One Life, Two Choices

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  1. Welcome!
    This is a roleplay about
    The EVIL and the GOOD.
    You may be a god, you maybe a
    Ogre, mermaid, fairy,
    Anything your mind
    Wants! You just have
    to focus it on if your
    Good or bad.
    You need to be
    Online on a weekly
    Basis. If not
    and we given you a
    Seccond chance, bye!
    Your out of the
    Your stuck in a
    Forest, one lake, one
    Mountain with a town
    On the top. You have to
    Work no matter how
    Hard it might get or
    How hard life gets you
    Need to support each other.
    If you try getting out
    Of the area you might be
    Killed or worse, sent to hell.
    Here's a catch,
    If you good you can never
    Become evil. If your evil you
    Can never become good.
    Now, you have
    To live with each other, how will
    That work?​
  2. Lili Freedom
    Place: Near the lake resting on a rock.
    Time: 8 AM​
    Lili is resting on the rocks looking at the ocean sparkle. She is passes out laying on the rock.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.