One Month's Mutants

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  1. Small note: I'm a complete amateur in this stuff haha :D I just made this since I thought the idea was neat, and I didn't find anything on Iwaku of the sort, so... Sorry if it's poorly written, I'm not exactly a professional. If you have any ideas, go ahead! I won't judge at all, I only welcome the help. Also, since the world has advanced technology, feel free to just throw made up gadgets and tools in there. Just not too overpowered, please.
    "In an ideal world, everything would've been like before. We would still be living normally with other people in the city, facing normal problems everyday, such as missing the bus or being stuck in traffic. We would have situations just like the others' - sending our children to their first day of school, struggling to pick out the perfect carpet colour, or trying to find your significant other. Back then it seemed normal, nothing much to thank for. But now, if you told one like yourself that you're doing all those things daily, they would spit on you and call you crazy."

    The year is 2018 on planet Earth - and much has changed. Technology and communication has improved, and taking your brain and planting it into an artificial, flawless, Barbiedoll-like body is completely normal now for the wealthy. That is only one of the amazing discoveries humanity has unraveled, another one are so called "mutants". Creatures that have powers, (such as telekinesis, emotion manipulation, invisibility and so on) were discovered only a month ago, breaking the balance between both races. Mutants were able to blend in with the crowd and not stand out, but one way or another, they were in a very tight fit. Either it was some mutant's mental instability, too-pointy ears or naturally purple eyes, people figured out how to recognize the mutants easily.
    Now they were on the run - from humans that want to use them as lab rats, and other mutants that sold to science laboratories for high prices. Friend or foe, it was hard to know.

    It was mutant vs world for the past month.

    [[What I'm trying to create here is Earth, but with advanced technology, and mutants roaming the land too. If you're not sure what power you should use, here is a site full of ideas:
    If you're completely stumped for ideas, think of something on your own. Grow spikes out of your spine when you grow angry, or shapeshift into some lizard at the most uncomfortable times.
    And if you have a hard time imagining all this, think of X-Men, Wolverine and stuff.]]

    IMPORTANT: Please do not overpower your character's ability! Okay, you can be a shapeshifter, but you can't shapeshift into 'an immortal Zeus-like deadly God'. Please.
    Also, your power is teachable, flexible. You can read lots of books and learn to shapeshift into something else. You can't learn another ability, like growing wings if you've already chosen to have an eye on your back.

    If you choose to be a human, you must be involved with mutants somehow. For example hunt them.

    Must read rules:

    - Keep one liners to a minimum;
    - All characters welcome, no age limit;
    - Try to not make mistakes while writing;
    - Light smut and romance (not mature) is allowed;
    - Swearing is allowed (don't overdo it, though);
    - Character limit is two at a time;
    - Respect the other roleplayers, killing off or injuring someone else's character is not allowed. Example:
    "Bob stabbed Jake" Nope.
    "Bob lunged at Jake with the rusty knife, aiming for his neck." Yeah!

    Race (Human or Mutant):
    Photo or Drawing of Character (descriptions are also fine):
    Character Name:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    Might make an OOC thread, later.
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  2. Race (Human or Mutant): Mutant
    Power: Disease Manipulation: The power to control all diseases, viruses, bacteria and infectious agent.
    Photo or Drawing of Character (descriptions are also fine):
    Character Name:
    Elena Alla Ivashkov
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Unemployed
    Age: 19
    Current Goal/Purpose: Stay as far away as possible from the people.
    General Personality: Cold at first but caring once you get to know her, Generous, Envious, Aggressive, Impatient.
    General History: Lived a normal life with her mother before the discovery. Her mother was taken away to a Scientific laboratory. She now lives on the run by herself, never staying anywhere longer than a week.
  3. Elena shivered in the cold, wrapping her arms around herself. Damn, it's cold here in...North Dakota? I think? Elena was sitting in an abandoned, burnt down small building just outside the town sign that read "Lilyburn". Rust had eaten up most of the space, but the letters still seemed to be pretty clear. Elena held a plastic cup of tea in her hands, only the tips of her pinkish fingers peeking out from the warm sleeves of her parka. It was snowing outside, with absolutely no sign of sun anywhere.

    Snowflakes slowly drifted into Elena's tea - the building she was sitting in didn't have a roof. She sat on top of some damp newspapers, which she figured was a cat toilet, but it didn't really matter. Elena was safe, and completely happy with people occasionally giving her change. Being mistaken as a homeless person wasn't a problem. Plus, she figured nobody would be so advanced in technology here as to have a mutant detector, but she still kept an eye out for those.

