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    The Hunt was going rather well. it was just Dean and Castiel going against some Witch that hadd been sacrificing humans to the devil. Castiel had spotted the witch and blinked gently as he came toward her quitely angel dagger ready but he was slammed backwards by a large bash of wind. the witch turned and made dean fly backwards toward a tree.

    "looks like I got myself a hunter to kill" cackled darkly as she attacked but Castiel got in the way and fight her to keep dean safe till he could get on his feet. Castiel was slammed backwards as a large puff of golden green smoke around Castiel. Castiel blacked out for a bit of time.

    After a bit he woke up and blinked slowly before he saw that he was not himself. He felt a tail thump and looked behind him to see a dog tail. he freaked slightly as he yipped and froze.......He was a dog. Castiel stiffly got up and tries to get used to having paws but it was strange for him. he got used to it and wobbled out slightly and looked at Dean and whined slightly shaking. Unsure if Dean would attack him or something.

    Dean its me Cas......I think I'm a dog
  2. Witches, he HATED hunting witches! Dean had always hated going after witches since that time he and Sam had gone after that one woman and ended up facing a feuding husband and wife. He grunted loudly when he was sent flying back into a tree. "Ahh son of a bitch, that hurt." He said as his back arched and he tried to push himself back to his feet.

    He looked up and gasped when he saw that Cas had just jumped in front of an attack meant for him. "No, Cas!" He yelled as he jumped to his feet, growling as he looked at the witch and snatched up the angel blade and stabbed the witch.

    Dean was so worn down from the fight that he fell forward with a groan, his eyes shut until he felt something nudging him. "Cas, thank god you're ok." He said as he lifted his head, his eyes widened when he saw that it was a dog standing there. "Ummm...hi doggy." He said as he pushed himself up to his hands and knees, looking over his shoulder to check on Castiel only to see him gone. "Crap, where is he?" He mumbled, jumping when he heard Cas's voice somewhere. "Cas? A dog...you have to be kidding me man." Dean said as he looked back to the dog standing in front of him still.
  3. The large german shepard darked slightly and blinked gently and shook himself out and looked at him slowly Yes I have been turned into a dog woot Sorry about this .......Guess we need to find a way to get me back to normal.....but first Food? He asked tilting his head that adorable way wagging his fluffy tail and looked at dean barked barked once more. the longer he stayed a dog the more of a dog mind he would have. he blinked gently looking at dean.

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