One Lonely Visitor

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  1. I was listening to "One Lonely Visitor" by Chevelle, and it made me sad.
    It also impregnated my brain with a new idea.

    This idea is fresh, only being thought up.. just now, really. xD
    One thing is clear: I will be playing a teenage student who just lost his parents in a car accident, and is learning to cope with it, but obviously can't. And has sunken into depression, as his grades aren't helping and everything is stressing him out.

    That's where your character comes in and tries to help him out, pretty much.

    There are two ways this plot can go (or more if you're willing to contribute)

    - Normal Way: my character befriends your character, eventually slowly sliding into love.
    - "Well, Shit" Way: as stated as above, my character befriends your character.. who turns out being a psychotic, lovestruck girl who slowly starts to become obsessed with my character. In other terms, you will be playing a Yandere character<3

    Any takers? Willing to take suggestions.
  2. This sounds interesting... I might be up for it.

    And can I pet Hoshi! I love snow leopards!
  3. Awesome! :D
    Yes, you can pet Hoshi. :3

    I'll probably PM you during or after school. xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.