    Elena finished off her tea and set off towards town with a faint red backpack on her shoulders, her feeling like they would fall off any moment.
  4. Arisu panicked and ran as she heard guards coming down the street. She'd been far too careful to let them catch her now. She pushed people out of her way as she bolted towards the road leading out of town. She refused to be captured like her brother nor would she stop until she freed him.
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  5. Elena's green eyes widened as she saw a girl running down the street. Watching closely, she then realized that she wasn't just taking a jog - the girl was running from the guards who were just down the street. As the girl passed, Elena sensed that she wasn't human...not completely, anyway. Seeing as the guards were getting closer, Elena started to run after her. They probably had detectors.
  6. Without turning around, Arisu sensed someone following her. They were like her, a mutant. Having reached an alleyway, she ducked into it and pulled the one following her in as they ran past. She covered their mouth and put her other hand at their throat. It became a blade. "Talk and I kill you."
  7. Race (Human or Mutant): Mutant
    Power: Shadow Manipulation : manipulate darkness/shadows
    Photo or Drawing of Character (descriptions are also fine):
    Character Name: Aaron Williams

    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Student
    Age: 21
    Current Goal/Purpose: To live a normal life and not be found out.
    General Personality: Bystander
    General History: He found out about his power at the age of 11,and been trying very hard to not be found out.
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  8. Elena looked momentarily shocked by the sudden actions, starting to struggle helplessly. The blade at her throat was freaking her out. Sweating a little, Elena looked to the side, at the main street this girl dragged her from. It seemed like the guards passed by already.
  9. Leaving the blade at the girl's throat, Arisu spoke in a hushed tone. "Why were you following me?"
  10. Race: (Human/Mutant): Mutant
    Power: Air manipulation: can control the wind/ can use the air or wind as weapon
    photo or drawing of character (discription are also fine): [​IMG]
    Character Name: Vincent
    Age: 19
    Current goal/purpose: To protect other mutants, and to find his real identity.
    General personality: Kind, caring, loving, courageous, silent, merciful, and calm
    General History: Unkown. Also known as "the son of the hurricane god" by the hunters.
  11. Then the guards were blown away by a very strong ball of air from where they started and was left unconcious. Then a guy went near the girls and said," Are you fine ladies?"
  12. The guy stood calm, and replied, "I am Vincent, and I come here to save you guys, but if you insist on fighting me then I will not hesitate on putting you down." Then Vincent raise his left hand and enveloped Elena with air to protect her. But before they started to fight a gust of wind pass them by." The wind is giving me a warning that there are Guards and Mutant Hunters coming this way. It is your choice come with me or fight me and be captured."
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  13. Race: Mutant

    Power: Amimal Shapeshifter


    Character Name: Devin Johnson

    Current Goal/Purpose: Find as many mutants as possible and start a revolution for mutant rights...basically a mutant rights activist.

    General Personality: Flirty, but serious. When ever he's driven to do something he stops at nothing to do it

    General History: (unknown)

    (I'll drop in when ever I see it fit, if that's okay. Also, I'll probably make a human character later in the rp)
  14. A piercing howl split the air and was answered by similar howls.

    "Fine, but only because my squad is already leaving."
  15. Race (Human or Mutant): Mutant

    Power: Pyrokenesis

    Character Name: Talien


    Job/Role: Metal Worker

    Age: 22

    Current Goal/Purpose: Undefined

    General Personality: Kind, strong willed and hard working, with a good head on his shoulders. Due to his past, he is hesitant to use his powers for anything other than passive purpose.

    General History:
    After the discovery of his unnatural powers at age 7 and his subsequent release into foster care, Talien had lost much ambition in his life. His real parents last remarks to him before giving him to the care of the state led him to believe that he was nothing more than an alien in his own homeland and a danger to those around him. He could still remember the fear they held in their eyes as they told him this. So, with this impression of himself emblazoned upon his heart, Talien quickly faded into the woodwork, working tirelessly at blending in with humanity and attempting to lead the most boring life he could imagine. However, after graduating High School and receiving a full ride scholarship, a small spark of hope began to appear in his mind. With a good group of friends at his side and the prospect of a degree, Talien set out to be more than just a number amongst the crowd.
    Enrolling into a welding class, Talien quickly began to advance beyond his peers. Much to his instructors amazement, his welds looked more like the work of a potter than that of someone using limited tools to sculpt their project. Though it aroused a slight bit of suspicion as to how he had accomplished a feat that the teacher himself couldn't reproduce, it was dismissed as pure skill and promise. For a small while, Talien relished at the life he had found. He was able to use his powers as well as blend in with human kind, a task he had struggled all his life to achieve. To top it off, he even had a bit of limelight. Rising to fame had its perks; yet, it had its downfalls too.

    Talien was now hated by many of the students in his class. They believed he was a cheating little foster baby, who deserved a good whooping for his misbehavior. The name calling and jeers after class didn't bother him too much. It was mainly the attempts to jump him after school that bothered him. A young hot-head named Jerry Whitman had singled Talien out and was the source of many of the rumors spoken against him. Due to his jealous nature and poor grades in welding, Jerry made it his goal to bring three of his lackeys with him to intercept Talien every chance he got.

    For a while, Talien was able to evade them. Months went by without incident. This could only last so long, however. The group was able to corner him on one cloudy afternoon behind the local gas station down the street from his apartment. Though he attempted to run, even knowing full well what he was capable of doing to these punks, he was caught quickly. Throwing him to the ground, the four began to beat him mercilessly. Blow upon blow rained down on him. Blood flew from his nose, his body ached and his mind was hazed with pain. Suddenly, his mind cleared. His pain subsided and the blood in his nose fizzled up, boiling like water. Flames erupted throughout his whole body, burning his clothes away. Rising to his feet, he faced his adversaries.

