just as it happens in the spur of the moment ]
    Brad was smiling to him self as the train stopped at the train station and he got of. brad knew that even though still 18 he would have to bring in money for him self now that he left his dreadful step father behind after beating him downright in a fight and being told to flee my his mother the words still echoed in his ears.
  4. [Honestly, I have no real ideas for this other than my character's back story. It's just kind of an as-the-pieces-fall kind of thing.]
  5. [ah ok]
    as brad leaves he hails a taxi and gets in and mutters quietly to the taxi driver to take him to downtown 45 silver street
  6. Jamie glanced behind her as she wind started to pick up a bit. No one had noticed her yet, but she should hurry or they'd try to stop her. She turned back to face forward once more, and sat down on the edge of the bridge. She scooted forward a bit more and took a deep shaky breath. There was no turning back. It was time. She looked up at the sky with a smile. Her first smile in quite a long time. It felt strange on her face. Then she pushed herself away from the ledge.
  7. as the taxi took a left up a ramp past the bridge over a river brad saw a girl jump in and yelled "hey stop the taxi" the taxi learched hard as the driver slamed on the brakes. brad rushes over the road and jumps in after the girl.
  8. The water was cold.

    For some reason, that's all Jamie could think. She hadn't given any thought to the water itself, only the jump that she thought would end everything. She hadn't thought she'd live to feel the water. It was so cold. Her leg hurt from where she'd hit the water's surface, and she was being tugged violently along by the current. The icy water tumbled around her as it pushed her on it's path. She broke the surface several times but couldn't keep her head above water.
  9. brad felt like he was going to drown but his determination to win keep on pushing him and as he reached the girl he called out "dont worry try and stay above the surface and float!"
  10. Jamie was quite confused to hear someone else's voice. Was she dead already? She couldn't really make out words, but that didn't bother her. She felt something touch her fingers and grabbed ahold of whatever it was. She wasn't sure why she was trying to save herself now; it was more instinct than real urge to live.
  11. Brad grabs hold of the girl and tips up on his back and puts him self in the lifesaving position and starts swimming to the edge and notices the taxi driver running along side . brad notices a huge eddy ahead of him and pushes the girl up hard with all his strength up on a depression on the bank and is swept down in to the eddy.
  12. She coughed and gasped for breath when she was thrown up onto the bank. She turned onto her back and stared up at the sky as she struggled to breath. She heard a splash and saw that another man had dove into the water after her rescuer. She would have tried to help, but she was too weak to move. Plus, she was pretty sure her leg wouldn't hold her weight anyway.
  13. A little way down the river brad is chucked up against the falen tree that made a shallow bay. the taxi man pulls brad out and gets on his phone to the ambulance.
  14. Jamie could hear sirens approaching, and that caused a faint stir of panic. If her mother found out about this, She'd never be allowed out of the house again. Jamie slowly pushed herself up. She braced her weight against a tree and carefully tried to put her weight on her injured leg. She bit her lip as pain flashed through her, but after a moment it settled into a constant dull ach. It still hurt, but she could wobble. She was still too slow though. She could see the ambulance coming towards her.
  15. coughing and spluttering brad gets up and walks slowly towards the girl and calls out "stay there it will only hurt more. Brad fell that it wasn't worth telling the girls family members about what happened as he might compromise his anonymity and he was sure he would be turned over to his parents and the police. a paramedic stops brad in his tracks and tells him to sit down
  16. She heard him calling out to her and she turned. She was torn; should she leave now or thank the boy for his brave, if unwanted, act? Her manners forced her to step towards him. It took her a moment to hobble over to him. "Thank you." She said quietly.
  17. "no problem" brad replies and then says "i forgot to introduce my self my name is brad"
  18. Jamie nodded slowly. Her hand went up to the locket once more. "I'm Jamie." She replied. She glanced around again before looking back at him. "I should go." She said.
  19. ok glad i could help you... k if your feeling suisideal its not worth killing your self life can get better here.