    The look on their faces before he killed them was a heavy mixture of terror and awe. Then they were burned, flesh melting from their bones in a flash. Talien continued burning the remains until nothing but ash was left.

    He vaguely heard a scream erupt behind him. Whirling around, the sound of trailing flame whooshing about him, Talien saw that the gas attendant had witnessed the whole thing and had just hung up the phone. The look of horror in her eyes brought him immediately back to the day his parents left him. A horrible sinking feeling smacked him in the chest as he realized the implications of what he had done. Eyes widening, Talien fled the scene, burning a swathe through the surrounding forest in his desperation to escape. After many months of constant retreat, Talien was finally able to settle down in a town that had not heard of the incident. He found a local metal work shop and applied a job. And that leads us to NOW.

  16. As Vincent heard Arisu's answer he said,"Now we can go, I want you to go inside that air barrier it will serve as your shuttle and it will bring you to my hiding place. See you later ladies." As Arisu step inside the barrier, it imidiately took off and Vincent flew after them. As the guards and Mutant Hunters arrived at the alley they were too late to capture them.
  17. As they arrived in the middle of the forest the girls saw a large castle in the middle of the forest and landed in front of the door. Then Vincent disperse the wind that was enveloping them and said, " This my house and I want you to treat it as your own, so please don't be shy and enjoy your new home." the castle door opened as Vincent was walking near the door and a Butler welcomed their arrival. " Good afternoon Master, are this your new family?" the butler asked as he slightly bow down to show respect to the head of the house and Vincent replied, " Yes Thomas. Please take care of them and attend to their needs as much as possible. I will not stay lany longer, I will be gone for a couple of days so you will be in charge while I'm away Thomas." and Vincent took off and fly away.
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  18. Vincent was traveling for 3 days without rest." I think I need to rest for awhile and search by foot for any mutants in trouble." he said to himself as he was about to descend. As he was walking for hours, he sence someone was following him. " Who's there? I know your there. Come out now or you will be sorry." he said loudly. And from the bushes a little boy came out and said, "Are you lost mister?" then Vincent answer, " Well yes little one. I am in search of a place to rest. Will you escort me to a village or town that I may rest for the night?" then the little boy nodded and said," Come and follow me mister."

    Vincent followed the boy and after a few minutes they arrived in a town. Then the little boy lead him to a metal workshop and said, " My father owns this shop he will be glad to have some guest for tonight."
  19. "TAKE TEN BOYS!" shouted a gruff looking chap, whose skin was worn with scars and smattered with welding debris. At his command, the sound of blow torches and clanking metal immediately subsided and was quickly followed by the chatter of the workers as they headed to the break room. Smiling, the gruff chap removed a pair of rough leather gloves from his tanned, strong hands. Though middle aged, Luke Lanton had been with Lanton Steel for as many years of his life as he could recall. This would make sense, seeing as how he had founded the company. Looking up, he noticed one worker was still at it. Only this one wasn't using a blow torch. Sighing, Luke scratched his neck and gave a soft chuckle. That Talien would rather work himself to the bone than associate with the other workers.

    From what Luke new, the boy had previously experienced some sort of tragic event that had caused him to keep his distance from other folk. Even his own relationship with the boy was a bit awkward. Heaving another heavy sigh, Luke picked up one of his gloves and hurled it playfully at the back of Talien's head.

    "'Ey, kid! Take a breather! Breathin' all that smoke in is gonna kill ya faster than a pack a day!"

    Turning to his boss with a smile, Talien wiped a smudge of black off of his forehead and replied, "What are you, my docta?" Allowing the flames in his hands to extinguish, he examined the wrought iron fence he had just finished. A beautiful piece it was, intertwined with soaring ravens, vines and topped at the end bars with a Fleur de Lis. Exhaling contentedly, Talien threw the leather glove back to Luke. "I'm gonna take my break outta the shop today, if that's alright boss." With that being said, the young pyro headed for the side door of the large warehouse, opening it with a flourish and exiting.

    Making directly for his favorite break time haunt, Talien pulled out a pack of chewing gum and some sparklers. Tossing a piece of gum into his mouth and pocketing the pack, he headed out into the shop yard, digging little holes at various distances from the building, in which he placed the sparklers. The last one he placed was about 500 yards from the building. With a chuckle, Talien jogged back to where he began, chewing his gum loudly. Turning quickly, Talien narrowed his eyes and centered his focus on his makeshift targets. Licking his lips, he readied himself. Ready, set.....GO! In a flash, a flurry of tiny projectile-like fireballs flew from his hands, striking most of the sparklers but missing a few. With a good natured grunt of frustration, Talien kicked the dirt and laughed. 7 out of 10 sparklers were lit, fizzing playfully.

    With a casual flick of his hand, Talien skillfully lit the other three and went to retrieve them all.
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